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Thanks for playing! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it, I hope you replayed just to see some of the silly failure results as well. :)

I just saw it, thanks for the feedback!

I'd like to make it a full game, but at the moment it's too big for me to do alone.  I need to think about what type of teammates I'll need to make it fun. :)

Glad you had fun! :)

There are five endings (including the over-barking one), though they aren't too different.  Mostly it changes how Harold greets Woofy.  There are a few additions depending on if the monsters aren't all killed or if the fires leave smoke, but those are only one-line things.

Because he should know the rules, no hitting people outside the ring! :P All street battles should be settled with the time-honored tradition of rock-paper-scissors.

I'm happy that you liked the little details, thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing!  There's nothing special about the closets and computer, I just added those to help test the tileset (all the art is made by Avery, and she let me test them out by making a game with them).

I'm glad you like the little touches, while it's a short game I wanted each player to feel like they got a unique experience. :)

As for the sink, I have no idea.  It's been a while since I worked on this, so I can't remember what's up with any sinks. ^^;

I'm glad you were able to play it! :) I wanted to try to do something a bit different and silly, so I'm happy you enjoyed your time with Woofy. 

I'm not all that knowledgeable about javascript either, I found the parts that affected what I wanted and then just tested and tweaked things until my plugin worked. ^^;  If you really want my plugin and you have an account on RMWeb, you can PM me there and I can share it. 

I'm happy to hear both you and your girlfriend had fun playing! :)

That's actually a minor plugin I made myself (though it's mostly cobbled together from edits of the default code).  Since I rarely make games with battles, I made it to get rid of the unnecessary things.

Sorry you're having issues playing, I honestly have no idea why it's not working for you.  Are you trying to play it in-browser?  The only thing I can think of is that was having issues when you were trying to play.  

I just checked the game page and the download and both worked fine for me... I'm really sorry, but the only advice I have is to try downloading it again.

Glad you had fun!  It is ruff to be home alone, especially for Woofy, which is one reason the game's nice and short.

Thanks, I'm glad you had fun playing.  I didn't want to make anything too serious, just something that people could enjoy playing for a few minutes.

Not gonna lie, the bark charging mechanic is the whole reason for the game.  So I'm happy to hear that other people had a paws-itive experience charging up their bark too. :)

Congrats on being a good dog!  Adding a percentage is a good idea, I hadn't considered it since the game is so short but I can see how it'd help players fix it all. :)

Well that's very odd, nothing should cause that... Though I did quite a bit of eventing while tired, so I must've set up something strangely. OTL

Sorry you ended up in the kennel, but I'm glad you had fun with the rest of the game! :D 

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!  Making it was a lot of fun, especially coming up with the truly terrifying villain. :D

I just double-checked, and it is possible to get the 'good boy' ending instead of the 'most' one.  It's hard to tell what you may have missed, so all I can say is to make sure to fix all the cracks & beds, put out the fires, scare off all the monsters, and make sure to deal with the ruined dinner.  Good luck getting that ending!

I'm happy to hear you liked this silly tail! :) It was a lot of fun to make this game, coming up with all the puns made writing the dialogue pretty entertaining.

I did update the game, thanks to your comment I was able to figure out where in my eventing things had gone wrong.  I'm so glad that my fix did actually work, I hope you enjoyed being able to properly bark! :)

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That's odd, I haven't noticed any issues with the bark while testing.  Does it happen every time you hit 'b', or is it random?

Edit: I think I've actually found the issue, if you click the button too fast multiple times it messes up... Not sure how to fix it, but I'll try.  Thanks so much for pointing out this issue! :)

Definitely a cool minigame. ;)  The puzzles were at just the perfect level of difficulty for me, so I really felt accomplished when the route I'd planned out in my head worked.  And the fact you got this finished in less than a day is super impressive!

Glad you got it figured out, it's so strange that it wasn't showing right.

I enjoyed playing, while I kept hitting things the fact I was racing along on an ostrich totally made up for my awful time. :)

Simple and to the point, which is perfect for a minigame! :)  I ended up with 17 points (not sure if that's good or not), but at least I didn't get hit by a boulder.

If you're planning on working on this more, one suggestion I'd like to make is to move the spawning events a tile or two higher, so they're off the screen.  Right now they sometimes flash and change as they're setting, which is a bit distracting.  It's nothing major, just something I wanted to mention. :)

A fun little game, though I do wish I could sprint or at least corral those chickens, because I kept having one that would wander down into fox territory and get eaten before I could do anything. ^^;

Do the items you can buy really change things?  I didn't buy any the times I played, since I never had enough tokens. 

This is a simple game, but that really works in its favor.  Good job finishing a game for the contest. :)

Finally a job that's perfect for Harold!  A copycat type minigame isn't something I see done well too often in RM games, so this was a fun game.

Unfortunately I couldn't finish the boss off, I didn't realize the things had to go in specific spots so I just pushed everything onto the rug haphazardly (this is what I get for not looking at the screenshots on the page... ^^;).  The pushing mechanic was a bit awkward, so I don't think I'll try again, but the idea of Harold as a trashman Sanitation Vindicator definitely got a laugh out of me!

Too many cats!!! But seriously, this was a fun and silly little maze game. :) The fact the cats in the second round acted like a moving labyrinth made it interesting, so I had to plan carefully so that I wouldn't end up trapped by them.  The game over from them was a bit rough though, it would have been nicer if they just sent me back to the start (I ended up saving in the middle of the place to avoid having to start all over again).

Gave this a few tries, while I'm not the best at this type of game (memorizing routes just isn't my forte) I did manage to get to the end with a score of 3700!  It was great that you were able to work in a minor story to help set up the gameplay. :)

You had a pretty interesting idea for this, I hadn't considered trying to remake Overcooked's mechanics in RM before. :)

Unfortunately it's clear time got away from you for the contest, since while things work I had no in-game info about how to do things properly.  The first playthrough I couldn't even pick up the cut tomatoes. ^^; I finally figured it out, but then messed up the actual cooking because I didn't know I needed more than one tomato in the pot... My best result was 3 completed dishes, with 2 failed.

Overall, it was a cool idea to do this, but I don't think the unaltered Overcooked mechanics work well in RM because it's single-player.  If you work on this more, maybe you could let the player focus on one thing (like cooking or dishwashing) and have them set NPCs to do other tasks.

That's better than what I was able to do when I started testing it!  But you get better each time you play, so see if you can improve enough to win an award.  :D

Are you waiting for the last day of the event to upload the game?  I hope you make it in time, this seems like it could be a fun little minigame.

Thanks for playing!  It's just a random variable that picks a number between 1-3 after the intro (since there are 3 possible missions) and sets the events to the right places for each.  I'm glad you got to see more than just one of them, my luck is so bad that when testing I kept getting just the same one so I wasn't sure it would work right. ^^;

Thanks for checking this out!  Haha, doing all those attacks to get the TP maxed out was worth it, wasn't it? ;P

Thanks for playing! A longer version (with more heroes, more worlds, and more rooms!) is in the works. :)

Thanks for playing!  I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game, even if it is short. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think I'll add the LGBT tag.  While Selena is gay, it's such a small part of the game that it's really not worth it since I'm sure people looking through that tag are hoping for more than one sentence.

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First thing, thanks for playing my game!

I figured if there are monsters and magic, why not have some other differences?  Anyways, there's no one who would be brave enough to say "no" to the person who defeated the dreaded Demon King. :P