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The hits keep coming!

I'll see if I can integrate a few features here into the FPS Engine.
That should be an interesting experiment. :)


You technically beat it by closing out of the may notice a letter missing at the end!

Indeed, this one-letter game has a twist ending. The sign says right but the road goes left!!!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really happy you liked it! :D
Good feedback is the hearts' desire of all game developers. d(^^)

Thanks for the feedback! It's good to know this style is engaging. Expect many games like it!

I checked out your game too. I love its elegance. d(^^)

Cool asset! It's really pleasing. :)

Smooth asset! :)

Every time I look you up there's a top-of-the-line asset to be found. I would have bought this day one had I known.

You can't keep getting away with this!

Way to raise the bar! I don't even play Souls games, but I know a good asset when I see one.
There's just so much. I'm excited to unpack it, though. I wonder what the GameMaker scene would look like if something like this was included with the program? Anyway, great work!  d(^^)

Awesome asset! 

Templates like this are surprisingly rare to find, and that's before the fact this is a true NES-quality game. 

As of writing, this code is an hour fresh, but I can already tell I will be making something I can actually sell with this.

Thanks for playing! I hope it set the mood. :D

Part of me is like, "Ahhh, play the full game!", but this probably encourages downloads way better.
Besides, I know what it's like to play a bunch of jam entries...
It demands a lot more stamina than people would think! @u@

Even your abandoned works rank among the best GameMaker assets! d(^^)

Trust me, I've searched far, wide, and even deep.

Thank you for sharing these. :)

Pleased to hear you like it! It means a lot. n_n

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Only my other games at the moment! I've composed hundreds of songs, so it'll be a while before all of them will be made public. ^_^;
I do plan to release a music CD one day, once I gain professional traction.

Now that you say that though, I am inspired to include a Sound Test feature from now on. d(^^)
I'm thinking of doing an enhanced compilation of my "hobby" games, so I'll put it in retroactively too. :)

EDIT: I think you specifically meant this game's music, in which case, the enhanced compilation idea still applies.
Instead of an in-game function, maybe I'll just attach every OST to a dedicated music folder! :D

Glad you enjoyed it! d(^^) 

Half of these songs are a decade old, in fact I almost forgot a couple of them even existed until this game.
It's really satisfying to know they've finally been brought to light, thank you. :)

Charming! :3

Neat! Solid game overall. :)

Sweet game!

I love the animations and diegetic puzzles. :>

Real cool. d(^^)

Fun stuff! Very addicting. @u@

Short but satisfying! :)

Thanks for the advice! 

I was thinking of revisiting this game after I'm done with all of my current projects. I'll definitely include your suggestions! 

Although I feel like I'm having war flashbacks, it's nice to see Midnight Mia double-dip Vinny traffic. His short time with the game didn't, um, go too well for me, but I'm glad it happened anyway! d(^^) 

If anyone else was sent here by Vinesauce, just know that the game currently has a 4.2/5 score on another website. So, if you're on the fence about it, it's a good game, you should play it. :3


Fun arcade-like game!

Stylin'! I could see this being a real mobile game.

It's a nice demo. While short, you have everything you need to
start a full game based on this. It may be worth your while to flesh this out,
I hope you do! d(^^) 

This game gave me a taste of that sweet 90's nostalgia!
Needless to say, I like the aesthetics a lot.
I'll have to ask how you achieved it someday. d(^^)

The gameplay is functional too, I haven't played many adventure games lately
but I know how tricky the logic can get.

It's a solid game all around, keep up the good work! :)

Interesting premise!

The graphics are really good, especially for something made in a week.
I'd make the gameplay faster or less spread out, but I found it enjoyable nonetheless. :)

Good challenge!

It's just short enough that checkpoints are a nonissue.
I also liked the general verisimilitude of this entry.

Nice work! d(^^)


Once I figured out what to do (I didn't read the game page beforehand,)
I saw what a nifty mechanic you have going here.
Despite going in with no prior knowledge, I grasped the concept quickly.

Although the game is short, it's a fine template for an atmospheric puzzle game!

Solid game!

Interesting take to make the levels destructive and persistent.
I like how you can push your former husks around too, nice detail.

I personally would make it more fast-paced, but I could also see this speed working
for a cerebral puzzle-like game.

Overall though, this is a tight experience! 

Fun idea for a jump/shoot game. Well done! :D


I like the diegetic  tutorial, and the atmosphere and feel of the game were done
just right. Nice monster design too.

I played the 1.1 update because I imagine you'd want us to play the latest version,
but I'm sure my thoughts apply to the jam release without consternation.

Good stuff! :)

This is really nicely done! Professional quality, I'd say.

It's only held back by the perspective, it can be tricky to read obstacles.
Maybe there's a way to highlight which lane you're on?

Good work overall. :)

This was fun! I enjoyed it. d(^^)

You have a lot of potential! I hope you like game development enough to nurture it!

This game is technically perfect, but it is so basic. Regardless...
You did a lot with a little. Good job! d(^^) 

You say on the game's page you're as fresh as they come.
Given that, and the relatively short amount of time you worked with,
this is really impressive!

The music is great, it's atmospheric, but you knew that already.
However, the code, art, and feel (the most important aesthetic, in my opinion,)
are equally good. 

Something you do that another novice might not is pay attention to details,
primarily regarding jumps in this case. Since you only have one animation,
having particles follow the player helps mask that. Even something as simple
as action sounds may be overlooked elsewhere, but you certainly know
how to polish a game! 

Of course we'd need to see more gameplay of the hook to see how it really fares,
but right now I think it's an interesting twist that could lead to nice challenges. :)

I see it, don't worry!

ShallowDream community · Created a new topic Nice asset!

I've always wanted something like this -- an art tool that can produce consistent results out of anything.

For $1, you may as well just get it!
You're reading this, you're clearly interested.

I should note that the results, at least from my sample image with a custom brush, are not instantaneous.
Which is good, in a way, because you can clearly see the passionate algorithms work hard to make nice art for you.
However, progress is saved automatically, and you can set the timer and play with the speed settings.
If you're patient, this program blasts generic filters out of the water.

My only minor suggestion is to implement a custom icon over the standard Unity one.

These are just my first impressions, I'm confident this tool will become extremely useful after experimentation.
So yeah, I recommend it a lot. d(^^)

(1 edit)

That means a lot, thank you! d(^^)

I'll add a little warning to the page.
I'm happy to hear the gameplay stands on its own with and without context;
As someone who wants to design games past the language barrier, this is a positive feeling indeed!

Thanks again for playing. Your help, insight and kind words made my whole week! :)

Oh yeah, and you may be happy to hear that I plan to make 4 sequels to this game. :p