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woohoo! Glad to hear that.

It seems they made a new account, but I checked and neither of our games were on there.

Here's where you can find the new page if you want to keep an eye on it. But it looks like any game that was removed before did not get reupload.

It's just sad someone would do this.

Hello, your game was among many others stolen and uploaded to a google play account:

There is a video showing how to start a copyright report here if you need it:

Hopefully, with how many of us are reporting our content, this account will be gone soon.

what's wrong with watching a let's play and then voting for the game? You still saw the game. Especially when it comes to story driven games, I don't see why this is a problem. I voted for several games through secondhand experience, either by being on stream with a friend or watching a video later. I don't think these sorts of votes are the ones people are questioning, at least in my opinion, those are still valid.

yeah, I was stressing myself out trying to promote our game too. It's such a brutal time of the year for it as well! Work is so busy in December. But, your hard work really paid off.

Happy New Year!!

So cute! This game put a smile on my face. The sound design is fantastic! (something I so rarely get to say about RPGmaker games) There was a sound for everything! I enjoyed putting random words into the search bar too (though I didn't realize that that was side stuff and spent a long time trying to figure out what I needed to search to progress lol didn't realize I just needed to solve the puzzle hahaha)

I can't comment much on the gameplay, as there wasn't a whole lot, still this is very open ended and there's a lot of places it can grow and go. Congrats on making it in the judge's top 10!

Great looking game! I love the character designs a lot, especially of the main girls and the moonshine grandma. The environments are also quite beautiful and there's a lot done to make them feel alive, despite that post apocalyptic vibe the game's got going on. Speaking of that, I love the subtle world building - really makes me want to see more.

The gameplay is very light at the moment. The puzzles that are there vary a lot in quality. I didn't much enjoy chasing the rats (I wasn't sure how to predict their movements.  I figured they'd stop at walls, but sometimes they stopped part way!) so it made it almost too easy. Maybe I'm just feeling burned because I tried to overthink it. I liked the water pipe puzzle. Watching where the water was coming out and adjusting accordingly felt a lot more rewarding.

Some music choices didn't jive with me. I love the song that plays on the trainstation map, but the song that plays on the map to the south of there quickly got annoying to me (I forget if it played north of there as well.)

Really interested in seeing what else you have in store for this. Congrats on making it in the judge's top 10!

Now this is a neat little game! It's a shame it flies under the radar, but I'm glad the judges picked up on it. Congrats on making it in the top 10!

I enjoyed the story and world this game was introducing and combat was well balanced and fun. There were  a lot of typos and weird run-on sentences which were distracting and sometimes forced me to read the same line a few times to understand it, but the strength of the worldbuilding shines through all the same. What's awkward now can easily be polished up with a proper editor. (Like the intro scene with the car. Very cool scene, but it runs on too long and over explains things.)

I like that everyone can equip the same weapons (minus the dog), I tried to keep the bat with the sweep attack on my fastest character. The glass and wood planks are nice environment puzzles and I really like the Psyscan (though it's very underused in the demo) btw, small error likely, if you psyscan the room the main party drops in or the room with the glass and broom, inspection spots turn up on the wall where you can't reach them.)

I ended up getting stuck and was sad I couldn't save after asking what to do next. (after you get the one time use key from the zombies. I couldn't find any door to use it on.) I also have to wonder, did you make the party invincible? I thought I was going to die when everyone hit max SANS (btw the spring water adds SANS instead of taking it away lol) but somehow, the party pulled through at 1HP all around.

The pockets system didn't seem to work.

Anyway, great entry! I really enjoyed it. It's a wonderful start and will certainly shape up into a unique game if you expand on it and give it the polish it currently needs.

The atmosphere is what really drew me in for this entry. The graphics, sound, and even just the floating text tutorials all came together to make a wonderfully tight package. It's a shame it's so short, I'd have love to have played longer! I do agree with jacksmack that the tutorial for how to use the axe wasn't very clear; it only taught us how to ready the axe and not actually swing it. Once I managed to get past that part though, everything went a lot smoother.

Congrats on making it into the top 10; if you expand this game, I'll be sure to check it out.

Gave this a whirl!

