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That means a lot, thank you! d(^^)

I'll add a little warning to the page.
I'm happy to hear the gameplay stands on its own with and without context;
As someone who wants to design games past the language barrier, this is a positive feeling indeed!

Thanks again for playing. Your help, insight and kind words made my whole week! :)

Oh yeah, and you may be happy to hear that I plan to make 4 sequels to this game. :p

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Thanks for playing! ^_^

First of all, I am BEYOND appreciative you made this topic. 
For your nice words, yes, but also because there is text!
There's supposed to be, anyway. Somehow they were affected when I updated the game.
(Or, rather, when GameMaker itself updated...grumble...)

I'm working on a fix right now. You're a hero for telling me about this.
Now that you mention the silent story, though, I really do wonder how that compares to the original...
I may add a "voiceless mode" later. That's the future, this is now, so...

Congratulations! You discovered the elusive dialogue-free version of UwuUhu: Unknown Utopia. 
Keep it, it may be worth a lot of money some day.

Anyway, I wanted to make something short and sweet by Halloween.
I've always intended to expand this premise, but I appreciate that this version is a snug little package!

Text or no, I'd like to think I made something that's simple yet open to interpretation.
I'm glad you enjoy it! :)

UPDATE: Glitch is fixed! If you want to check out the dialogue, or just want to skip levels,
press End + Escape! That's a lil' cheat code for your contribution. n_n

Thanks for checking it out! :)
An over-eagerness to experiment and a tight deadline can lead to...interesting results. :p

Now that I am abundant of the former and absent of the latter,
my current mission is to connect equally outlandish gameplay styles to a certain NES RPG template
I purchased on this webzone recently. ฅ(・ω ・)ฅ

Excellent asset! I needed something like this. Thanks!

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it! d(^^)

The soon-to-be official Dropbox version is a massive improvement. Enjoy! :)

(Chronological order, newest first)
---*!NEW!* --- 
-Added pause feature.
-Accessiblized difficulty.
-Slowed map camera significantly.
-All Animamen are now shown at once.
-Added a new page to explain the gameplay better.
-Help text is easier to read.
-Ending font changed.
-Minor fixes.
-Big Nose.

I only occasionally play visual novels (and only the most famous ones at that,)
with Idolmaster music videos and Yakuza 5 being the sum of my idol experience,
but even I could tell this was well made! You handle a large cast really well.

Of course, the other half of Visual Novels are the story.
I must say I laughed, cheered and even cried over Jared's quest for stardom.
I thought it was a bold choice to tell his story through the eyes of another idol.
In my headcanon, Mamoo (I called him Mamoo) is the real main character.
So, I'm going to pretend he is even though it's obvious Jared's going to
come back in a big way. Until then, Mamoo is a snug fit for the spotlight, I like him!

I liked all of the distinct characters in general.
Their interactions micro and macro were solidly told;
To fraternize a group that big is an unsung feat of storytelling.
I'm curious to see who all the prominent characters will be in the endgame!

As for gameplay improvements, well, it's a Visual Novel, yes, but...
I'd add minigames to the idol sections! This is a game based on music, after all.
Even if the end result is the same, it may create tension to have Mamoo perform
fourth-to-first or fourth-to-last, with a standard Game Over if the player
doesn't even bother trying. This is a game based on music performance, after all.
As the story unfolds, the pressure will blend hope and despair... 
This advice is post-IGMC, of course.

Another subjective improvement I have is typewriter sounds.
This may be an odd suggestion because this applies to a setting I set manually;
I don't know if the instant text is an intentional design choice or something
Ren'Py defaults to. At any rate, even the illusion of speech is enough to
spice up production value.  

While we're on the subject of audio, I'd change up the music more often too.

Overall, this was an easy read! I feel like we got one full act out of five,
with just enough content to reel in the hook.


FINAL VERDICT: This game makes me never want to be an idol,
there is no way you could make me get up before noon.

Awesome! Thanks for the second chance! ^^

Hey, if you're still interested in what the game is supposed to be like,
in a world where Red Dead Redemption released a month later,
check out the current version! You'll see the updates in my latest comment.

