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Thanks for playing!  It's just a random variable that picks a number between 1-3 after the intro (since there are 3 possible missions) and sets the events to the right places for each.  I'm glad you got to see more than just one of them, my luck is so bad that when testing I kept getting just the same one so I wasn't sure it would work right. ^^;

Thanks for checking this out!  Haha, doing all those attacks to get the TP maxed out was worth it, wasn't it? ;P

Thanks for playing! A longer version (with more heroes, more worlds, and more rooms!) is in the works. :)

Thanks for playing!  I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, even if it is short. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think I'll add the LGBT tag.  While Selena is gay, it's such a small part of the game that it's really not worth it since I'm sure people looking through that tag are hoping for more than one sentence.

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First thing, thanks for playing my game!

I figured if there are monsters and magic, why not have some other differences?  Anyways, there's no one who would be brave enough to say "no" to the person who defeated the dreaded Demon King. :P

I'm not sure how I feel about this game, it's not a bad game but for some reason it just didn't really click with me.  Playing as a kid trying to collect details to save your parents from jail sounds like a neat idea in theory but unfortunately the lack of real detective work made it not as fun as it could've been.  If it had been more about finding clues and piecing the crime together it would've been awesome, but since you just find clues and don't even get to learn a lot about them it changes the game from a detective game to a 'find all the clue pieces' game.  The fact that there's only one obvious villain during each play through takes away all the fun of solving the case, since it's clear who is the bad guy once you talk to the mail kid or bartender.

Maybe not a major problem for other people, but I had issues with the lighting.  It was so dark in places that I could barely see, and I think the lighting system was the reason that there were so many loading screens (which I just don't expect in an rpg maker game).

The writing could do with some more polish.  There were quite a few spelling mistakes and awkward sentences (some of which can be enjoyed in my play through as I try to say them).  For a game so focused on the writing and story, it's a shame that those mistakes showed up.

Received this game from the Secret Santa, and I'm quite glad I did!  It's impressive you put it all together in a month.

The story and art is nice, though I bet with more time you could polish both even more.  The mechanics all worked pretty well, stopping time to solve puzzles is an interesting idea.  The updating files minigame was neat, but it only relying on colors made it a bit boring after the first few correct answers, so it would be interesting to see it with different shapes or patterns that get added as the player plays.  I did have some trouble with fighting the security bot, but it's hard to tell if that was because the controls are a touch clunky or if I'm just bad at games.

I didn't run into any bugs, but that's mostly because I saw your post about known bugs.  Overall, this was a nice experience and with more time I could see this becoming an amazing game. :)

Hey Failsauce GameWorks, thanks for playing Fading Remnants!  We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game. :)

I do want to point out that the colors for the main girls were chosen for a reason.  We tried to leave a few hints in the game, but suffice to say that their clothes being that colorful  isn't because they stocked up on laundry supplies. ;)  Lia having a bust when speaking was considered but time forced us to stick with our original plan of her being more of an observer.

Again, thank you so much for your review!

Hey Akumu Games, thanks for your comments!  It's great to hear that you enjoyed the graphics and music. :)

We had considered having a silent protagonist, but decided that letting her speak would be for the best for the story (I understand that we didn't share a ton of the story though, so I can see why you'd think that).  The humanoid creatures exist for a reason, and the friendliness is mostly because they were talking with young Lia.  You'd be nice to a young girl too, right? ;P

I put a lot of work to get the puzzles functioning right, so it's nice to hear that you liked them.  I agree that some more visual and audio cues would be good, but man that deadline snuck up on us.  Fetch quests aren't a favorite of mine either, so given more time I would have liked to find another more interesting way to retrieve the pipes.

Thank you for your suggestions, they're definitely something we'll keep in mind.  And thanks again for checking out Fading Remnants!

Heya, I'm here for round G of the Secret Santa.  Personally, I found the game's idea interesting but clearly the presentation and gameplay suffered from the contest's time limit.

I agree with AubreyTheBard about the tiles and sprites being off-putting, but mostly because I found the bust style to be much higher quality and more interesting in comparison.  It's possible that going for a full visual novel style with only drawn backdrops and the busts interacting would've made for a more cohesive look.

Possibly I've read too many mysteries, but I guessed the killer right away and was a bit disappointed that I was right due to a choice the killer made that showed they clearly wanted to be caught (I don't want to spoil it for new players, so I'll be vague), but overall it was an okay ending.  The story's grammar and spelling is one of the worst parts of the game unfortunately because of the numbers of errors.  I understand that the creator's native language isn't English, but in a story-driven game it's important that everything is written clearly so the player can understand (it took until close to the end of the game for me to realize that the 'reunion' the characters kept talking about wasn't a party but a meeting, which completely changed how I had been looking at interactions).  The story could really use a native English-speaking editor to help fix those issues.

The interrogation and investigation modes are a bit rough, but serve their purposes.  I didn't find the 'A-F' scoring system to be very useful though, it mostly served to punish the player and since there wasn't a way to raise the score if the player made mistakes early on it could result in game overs repeatedly in the end (unless you do what I did and restart once I knew which options were the right choices).  Dropping or adjusting the scoring system could help make the interrogations more fun for the player.

I agree with AubryTheBard about the suggestion of implementing an notes system where the clues could be reviewed, since right now it just relies on the player to remember everything (I ran into a similar issue with my own team's game, so I assume it was more of an issue with the time limit than not wanting to have it in the first place).  With more work I think this could be a fun little game, but the contest version currently leaves a lot to be desired.

Alrighty, I game the working version a try, and it seems like it could be interesting.  I like puzzle games, but not ones with time limits or requiring quick button presses (I prefer to take my time when solving things and don't play well under pressure) so I stopped when I got stuck on Stage 12.  Personally I thought the first five stages could've been combined a bit, as it felt like it dragged on before I was free to do some real puzzles.  I also had a minor gripe with talking to Noab, even if he was a ghost it would've been nice to not keep walking through him when trying to interact!

You've got an interesting idea here, I hope you keep working and improving it . :)

I tried to play your game for the Secret Santa, but unfortunately it crashed right after it says that I'm entering the L.U.S.I.D. Lobby (screenshot of the error).