The art is absolutely fantastic. Everything is so colourful and lively and a joy to look at from start to uh... eel-induced rage quit lol I was playing on the keyboard, so my comments here might not be the best input (since I feel a controller would work better) but I really struggled with the controls. I had trouble using the spear attack without moving forward and getting hit at the same time, and yeah I could not make it past the eels at all.

Wonderful game though! With some proper time to balance the difficulty curve and some more beautiful and unique levels, this will be a lot of fun. (oh and a fleshing out of the story, but yayyy time constraints) Congrats on placing in the top 10!

That little clam that gives hearts is my hero.

First off, congrats on winning the popular vote - I haven't checked out your game first hand (only Liberty's playthrough) so I haven't seen the whole thing play out, but I wanted to say kuddos for doing so much to pull yourself in the lead. There's a lot of salt getting tossed around about the popular vote, and I think people are overlooking the success story you are showing right here in this thread.

So, great work getting your game out there and really showing what a popular vote is all about. IGMC has a lot of games, and the world has even more games, so getting people to stop and pay attention to yours is no small feat. Hats off to you, and I look forward to seeing where your project goes with some spit and polish.

I'm not sure where you're getting that from. If you look at the top winner of the popular vote, they have one game on (the contest game) and no paid games, they don't link to any kickstarters, and they posted in their thread how much leg work they did to boost their ratings and get more exposure.

Besides, even if someone did have a preexisting following, why wouldn't Degica want someone like that under their publishing name. That following is going to bring in sales. Again though - looking at the winner of the popular vote, that wasn't the case this year.

I think I'm still processing this. It's a huge honour to be one of the finalists and to be alongside a bunch of other amazing projects! (I've played all but 3 so far of the other top 10 entries) Congrats to everyone else who made it! :> Best of luck at the end.

And congrats to everyone who submitted your game! It's been fun playing through them and seeing so many unique ideas on display! Keep on making games!

A lot of games had a significant drop. (We lost 24 ourselves. There's one game that lost like 200.) There were nights where every game gained like 5 votes at the same time though, so everyone losing ratings to bots was bound to happen. Still sucks to see the number drop, but don't let it discourage you.

Perry... He just might be...

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the characters and the art! I'll be curious to hear what you think of the rest of the demo. :>

If you haven't yet, I would certainly try - jumping over the enemy just outside of the room with the bubble shield cutscene, letting it launch a projectile, advancing into the cutscene so the projectile hits you during the cutscene. It's the only thing that happened to me that felt outside of a normal, expected sort of play run. (though I know that projectile in particular did hurt me. So idk xD) Nothing else felt unnatural though.

I can tell a lot of love went into this game. It's quirky and made me laugh a lot. Sadly, I couldn't make it to the end because the encounter rate was set WAY too high :S and the maps were HUGE. (and battle was not very compelling or sometimes glitched. Fred and Titania both had moments where their directional inputs didn't display. Battles went much faster when I pumped all of my points into attack, but they were still too frequent.) I turned the game off on a switch puzzle where unavoidable combat was the penalty for mistake.

I was a little sad that the card component of this was either cut or not really a card component.

Nice work on all the custom artwork. I, again, got a lot of intended laughs from this between the puns and the silly concepts and characters. I'm going to guess you're pretty new to RPGmaker (there were a lot of very rookie mistakes. Like huge houses and unchecked passabilities. There's sure nothing quite like climbing up the toilet and into the roof of your house and then climbing back to the floor using a dresser.), but what you've shared is a very creative entry into the RPG genre. I greatly enjoyed the heart that went into this.

Congrats on finishing your demo and sharing it.

Finally found a chance to play this for myself! I had way less issues with the controls than Indrah did and found myself having a great time. I do agree that, control wise, a way to duck would be nice, but I didn't find the range of the ice attack to be a problem. I also agree with her assessment on the camera pan not always being friendly to the player. (found myself saying 'come on, camera! move!' a couple of times.

I enjoy the dynamic between the two characters. I also enjoyed a lot of the platforming sections that involved bouncing. Once wind form was introduced, the potential for even more tricky 'puzzles' opened up.

But after unlocking wind form I hit a road block. So, sometime before wind form, I realized I had stopped taking damage from anything. Walk into enemies, stand in front of their projectiles, walk on spikes - I could do it all. I wish I knew better when this started (maybe it was when I got hit by an enemy projectile during the 2nd cutscene where you unlock the shield? What I know that did for fact is make the MC princess jump every time I pressed 'z' to advance the dialogue. But I didn't notice if I was invincible after that or not.)