Thanks for the detailed review! I'm glad you liked the parts I most wanted people to like. :p

The enemies you faced were most likely random encounters.
The people with animal heads are the main bosses, though they only appear one at a time,
and you have to search them out.  Also, the intro has the most exposition by far, 
the rest of the dialogue is lean. I considered making all of the targets visible at once, 
maybe I'll do that after all!

The central gameplay in this demo is only one way to deal with enemies in the intended release,
a long time from now! I probably should've mentioned that somewhere. :p
This was the only system I felt confident to build a game around in a month.
The real gameplay (that is, the violent kind) will be familiar and natural, but having peaceful options like this
gives the game that weight all narrative-obsessed gamers crave. (◕▿◕✿)

I'll take your insights about the map to heart, since that is actually the most crucial feature of this demo,
as far as the end product goes. People can choose to activate Soul War, 
but the map and the player must get along!

As for the weirdness, well...this barely touches the surface. d(^^)

To give you an idea, the women featured are among the most normal ones,
and they make up less than a quarter of the (current) cast.
Honestly, I just lumped them together because of the Magic Girl theme.

This is a huge game, so every bit of help will save me a massive amount of time in the long run.
Thanks again for the feedback!

This game was adorable all the way! \(^▽^)/

It was fun, I liked it. A little rough around the edges, but then again,
most games made in a month would be.

There's one glitch that could break the game, but it appears early on
and I haven't encountered it beyond the first few minutes of playing.
Basically, I somehow became invincible during my first few attempts.
That alone would've been nifty, but it broke the game in other ways of course.
Though what really happened is that I'm actually too good at videogames;
I can't die even when there's a button designed specifically to kill me!

Good call on that, by the way.
When I was in the game proper, I did have to use it a few times! ^^;

For the orbs, I'd differentiate their path from the main ones.
Either that or design the maps to allow the player to go backward!

There was also a little trickiness to the controls, but I was playing on the keyboard.
To be honest I haven't figured out a better solution to this yet.
I know what it's like to make a platformer with surplus bindings,
so you did a good job with a complicated idea!
I think my main difficulty came when my brain had to switch between
close buttons on the fly.

Overall, I'd recommend this for sure. d(^^)

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 1 HOUR (and 10 shiny orbs!)

FINAL VERDICT: Why Kirby, why?!

Out of all the entries I've played, this one feels the most complete!
I took a little while to figure out a couple of the puzzles, but when I did,
they delivered the "a-ha!" feeling we all crave from videogames.

I wasn't paying that much attention so forgive me if this is actually a non-issue,
but I think energy should be a renewable resource. That is, it fills up a little over time.
Maybe one point every 10 seconds or something. That way, all situations are winnable
if players miscalculate. It'll also serve to punish enough of the player's time
to encourage them to be careful. Still, the ability to replace orbs with health
in the first place is quite considerate, so thanks for that!

Good job. d(^^)



This is a neat puzzler with nice portraits, and I thought the abilities were implemented well!
The only improvement I'd make is to assign the abilities to buttons.
That would ease the flow, which would definitely matter in a longer game.


FINAL VERDICT: I know they're our protagonists, but...
I feel I shouldn't trust them to tie my shoes!

Oh, I was wondering what that does!
I assumed it nullified the enemy's special attack, which is partially why I had a hard time with Ignis.

While I'm here, I suggest buffing Protect a little too.
Just let the player recover enough HP to tank a few enemy hits to compensate group damage.

This is a real fine use of the RTP right here.
The custom art in the intro was nicely done, overall the presentation is great!

I didn't get far, but I like the concept of this game, it's cool. 
The bosses were a little too hard. Once you start a battle you're locked into it,
making the autosave system a double-edged sword. It's impossible to lose progress,
but you have to restart the game if you're stuck and want to check out the other bosses.
I beat the water boss but gave up on the fire boss because my tactics weren't enough. 
The comment below mine basically has everything covered!

So yeah, my main advice is to tailor the difficulty toward strategy rather than
the enemy healing so much. Unless I missed something, I feel like attacks
chose their targets randomly, so a way to select individual units would probably
help considerably.  

