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CreAPTIVE Heart - Chapter I

A topic by Ciclope created Dec 04, 2018 Views: 363 Replies: 7
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Just doing some Art Work, hope y'all like it. It was too late when I realised I was drawing in a note pad, so, yeah, lines, lines, lines...

1000 Filters later, lines are gone, And then I realised the hand drawn/amateur/note pad style would fit perfectly the tone of the game - one of those happy coincidences.

The symbol in the middle of the Screen is a fusion of two HUDs which the player should recognize from the Demo. Together, they form what seems to be an inverted diamond ring (because symbolism, I like it, you like it, we all like it!) - And yes, this will be a really important piece, should the future chapters come to life.

Give it a try:

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"Okay, HOW did a simple game like this got so many votes?"

Heart of the cards, you gotta believe in it! But seriously, though. I think it's important to keep in touch with the public, specially in cases like these, because I too felt discouraged when I saw my game with about 10 ratings, while others were at 50 or more - I was like "WHAT? Look at those marketing Gods!!! They're unbeatable!".


Journey started out slow, thanks to some health issues. We lost about a week, but then things started to pick up. 
First of all, we'd like to thank Game Chinchila's Youtube Channel for streaming CreAPTIVE Heart, from beginning to end. 

It was really fun to watch and the viewers were really supportive. If there's one thing we can say about the brazillian game community, is that -we are passionate-.
Second, we found people amongst our friends, family, neighbours, to help us promote the game. Got some FanArts:

... and for the last two weeks, I've been visiting Game stores, Lan Houses (Don't know the term in other languages, but it's basically a place full of computers and people playing online games, mostly LoL)... got some votes, not a lot, but people showed at least some interest in the Game's concept. Also, if you never printed Screens from your games, please do - it's really cool:


I feel that people sometimes avoid talking about ratings, since there's always the risk of disqualification for one reason or another. For example, my uncle and aunt rated the game from the same computer; Also, got 3 votes from the LoL guys, but I believe computers have the same IP in places like these. And finally, my brother in law watched me play the game and rated from his cellphone... Those are the ones I've witnessed, I hope it's not against the rules...

Criticism? Oh, boy, we got a LOT! Bad Game Design choices, visuals, high difficulty, lack of tutorials and so and so... but the Game's strongest point remains: Narrative. Give it a try =)

Also, merry christmas, everyone o/


First off, congrats on winning the popular vote - I haven't checked out your game first hand (only Liberty's playthrough) so I haven't seen the whole thing play out, but I wanted to say kuddos for doing so much to pull yourself in the lead. There's a lot of salt getting tossed around about the popular vote, and I think people are overlooking the success story you are showing right here in this thread.

So, great work getting your game out there and really showing what a popular vote is all about. IGMC has a lot of games, and the world has even more games, so getting people to stop and pay attention to yours is no small feat. Hats off to you, and I look forward to seeing where your project goes with some spit and polish.


Hey, thanks ^^

I think a little bit of salt is always expected. If popular choice vote were measured by passion, everybody would win, because I believe all indie devs share the same feeling about their work. I mean, we do artwork, programming, sound, story, etc... But unfortunately, marketing is a big deal in our world - it can't be ignored.

Also, marketing is different from the Game's elements - we all can check out the graphics, mechanics and narrative by simply playing the game, but only the creator knows about the 50, 60, 70 E-mails sent and never replyed, all the failed attempts to find people on Youtube/Twitch to give the game a chance. Until the last minute, we too were thinking that it was all in vain, it's hard to get away from this feeling, also anxiety, also sleepless nights...

But we choose to follow this path, because when I saw the caliber of the games we were facing up to, I realised Degica's choice and Youtuber's choice were not for us. 


Again, thanks a lot for your words. I also have to check out your game - We've been running almost 24/7, so I stopped playing the entries - maybe I can get back into it in a few days. 

Also, happy New Year! ^^


yeah, I was stressing myself out trying to promote our game too. It's such a brutal time of the year for it as well! Work is so busy in December. But, your hard work really paid off.

Happy New Year!!

Congratulations of winning! Reading what you wrote and how you promoted your game really shows that you thought outside of the box. Many of us just focus on promoting online and forget to approach people in real life. Obviously we all don't have the opportunities to visit game stores for example but it's a good to keep in mind.
I watched a let's play of your game and I started to wonder if you have an account in like Twitter or something, so that I could follow the development of  your game. What will you do for this game in the future?


Hey, thanks a lot for commenting ^^

To be honest, I wouldn't recomend approaching people in real life. We did it out of naivety, thinking that people who work with games, around games, would actually like games and show interest in our work - Spoiler: most of them didn't, which is understandable... But then again, there's only one way of learning and we had to try... I managed to gain at least 1 vote per day, but the amount of "I'll take a look later", "I just work here, I don't play games", "Sure, give me the name of the game and I'll look it up when I get home"... it can really break one's spirit - you gotta be prepared to face rejection and find strength to keep going.

I had a Twitter account years ago, never actually used it for anything other than following Swery65 - Love his Games.

You can find us on Facebook, we created a Page dedicated to CreAPTIVE Heart - we're still small, but every Update will be posted in there (Only portuguese for now, sorry, we still haven't given social media the attention it needs). We are also thinking about building an website, but it may take a while.

For the future, well, Chapters 2 and 3 (each one showing events by a different character's point of view) and a lot of improvements on visuals and sound =)

Hey, thanks for commenting!

By analytics, you mean number of downloads, views, etc? Last time I checked, we were at 1436 views and 274 downloads.

But I believe numbers can have different value.

To me, it was clear that 10 views from people who like narrative driven games would be better than 1000 views from people who don't. 
Also, when it comes to RPG Maker, I love turn based high fantasy games, with swords, kingdoms, potions and all the cliches... but it's important to know what the public is looking for (I've never made contact with people from other countries before, but here in Brazil, Undertale and To the Moon are a huge sucess, at least on Youtube, so it was clear to us that a game focused on drama, Indie Visuals and unforgiving combat, could be a thing).
And last but not least - Why people play our games? Think about it this way: if you have a cool mechanic, the player will enjoy it; if you have a cool artstyle, the player will be immersed... but for how long? Narrative, on the other hand, may not be striking at first - it takes time to build up - but once the player wants to know the ending, the twist, the answer, he won't be able to obtain it from any other game.

But of course, this is just my personal opinion, it works for me because I'm a narrative guy - anyone could make the same arguments about other game elements and it would fit the same way. The point is... I like writing about games, because I learned a lot throughout the years by reading this kind of stuff, and I hope this wall text can help someone in some manner... There's no "How to win" formula... Honestly, it all depends on every player's state of spirit (Every single one of them)... Effort, competence, potential, timing, so many variables... the only thing I can say to everyone is: DON'T let a ranking define your work, the world is full of underrated artists, as well as overrated ones, like me yay =D 

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