When passing through this area I didn't quite zoom right, hit the spikes and dashed into the wall:

Fine and dandy, I'll press 'P' and suicide to freedom------ wait she's not dying. P P P P P P!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, she's invincible. Wait-

I tried everything to get out of that wall and couldn't u.u Which is a shame because I was having a good time lol

All in all, I'm happy I gave this a play through on my own! It's fun, the characters are charming, the art is cute (though Princess' legs on her sprite are a bit jarring style wise compared to the rest of her), the little voiced sound effects are funny and never get too annoying, and the platforming puzzles are not too difficult but still rewarding. Wonderful work!

Side note - my friend who watched me play suggests not using a full screen flash between transforming as it can be very hard on people with eyes sensitive to lights flickering.

Congrats on submitting your game! Best of luck.

How do you catch more Paracreat?

The judges have mentioned in other threads that it -IS- about marketing (and that's not a bad skill to have especially in the current state of indie games where there's lots of games fighting for attention. It along with social networking are essential.) This isn't the first time IGMC has had a voting component, I'm sure the organizers know well enough to watch for any suspicious activity, bots, or duplicate accounts and such. Especially on games in the running for the top 3.

thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I know Momo Bomber had a new LP video go up recently (from Liberty), so it is possible to get votes without more downloads just from people watching. Did Princess Debut have one recently too?

If it is bots at work though, that would be a real shame :T

Thank you for the very in-depth review! A lot of the negatives mentioned are things that we have on the drawing block for a longer game. (especially when it comes to HOW the audience votes; there was no time to work out the math needed for that along with everything else however. and how many branching narratives had to be cut for time as well.) Still there's some good stuff to take away from here :>

I can't wait to introduce the game at full potential, because as you said, a lot of the mechanics become more interesting after the twist is introduced.

Thank you again for playing!

Thank you for checking out or game, even if the genres aren't to your taste! I'm glad the characters and writing carry it well. Especially happy to know the hook at the end has got you curious for more. heh Thanks again!

Thank you so much for giving our game a play, even if Visual Novels are not usually your Jam!

It was pretty bold of us to tell Jared's story through someone else's eyes, but then Jared's heroism might just be too powerful for anyone to experience first hand. You know? ;D Glad to know you enjoyed the characters and story! Especially happy to know that the large cast was handled well and that everyone's personalities were able to shine through.

The ability to have a game over was removed from this version of the game - mainly so the judges don't get ejected from the story too early. In a full version, the stakes of your training and fraternizing will be quite a bit higher. (and we'll be implementing better menus during training and outside of it to better keep track of where your abilities are.) Mini games... I wonder what sort we can make. I'll admit I thought about it a little bit haha something still on the drawing table.

Thank you again for playing our game and leaving feedback! I'm glad the hook got you interested ;>

Hello! This is a Visual Novel, but not a dating sim. So no Yandere character to date. Hope that helps, and if you do decide to play it, I hope you enjoy it!

I absolutely LOVED this. The visuals are charming, the game play is unique and adds a lot of depth and challenge. ahh I had so much fun from start to finish. I will certainly come back to play a longer version if you make one.

The two forms open a lot of doors to different challenges. The water and lava points were aways well placed and it never felt like I had to go too out of my way to find out for the puzzle at hand. The little mermaid character - adorable. The big ol' snake - adorable. The little lava ball - adorable. The grumpy stone lava ball - grumpadorable!!

These crits are really minor - especially since I think they come from a place of time constraints. The game could really use some sound effects. The lack of them is pretty noticeable. They'd do a lot to communicate things to the player. Or maybe it's just me, but things like wall bouncing or smashing through floors were hard to gauge without sound.

I didn't find the 'Q' button to smash platforms around telegraphed very well. I found out I could do it by accident in a fit of frustration. I understand the coins are mostly a guide for the player - but I'd still love a x/y coin counter haha  

There's one wall jump puzzle that involved sliding down the wall a bit before jumping again and that slowed things down in a weird way. As I said, this is all pretty minor stuff.

Seriously tho, I gave this game 5 stars because it really blew me away. Favourite game I've played so far.