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 40 MINUTES (Including losses...)

FINAL VERDICT: "Let's see...halo, wings, clearly the direct messenger of God Almighty...
C'mon fellas! Let's mess with 'em!"

Custom art is always appreciated!
There's also a nice use of elevation here.

You know about the bridge glitch, but that whole map is bugged.
You can't leave after entering it. Thankfully, I saved frequently so I wasn't too affected,
but the south of town is to be avoided at all costs!

Other than fixing the technical issues, I can't think of much to add.
You've got a base to build off, so I recommend going all-in toward one direction.
Either a game that digs its heels in local exploration or a globetrotting adventure.


FINAL VERDICT: I was promised rivers! I demand my money back!

I love the art in this! The attention to detail is real neat.

The game -- that is, the first few minutes of that game's intro -- casts a solid hook. 
I think it's fair to say this is a screenshot of a good game.
It looks pretty, there's ultimately not much that can be done with it,
but boy howdy do I wish the full experience were something I could play right now.

For the brief time we spent together, the characters had decent characterization.
Any of their arcs could go anywhere, but the base is there for strong writing.

This is a good jumping-off point!


FINAL VERDICT: I chuckled how the IGMC logo was implemented.


There's a lot of interesting stuff at play here. Overall, it needs a lot of polish.
Still, with what little time you had and how you made use of it,
I think you've got a strong core here!

There was some nice attention to detail, like the motorcycle slowing down in sand.
I also like how the IGMC logo was incorporated, that was a nice touch!
 You basically started an open-world game in a month.
I'd be curious to see how this entry would turn out with the proper time and budget. 


FINAL VERDICT: Of course I chose the helicopter.
I wonder how long it will be until we see this service in the real world...

Nice little game! The playful dialogue was fun. I liked the mapping too.
Like someone else said, the village really does feel like its own place in the world!

If the ending I got was anything to go by, I might've not done everything. ^_^;
If there is only one ending, I can see this game heading in an interesting direction!
A most interesting direction indeed.


FINAL VERDICT: Are humans...the real monsters?

First of all, I love the special cutscenes in this entry. They're the best I've seen so far!
Though they were just an appetizer for what was to come.
(Pun not intended, but intendedly left in...)

Without spoiling anything, I adore the high concept this game actually has.
At first I thought it was going to be a typical cafe game , and it's that too,
but the twist is interesting and, true to the theme of this contest, has potential.
Great potential! The game has a nice feeling to it too. Sweet, but somber.


FINAL VERDICT: I'd rather not spoil anything by being witty,
so I'll just say I liked it and there's nothing you could do to convince me otherwise!

I'll keep a keyboard/controller setup in mind, thanks for the feedback!

I'll admit, this was a nice breather for me!
I needed this after playing so many long games. d(^^)

Functionally, there isn't anything wrong with this entry,
other than the glitch people mentioned (I hadn't come across it myself,)
so let's focus on what you can add!

Audio alone could contribute a lot of pizzazz to the proceedings. 
Music, frantic announcer, audience reactions, etc.
This could be like a game show type of deal.

Flashy visual effects for everything that happens would also
ramp up the energy and bring liveliness to the maze world. 

Variety in the minigames and traps is a must, as you already know.
Although I should kick myself for saying it, a ticking timer creates excitement!
It's a cheap but effective challenge modifier.

The game is super basic right now, but the foundation is solid!
Just keep adding to it over time and it'll come to its own.

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 8 MINUTES (I'm tempted to do a speedrun and halve that...)

FINAL VERDICT: If this were real life, I'd step on the fire wolves and climb over the wall.
That's thinking outside the box, literally!

Good battle system! Nice art, too.
I can tell the developers are way better at these types of games than I am. :p

The actual combat is fun and easy to learn. This is a proper strategy game with nuance. 
The Tactical Mode is a cool addition as well, it highlights how enjoyable the gameplay is
on its own merits. However,  the challenge is an acquired taste. It's hard!

