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Rating games using the judge categories for fun


Gameplay wise, the game seems to be a combination of puzzles and a fetch quest. It was really short. The rat puzzle was fine. The water pipe puzzle pretty confusing. I wasn't exactly sure about what each valve was doing. I pretty much ended solving that by randomly turning pipes around. The moonshine pipe puzzle was better, but the controls for switching pipes and rotations were too sensible to they key press, so it kept switching/rotating at a fast speed

Overall it was still enjoyable, but it was quite short and a little unfocused



The game's artstyle immediately draws in. It is very clean and beautiful. The character portraits were super cute and detailed.

The music set up the atmosphere nicely.

There were hints of the story here and there, but this seems pretty much like a prologue to a much bigger story. It didn't give too much to go on. The dialogue/humor was honestly a little hit and miss for me

14/20 -> Doubled to 28


The tiny bits of lore you get as time goes by keep you going, although the constant feeling of being in a fetch quest could certainly alienate people



As a really story heavy game, this game could be something great, but I definitely still think it needs a more defining gameplay element to it. The extremely short length makes its potential more difficult to see


Total: 63/100 (4 Stars)