Best of luck in the contest!

Played this with a friend last night.

First off, really dig the setting. We don't get to see many Aztec inspired RPGmaker games, so that was a nice treat! The music in the dungeon was also really catchy, and I found a lot of the lighting and filters to be handled well. (especially love the misty feeling of the outside rainforest maps)

The skill tree was neat, however I think you were a little too generous on money (maybe that was just for this demo build) I was able to buy all of the skills even though I skipped most of the fights! I think a lot of the strategy of picking what to specialize in was robbed from the player because of it. It would be really great to have a custom menu for the skill tree, but if you do decide to stick with the system you have now - I would consider displaying the player's money somewhere on the screen.

Also enjoyed the idea of the bangle augmentation.

I'm confused by the AoE attacks tho (the ones learned on the skill tree). I couldn't use them through the entire game. They were always disabled. Made me sad after hunting them out on the skill tree haha

There's some clashing art in places (in particular the battler's don't fit the rest of the vibe of the game.) but I'm chalking that up to prototype. (same with some of the passibility issues.)

Story - I enjoyed this a lot. Especially the moral conundrum that comes from both sides having their own reasons. I would highly suggest getting a beta reading for the storytelling moments though. Sadly, the story is bogged down a bit by those parts being hard to follow. The in game text was fine, however. Makes me feel like you were going for a certain style, but ended up trying to be too flowery with it. I enjoyed the art in these segments though! A little more polish and you'll really nail the style.

Puzzles - There's good and bad here. As other's have said, the light puzzle doesn't work well since there's no immediate feedback. I spent a lot of time here, until I read the comments on this page about that puzzle. The biggest problems here are a) Fire doesn't cast a light in a line. I would consider looking into an alternative light source, or adding some sort of cover or more obvious direction to the firelight. b) since there's no light beam, you can't tell anything is happening, and c) consider putting the mirrors of a diagonal. With them being flat as they are, they would really just be bouncing the light back to the source.

The push puzzles were great. The slow progression of their difficulty was good and the first room with them made for a nice tutorial. The flame puzzle had the same feel. However, when I solved one puzzle in the phoenix room, the chest blocked access to the other notice on the wall.

All in all, I had a good time with this game. I'd love to come back to a more polished and completed version. In particular, I'm interested to see if the morality of the two sides will still be important with a more on the nose villain or not.

Great work : D

Thank you for playing!

It's okay that you didnt get to slack off in this version because it was one place where time restraints heavily impacted the contents. In future versions there will be days where you can train alongside other characters to boost friendship and also hopefully when you can easily see where your stats are their will be less pressure to train. (Or perhaps doing well in the contest is more dangerous than you realize ;) and training becomes second to forming alliances.)

It's a balancing act that we will be putting a lot of focus into in the future. More focus than 1 month allows for for sure Haha

Thank you again!

Thanks for playing!

Every new VN brings us closer to actually tackling Gemstar - which turned out to be a bit adventurous in its story branches for our skill level at the time. It's always on the back of my mind, though. :)

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The backgrounds took the hit from the 1 month time restraints (along with some of the mechanics) It can take me a long time to do fully polished backgrounds, so I concentrated my time on the character art and writing.

When we move into the full version, they will be fixed up for sure! And just maybe you can play strip Go Fish with the guys ;> 

Thank you again!

Oh interesting. I didn't realize Aloia had some system for tanking; I was using Mai to tank and her shield was going down crazy fast. The battle against Oreh and Alice I won by the skin of my teeth (Aloia was dead and Mai had like 12HP left hahaha) Curious to see how Aloia stacks up as a swift tank. Thanks for the tip!

btw I didn't mention - but I love the art on the title screen a lot :> The angle of the art is challenging, but it was pulled off well!

Really love a lot of factors here - the characters have strong chemistry and the combat has a lot of neat ideas - but I couldn't beat the Harold fight. I got -very- close, but lost the battle of attrition when it was down to just me and one other enemy. (the fact they kept on healing Harold did not help!)

I think some extra balancing, or maybe just a better tutorial on how to take down enemy shields or why even at 0 shield enemies can still guard all the damage, would be beneficial.

I wanted to know more about these girls! (who have great designs btw) and I'm a bit sad the combat system provided such a large spike in difficulty right then. It doesn't look like I can backtrack to grind for healing potions either.