I stopped where we battle a certain familiar hero and his entourage.
Before that, I barely survived each time. I know of the Assist Mode  version,
but since what's presented here is going to be the main difficulty,
I should chip in that it's like the hardest setting of an already hard game!
These feel like endgame battles where your character gets creamed in two hits.
Enemies can heal, counter and do other nasty tricks while your moveset is limited.
The game does not care if you are, as 2004 would say, a n00b.  
One wrong move and the enemy will flex you out and call your bike lame.

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 30+ MINUTES (Double that if you include losses.)

FINAL VERDICT: My bike's not lame! Your bike is just super awesome!

Fun game! The atmosphere was really good and the unique art was nice.

I managed to get the happy ending! I'll sleep well tonight, I think.
To be honest, I think I irreversibly screwed up like three times,
so maybe the parts I actually got right were juuust enough to save the day!
(If you're curious, I didn't find out much about Brisco, angered Rosalind and
got kicked out of Chastity's, *ahem*, womens' parlor.)

I figured out the chest's password and saved my parents just before nightfall. :D
For the chest, I had to turn my brain gears in the process of the actual puzzle, 
but I was definitely satisfied when my hunch was right! I think you gave a solid hint 
without giving away the answer, so nicely done there. d(^^)

The slowish talking adds suspense to the timer, though it's definitely a mechanic
meant for short games like this one. For a longer game, I'd implement a feature
to skip dialogue you've already read in case you accidentally
press the talk button in succession or something.

I basically guessed during the true ending,
but I clearly got the best outcome anyway.
That's a victory for me!


FINAL VERDICT: A guillotine and an iron maiden?
That'd make for one hell of an orphan story.

This was a lovely little  entry, but I could never be mad at a game 
that lets you be nice to animals!

The gameplay loop was fun and reasonable.
As long as you take the quests seriously, you'll have a clean record and a clear conscious.
I thought I did a bang-up job and I got my happy ending on Day 8.
I don't usually play games like this but I enjoyed it!
The dialogue is cute and quirky and I rooted for the animals to not only not die,
but rehabilitate. And that they did, except for the chicken, but that can't be helped.
There's a lot of detail here for a game made in a month;
The game felt more simple than it actually is, which is a mark of good game design! 

The animal mugshots were a nice touch, too. Of course, I won't get into the
dystopian implications of the detainment of sentient and (mostly) peaceful animals...


FINAL VERDICT: I'm a shining example to all animal prison wardens! :3
I hereby declare this game NOT GUILTY of first-degree manslaughter!

Pleasant game!

I enjoyed the manga-like cutscenes and characters. 
That was a nice stylistic choice and a great way to present the story.
The effort was worth the result, I'd say.

I noticed that battles in the caves were random whereas battles elsewhere were
on-screen encounters. I'd make the cave monsters visible too, because the
encounter rate was really high. I ran away from most of these battles. 

Overall, this was an upbeat and lighthearted experience!

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 55 MINUTES. I mean meowinutes.
Also, I didn't pay the taxman because I'm secretly an outlaw.
That's one truth the catgirls don't need to know...don't ask, don't tell.

FINAL VERDICT: The graveyard implies there's death in this universe.
I'm sad now, nya.

Cool Gothic aesthetic!

I'd say this entry reminds me of Bloodborne,
but I haven't played Bloodborne. Or Dark Souls.
I did, however, play 3D Dot Game Heroes from the same company! But I digress.

The gameplay loop is basically a boss rush. This made for an easygoing flow.
The game wasn't too hard but the overall vibe is suitably grim.

It's a pretty straightforward title, I don't really have complaints.
There were some typos so that's...something to nitpick about!
I assume the ticking timer is present solely to pace the 1 hour criteria.

It's nice that you're given the option to replay previous fights.
If you like the battles, you have more than enough time to
get your enjoyment out of them and still beat the game.
I played it straight through, I appreciate that there wasn't any
filler put in just to pad the game length.


FINAL VERDICT: Although not intentional (probably,)
the very last part of the ending being put on auto-loop
augments the message quite strongly!

(1 edit)

Heyo, you set out to make a cinematic experience and you succeeded!
This is a great example to show off what RPG Maker is capable of.

