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Perfect! Have fun!

Great catch on that one! I’ll get right on it. 

The bustling city noise is actually supposed to turn off automatically but I guess it doesn’t? I think just turning it off should able to fix it 

Facesets are my nightmares D; but I’m getting custom ones for everyone since I’m technically using RTP right now lol

For open bounty missions, the rewards are the chests that come out at the end of the dungeons. I realized that while the RPG elements are strong in the game, there’s not a whole lot of just dungeon crawling so I’m making these dungeons just for the player to grind at and loot some awesome stuff. There’s no correlation to the story D; enjoy dungeon crawling folks!

Karma is viewable on the status screen while perks available aren’t D; I’m gonna see about implementing it soon tho since it’s such a useful thing plus I know some people are bound to mess up and double perk a non-combatant perk

I’ll fix myrana’s bust accordingly! Thank you for bringing it up!


Grayson is an uber creep xD 

Anyway there’s definitely some sort of Osvolk stuff coming up later :)

Thanks! I’m not gonna lie I hardly play horror RPG games so I had 0 idea how to make that section lol. Kinda just winged it. The game isn’t gonna have overtly horror themes but expect the game to be slightly horror every time demons are involved. I’m never a fan of demons just being pushovers in games so I try to hype them up every time they’re involved lol.

Thank you so much for the feedback!!!

When you’ve got a design done, email it here:

Everyone (except the player) gets a sort of more armored look after a *spoiler alert*

Time lapse

So yeah something admired that still shows off their abs and shorter hair but not too short :) 

Anyway bottom line is have fun with this one!

I’m thinking he also cut his hair a bit so maybe a new hairstyle to match his brash unapologetic personality? :P

Just give me like a design idea you have and I’ll get my minions (artists) to do the updated version for the waist up pic, Sprite, battler and face graphic!

Hey! So by the next time Tyran joins the group, he’s gonna have an updated look, any chance I can ask you to help design it? :) I’m thinking shorter hair but not too short.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention so I can fix it! It’s fixed and good to go for the next update! :D much appreciated! And thank you for the kind words!

(; all I’m saying is stay tuned!!!!!

Yep! This was just recently brought to my attention as well! Working on a fix ASAP!

Yes :D actually i have it set up where if you decide to exclusively romance only one character, some of the other romance options might end up together (so ship away!!) 

And i really like those ideas! I probably should do something like that for him.

Man you're actually coming in suuuuuper close with your analysis o.o
The game will have a total of 5 acts with act 3 being about the same length as both Act 1 & 2. Everything will be explained in time! ^_^ but yes, there will be more princess scenes moving forward as well as a clear cut explanation of what her connection with the protag is.

as far as the knight and the demon stuff, it will be explained further in act 3 :D

I would love to! I’m setting up a Picture gallery per your suggestion and all fanart and art anyone makes will be there!!

<3 more to come! Stay tuned :P

I can guarantee you that the next update probably is the finish game story wise minus the CG art. 

Also the overwhelming support of Tyran has finally convinced me to make him more a central character in the story ^_^ 

Enjoy! Sorry there’s no new story content D;

Not a lot added yet unfortunately! But the story’s done being written now :D

Actually I’ll see what I can do!

if more people demand it, I’ll see about a Serrani romance arc :P

Lol! I’m not sure yet!

Uh oh. The game runs at 1920x1080 but it’s adjustable if you press F4 to go on windowed mode. Hopefully that helps! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Yep! Just put in Winter again as your name when you get any version moving forward so you can get some special stuff!

Thank you!!! <3 I’m adding something special just for you on the next update

I’ve been keeping up actually :D very well done! I really appreciate the support and the kind words!

When you’re in between quests in act 2, you can find the other characters and interact with them like Killian and Kuro to get to know them better :3 

Next update’s gonna have toooons of new stuff!

Oh boy those are some really good ideas for the lines! I’d definitely implement them :D that goblin idea is actually really good tbh. Thank you soooo much!

and the game is on steam but I’m shooting to upload it there as soon as I finish Act 4 :) the game can probably end around there tbh. Thank you sooo much for playing!

Hey! Glad it finally worked! I’m hoping you’ll love the final version! <3

Hey there! I hate this so much cause it’s the only time I’ve seen this error and I have no clue how to help but I really want you to be able to play the game >:(

I shall see what I can do but for the mean time, errors like this come out because some necessary files don’t get extracted. My guess is your antivirus probably deletes them as soon as they come out? It happened to a friend of mine as well so they turned off the anti virus and the game worked. 

I’ll be working on finding a fix for it on discord ^_^ and yes the game shall find its way on steam soon! It’s already there I just need to finish the actual story first lol

(1 edit)

Hey! There are a *ton* of interactions with Sam and Lily later on ^_^ it’s just too much spoiler to let you know and act 3 and four are coming out soon ^_^

And yes the dialogue choices are sometimes scattered just to keep the player on their toes haha. Though most sarcastic options are found at the bottom ^_^

For default classes, the female is a rogue and the male is a warrior ^_^ 

Thanks so much for playing! we’d love the support on patreon but don’t feel obligated to do so. We will be releasing Rising Saga the full game free for everyone ^_^

I know there’s some crash issues here and there but Tyran’s backstory should be somewhat explored in Act 2 ^_^ Act 3 is has them be majorly involved in the main plot ^_^  thank you sooo much for the wonderful comments!

Thank you! We’re working tirelessly to get rid of the lag and the evil crash bug :( 

If u can push through the cutscene, the game will stop crashing as often, plus the auto save will also salvage things for you ^_^

Stay tune! The next update will have tons and tons of new stuff after we fix the bugs and make the dialogue choices even better ^_^

Thanks for playing!

I’ll make sure the next build works for you! And yes the game now and the full release will be free and noncommercial ^_^

im so terribly sorry T-T 
On another note, next build will have a picture gallery. I'd love to get ur permission to use ur tyran fanart and put it in. 

D: this might be because I have changed the game into windowed mode. have you tried to play it in fullscreen? Next update will have tons of stuff story wise and i'll make sure i wont stop til the client is playable for you with 0 errors ^_^

Oh no :( no problem at all. It is such a shame what is happening. I grew up catholic and I love cathedrals and their structure. Shame so much history and art and valuable artificers are getting lost :((

Updated ^_^

The risks of Encryption. T_T I'll reupload asap ^_^

Hey! Sorry to reach out like this :) basically I’m updating the game *hopefully* tonight if I can debug on time. I’ve added a music gallery, and a message log per your suggestion. Picture gallery will come next as soon as I finalize the amount of CGs I’m putting up ^_^ no story update yet but thank you soooo much for the feedback! 

I’m excited!!! Looking forward to more!

Atm I’ve got some art stuff I’m waiting on. If you don’t mind, I’ll put your art in the pic gallery too! :)

Also this art is really good! Omg xD I cant believe you offered to draw me art and I almost refused cuz I’m dumb (and i’d Feel guilty if I didn’t pay) xD

Btw! Update coming up soon! Not much has changed but I did add the music gallery and picture gallery per your suggestion! ^_^ still working on a log but I’m not sure how that’s gonna work D; expect it April for sure! :D

Omg you’re gonna make me cryyy T_T 

This is incredible! <33333 I love it! Thank you sooo much!!!