The AP for both combat and movement system was unique and I liked it a lot. I also like the fact that you can equip things to your items (like equiping counter to a weapon). Steal having a proper function alongside stealing items was also cool. And gotta love a mage tank!

Anyway, great concepts! Would love to play a version where you have more time for polish or expanded tutorials.

Congrats on submitting your game!

ahahaaa that's totally fair. Don't worry, the full version will not railroad you into that scenario specifically. -3-~*

Thanks again for playing! Most of the things listed in the cons are things that were left on the wayside to make up for the time. (especially the music. I think what I found worked for this build, but it's just free-for-commercial use music. We'd certainly be going custom in the future.) Our host is staying though ;D

I'm glad you liked the characters and story and enjoyed what depth we could put into the training in this version.  Thanks again for the feedback!

Thank you again for playing~~

It seems a lot of people have been overwhelmed by the number of characters. This is certainly something we'll be looking into for any future builds. While I wasn't expecting familiarity with all the characters right off the bat (each route would narrow in on certain groups of characters more than others), there were a few sentences that expected that knowledge when mentioning where people were going and doing and such in the narrative. I'm glad things got easier as it went on, but this is still a point we're going to be taking into careful consideration. Adding a guide to the menu (which was always something on our minds when we actually implement the friendship system) will be one way - but as the writer, I'll be trying to come up with ways to ease the narration as well.

Slack off is very rough in this build, but I'm glad the mechanics were fun!

Perry seems to have mixed feelings - I'm okay with that. he's going for a hit or miss appeal afterall haha

Ending the demo on the cliffhanger we did was our main aim! I'm glad it made things said earlier click into place. The host's wording (and my own wording in the game summaries) was something I had to watch closely. So the hints were there in retrospect.

Thanks again for playing! I'm excited by the positive feedback so we can move forward with confidence~!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed what you've seen so far.

Ahh, I'm glad a map was considered! One month is such a rough amount of time to do things, but I hope you're proud with what you did get done!

Thanks for the storylink. I read the whole thing - the mix of occult into a science setting is neat. I hope the demon introduces themselves to D and then offers them the power to get back at HQ for their stinky sock medicine and refusing to keep D's lab in good repair. heh

It's mostly any phase where the enemy goes first that the 0 cards became a hindrance -> since they play the anchor card, you're faced with a SPD of 1, making the 0 cards useless, if I understood the system correctly. It made the enemy phases always go - they play a card, I play one card - round ends. 0 cards were important, but only on turns where you pick the anchor, so having as many as I did slowed down what I could do.(I had turns where only one character had a card that wasn't a 0 card; perhaps that was an unfortunate luck of the draw?) 

I do agree that one tutorial battle would have been a better demo to present, but yeah - hindsight. I still think what you have is neat!

Also, I forgot to mention - your writing is very nice. I wasn't absorbing much of it because I wasn't very invested in the characters (Just wanted to play cards haha sorry!) but stylistically your writing has nice flow.


A friend and I played your game today, and we were both very charmed by it. I have the feeling you are quite new to RPGmaker, but I can tell a lot of effort was put into this project. Congrats on submitting it!

Here are some things to keep in mind should you do more with this game or move onto another RPGmaker game.

Due to the fact that there were no reliable healing points, we ended up unable to beat this game.  Our main character died in the fight with the guard and Marina ended up very hurt as well - so we couldn't fight any more battles. I would consider putting a healing point of some sort somewhere. (I thought perhaps the buckets in town would heal me like that bucket in the dream world, but they didn't :< ) The only way to heal that I found was buying potions, but because combat is rather plain, grinding for money to buy potions is undesirable.

I picked to play as a mage, however was never given any magic. The mage MC wasn't very useful in battle since he couldn't damage boss enemies with regular attacks. It seemed the only way to learn spells was to buy them at an incredibly high price. Again, relying on the player to dedicate that much time to grinding isn't very realistic.

Those are my two biggest complaints. This game was very rough around the edges, but I truly do admire your dedication. I love the colourful "you received [x] experience" screens. I love the clipboard quest screen. Marina laughing at inappropriate times made me laugh.

Thank you for sharing your game and I hope you continue to grow with the program. : )