I can't comment much on the battle system because I went with Casual Mode,
but I can say that the inclusion of such a feature is much appreciated!
Everything about the presentation is well done.
Having the Wyvern's backstory fed to you during battle was neat!

The forest is beautiful, though it did lead me to believe I was stuck with a glitch. Twice!
The first time, I assumed a dead end was where I came out of, but the actual way out
was in the opposite direction and seemingly hidden.
This was in the area before the Wyvern fight. 

In the desert area, I couldn't go back under the bridge.
I thought it was an impassibility issue. 
It turns out triggering one of the cave's teleport event fixed it,
but I stumbled upon it by accident.

I didn't make any progress after that. I remembered something about  a lake,
but I couldn't find it or anything triggering a cutscene. I explored the map thoroughly,
but I must've missed something. I played the patched version, by the way.

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 45 MINUTES (I got lost after the Wyvern...)

FINAL VERDICT: ♪ Yo ho ho, they call me Rose the Dragon-Slayer oh yo ho ho,
I'm feelin' great about myself today! ♫

Cute game!!!

The presentation was awesome. I really dug the art and characters.
The subtle stuff like the leaves and birds chirping really boosted the atmosphere,
which was accompanied by appropriately mysterious music.
Details like that make the mapping even better. 

I enjoyed how the puzzles were handled,
they were fun and the shift in music was a nice touch.

If I were to give one improvement, it'd be "reminder dialogue".
Sometimes my short-term memory blows a fuse; I forgot where to go 
after a character literally just told me. This game covers a finite area,
so it doesn't exactly destroy the game, but I've gotta give some usable feedback. :p

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 30 MINUTES (Including the time I got lost...just a little bit.)

FINAL VERDICT: Since the player didn't speak, I thought she was the sister and
the twist was that she was a spooky ghost. I'm glad it didn't come to that,
I like her face.

It happens. Last year, I almost uploaded my entry right at the ending because I was testing something.
I uploaded the correct version seconds before the deadline hit. It was like a movie! ^_^;
That entry has since been delisted for a few reasons, but I'm going to repurpose it next year.

Finding out about something like this sucks and I certainly don't want to be the bearer of bad news,
but at least there's a little sunlight in this cloudy situation!
Take solace that there's enough content here for players to grab onto.
I'm certain there are entries that don't plain work or haven't had anything uploaded at all. Oof.
Then there might be entries that do work but carry the uploader's pet viruses with them.
Ranking on the nightmare scale, this particular case isn't so bad! d(^^) 


Interesting game!

I liked the intro, nice setup. I really dig the mapping, too. The place feels real, and
the characters have the right amount of definable personality and mystery.
I really liked the Wraith's debut, that scene was pretty neat.
The enemy encounters are appropriately spooky. 

There were enough typos throughout to make a point of it.
They were mostly common mistakes peppered with a few misspellings.  
I could still understand everything that was being said, though.
The dialogue is fun, and ultimately that's all my attention needs.

Unfortunately, my journey ended when it was time to switch to the second team.
They spawned right next to the door, meaning they got stuck in the wall for all eternity. 
Such a fittingly horrific fate...
I'd actually restarted the game because of a bug with the west plank,
which wouldn't allow me to remove it after I opened the chest.
This time I got the ID card after going to the emergency exit,
and I even tried going to a different room before switching, but to no avail.

At any rate, I was able to play enough to get what the game was going for.
It does need polish, there's no *bones* about that. (Geddit? Horror pun!)
With what I was able to play, typos and glitches notwithstanding, 
I thought it to be a solid title!

TOTAL PLAYTIME: There was no timer I could see, but let's say 50 minutes.
(Give or take the second playthrough with skipped dialogue.)

FINAL VERDICT: Is everyone barefoot? Walking on glass should be no problem!
Well, it's better late than never for them to understand the importance of footwear. :p

Yep, restore HP is what I meant! I made good use of that HP skill and those blessings...then I lost them. ;_;
The boss was a little too much for me without HP boosters, but like I said, this game requires you to use your brain juices.
You can call it a success in that regard. d(^^)

Nice game! I couldn't crack the boss, but I liked what I saw.

