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Yes :( unfortunately I had to lock out the mansion quest because I haven’t finished writing the mission yet D; but I’m so happy to hear you got that far :) it’s going to be an intense mission :) 

Hey! Very good suggestions :) currently all I have for Karma is displayed on the status screen. I’m working on an item that essentially functions like a moral compass as well as a perk description as well :) 

I’m sorry youre getting that error. I just uploaded an update and this version might work ^_^ if you don’t mind redownloading and extracting. This error happens because the game files got deleted 

Thank you! :) definitely will push through and finish this game.

Hey there! Sometimes anti viruses immediately delete some files. Try re extracting and making sure the files are there! :)

sooo excited. thank you for doing this

also major thanks to everyone who voted RSO to 15th place out of 330! Super stoked to get so far in my first venture in indie game making! Stay tuned folks!


The tile on the hole is interactable which will allow you to get to the chest ^.^

Thank you so much for playing!

The hole in the wall is a passage ^_^ sorry I should’ve been more clear about that lol

I saw my game jump to 69 votes from 32 after indrah’s LP

Thank you! I remember seeing your entry and seeing your itch username and being very amused x)

I'm glad you liked the variety of dialogue choices! Going forward, I've added way more than just multiple dialogue options :) It's got a perk system now which adds special interactions depending on your perk and situation. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! Keep your eyes peeled for ACT 1's revision. It's a 100% different game with an overhaul of the dialogue.

Thank you so much for the kind words :) After the igmc rolls along, I’ll be reissuing ACT 1 with a revamped VN style and some added gameplay elements as well as a change in the story to make it pace better. The time skip wasn’t really planned but I had put it there so the judges can get to the romance scenes faster. I’m really glad you like it! Keep an eye out for the next version! ^_^

Thank you so much! if you guys wanna try my game and rate!

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Hey everyone! Just a quick update for my game Rising Saga: Origins! 

Everything rn is WIP credits to BlackRoseMii, CrunchyCookiez  and Elwi_Art for the amazing art!

I had to turn in the game with mostly RTP stuff but I’ve gotten some of the art commissions for the game post IGMC submission date as part of the promised visual novel elements of the game.

Stay tuned for more updates after the IGMC!

Anyway, here’s some of them! Let me know what you guys think!

(All artwork is subject to change in the final version, I’m still in the middle of commissions atm)

Some character portraits:

Main character female

Main character male

Myrana WIP

Erika WIP

Kuro WIP

Kyrra WIP


There’s content between that time skip that’s focused on just bonding with your classmates which is totally skippable I just didn’t include it because I had to refocus my efforts on fixing a bug and I just didn’t have time :) the game def will be improved upon by next spring so stay tuned! Thanks for the love!

5/5 from me. I really loved this game :)

Hey hey! Erika probs got the most fans out of all the characters :)

Unfortunately since I was stuck with RTP I couldn’t get dwarves. Good news? I just got rid of most of the RTP :D bad news? It came in too late for the IGMC D;

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Also little late but I didn’t realize you were the maker of mirror mirror! I loved that one! :) collaboration with your art one day? XD it’s hard to find any anime artists x((((

this is kawaii level 9000%

Sadly I didn’t know about the igmc til about halfway through the contest so all the commissioned custom art wasn’t able to arrive on time. I’m glad you like it! :) and tyran was romanceable in the previous versions :) glad to see people want him back so I’ll probably re add him :) 


Boulder puzzle 2 is simple, you have to ignore the Boulder and head to the next room, grab the hammer from the bottom by going through the hole in the wall and use the hammer to break the pillar next to the button :)

I would love some help actually! I have the budget but between learning how to use MV, fixing a game breaking bug and stuff I wasn’t able to do a lot of custom stuff so I focused on plot and character development. I’m really glad you enjoyed it :) and definitely will hit you up about pixel stuff! Thanks so much for playing!!

Omg thank you! That really made my day :) Act 2 def has a lot of surprises and stuff on it so stay tuned! Glad you liked it!

I figured it out with the tech skills lol x)

i am so glad you enjoyed yourself caelestys :) i have plans to incorporate a lot more VN elements into the game. The whole scene where the  characters introduced themselves as well as the voting section will be VN in the final release :)

Thank you so much for the vote!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Definitely going for more intricate plots and expanding more on the other NPCs. I firmly believe in creating a world that isn't black and white in terms of morality and alignment.

Personally I'm on Team Myrana!

So happy you enjoyed yourself <3

Who did you guys romance? Let me know in the comments section <3

I love choice based games. They're so good. Good job! 5 stars from me <3

Cute game. Kinda reminds me of choose your own adventure novels from when I was a kid. Good luck!

Hey so idk if it's just me but the first battle is a little too hard. will try again later but am i missing something? i'm not dealing any damage to the knight at all.


goooood game!!!