You obviously put a lot of thought into the battle system and presentation.
I tried to beat the boss by brute force, but a proper strategy is definitely required!
Excuse me if I miss anything, I'm quite casual when it comes to JRPGs.
The way you gain and lose abilities is cool and unique, though it certainly
doesn't make the game easy.

The randomly generated dungeon and the need to collect gameplay orbs 
makes for a fine gameplay loop. There's a precious few seconds of suspense
when you're waiting for the gauge to fill up while an enemy approaches. 

Of course I didn't like losing my useful skills, but it was easy enough to get them back!
Though I did accidentally convert a whole batch of useful skills into EXP.
If I paid more attention, I might have won with that moveset! I could've gone pro.

Anyway, I think a natural ability to raise HP would alleviate grindiness.
It could be put into the Focus mechanic and regenerate like the MP does.
I've gotta have some hope in the darkness, y'know?


FINAL VERDICT: Apparently I'm controlling this girl, but I have no idea who she is!
She's trying to tell me she's the the protagonist, but I don't believe her.

This is the first entry I played and reviewed, because it was on the top of my list.
The God of the Alphabet smiles upon you today! Here are my thoughts.

I really dig the Aztec world! It's a culture rarely explored in media,
so my interest is piqued from the get-go.

The intro sets up the mood nicely, and that mood is consistent.
Good use of music throughout.
Believable level design.

I chose to play as the girl, of course.  :v

For the skill crystals, I'd have a text pop up as the player approaches them.
As they are, they're mysterious until you interact with them directly.
This is a minor nitpick to be sure, but every little improvement helps!

My loadout:
Maximum Attack (not including buffs/debuffs)
Maximum Enemy Flee (I abused this, not gonna lie)
Deflect (Didn't use, too lazy)
Maximum Defense (not including buffs/debuffs)
Reflect (Didn't use, too lazy)

The spending money you get in the beginning is generous and
the upgrades suit my straightforward playstyle, so thank you for that!

I like how guarding raises your SP.
Considering that all attacks are tied to SP, this is necessary,
but I'm just glad I'm not forced to reload because I didn't search for items
in every nook and cranny or something. Usually guarding is almost useless to me
in RPGs, it's nice to see it put to good use here!

I liked the puzzles. Simple, but enjoyable. Battles were fair.
The convenience of healing baths make up for the crystal-based save system.
Because of the way the game is designed, I didn't feel too set back when I lost
and had to do the first round of puzzles again. Failure is punished but not severely.

I almost didn't get the mirror puzzle at first, but I don't know how much
you can actually do about that. It worked the way I thought it did, but
RPG Maker might lack the visual cues necessary for stuff like this.
I was able to solve it easily so it's not too much of a concern in this particular game, 
but in general this is a good observation to take note of when designing
complicated puzzles.

This game is a great showcase for the Aztec and Ancient Jungle graphic packs!
I like how the random encounters near the end of the game were portrayed as bushes. 
It fit in the environment well and I thought it was cute. :3

I thought the game's climax and cliffhanger were done well.
Overall, this was a pleasant experience and was a good game to
start my IGMCathon with. d(^^)


FINAL VERDICT: If Quetzalcoatl asked me if he should check out this game, 
I'd say, "Yeah man, go for it!"

(1 edit)

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked it, and your insight  is most helpful. :)

When you mention the mouse controls, are you talking about the battles? 
Did you make use of the WASD keys? If not, I could see how that could make the gameplay difficult!
It was designed around smashes, after all. ^_^;

Though the battles aren't completely easy even when you know what to do.
I designed the game to be a satisfying challenge, but I want to get it just right.
If the intended gameplay is too hard for the average player, I'll tone it down.

As a general tip, I put enemy encounters on the map as a way to increase bp.
You've probably run into them in your playthrough, but if you didn't beat one then
they're there if you need the point boost.

If you knew about the WASD keys and the encounters, I still figure the game needs an extended tutorial. 
I'm adding that to the checklist for sure!

Again, thank you so much for playing and commenting! It means a lot. d(^^)