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Soul War BattlesView game page

It has girls in it!
Submitted by Roden — 50 minutes, 26 seconds before the deadline
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Game Maker Studio 2

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Interesting battle system. I certainly wasn't expecting that lol!


Thanks for checking it out! :)
An over-eagerness to experiment and a tight deadline can lead to...interesting results. :p

Now that I am abundant of the former and absent of the latter,
my current mission is to connect equally outlandish gameplay styles to a certain NES RPG template
I purchased on this webzone recently. ฅ(・ω ・)ฅ


Haha I'm looking forward to see what you make


This game has some great comedy. I was expecting it to just have girls in it, but there was a lot more. I couldn't even come close to winning any battles after the tutorial, but I really enjoyed the dialogue and art. 

Great work! I'd like to see more of this game with maybe like a super easy baby mode. I'll try the dropbox version later.


Thanks! I'm happy you liked it! d(^^)

The soon-to-be official Dropbox version is a massive improvement. Enjoy! :)


(Chronological order, newest first)
---*!NEW!* --- 
-Added pause feature.
-Accessiblized difficulty.
-Slowed map camera significantly.
-All Animamen are now shown at once.
-Added a new page to explain the gameplay better.
-Help text is easier to read.
-Ending font changed.
-Minor fixes.
-Big Nose.


Rating the game based on Judge categories, just for fun


The core gameplay is basically air hockey, but that is not really the point of this game, I think. This is more like an experience that happens to have air hockey as the base. Even so, I got to say that the controls were slightly finicky, but otherwise it is the classic air hockey we all know and love

Moving through the world map felt pretty disorienting at times. I also didn't quite get what my objective was. I tried to play the contest version to be as unbiased as possible (I know there is a new version with clearer instructions). I played a few matches and eventually stopped because I wasn't sure if that was it or not

I liked that you could customize your main character



Now this is the main meat of the game (I think). This is certainly a... weird game. I was kind of "Woah" at the sudden introduction of the magic girls, but I grew to like the zaniness of this game (except for that world map. It is seriously dizzying)

Art was cool although some characters felt like they didn't fit with the rest.  Music and sound effects were cool and complemented the action well

The writing started with a little too much exposition, but the intro to the magical girls was pretty funny, even though I was super confused by that point.

Overall I liked it... but I am still weirded out

[15/20] -> Doubled to 30


I feel players could get driven away by the world map and the general feeling of not knowing what to do once the intro is over. The core gameplay itself could also grow old fast if it stays the same throughout the entire game



As an experience, this is certainly capable of having a strong niche as long as the few issues are polished, but even so, it needs something more to the air hockey mechanic to truly elevate the game as a whole. Without it, most players will see the intro, have a few chuckles, and then probably drop it after a few battles, which would probably be a tragedy since I am sure you have more of that good weirdness going forward


Total: 58/100 (3 Stars)


Thanks for the detailed review! I'm glad you liked the parts I most wanted people to like. :p

The enemies you faced were most likely random encounters.
The people with animal heads are the main bosses, though they only appear one at a time,
and you have to search them out.  Also, the intro has the most exposition by far, 
the rest of the dialogue is lean. I considered making all of the targets visible at once, 
maybe I'll do that after all!

The central gameplay in this demo is only one way to deal with enemies in the intended release,
a long time from now! I probably should've mentioned that somewhere. :p
This was the only system I felt confident to build a game around in a month.
The real gameplay (that is, the violent kind) will be familiar and natural, but having peaceful options like this
gives the game that weight all narrative-obsessed gamers crave. (◕▿◕✿)

I'll take your insights about the map to heart, since that is actually the most crucial feature of this demo,
as far as the end product goes. People can choose to activate Soul War, 
but the map and the player must get along!

As for the weirdness, well...this barely touches the surface. d(^^)

To give you an idea, the women featured are among the most normal ones,
and they make up less than a quarter of the (current) cast.
Honestly, I just lumped them together because of the Magic Girl theme.

This is a huge game, so every bit of help will save me a massive amount of time in the long run.
Thanks again for the feedback!


Hey, if you're still interested in what the game is supposed to be like,
in a world where Red Dead Redemption released a month later,
check out the current version! You'll see the updates in my latest comment.


Actually, I have a list of games from the contest to replay after I rate everything (or voting time runs out). I will certainly add this one!


Awesome! Thanks for the second chance! ^^


Game-play is basically table ice hockey. The game would be easier if it didn't use mouse control at all. 

The theme of the game is "odd", but I like it. It has an over-the-top feel to it. 


I'll keep a keyboard/controller setup in mind, thanks for the feedback!


I did not know what to expect going into this - it certainly wasn't what I got hahaha

This is weirdly charming, but I find the mouse controls reeeeaaaaaaaaally choppy. I started to get the hang of them, but because I only had 1BP by that point, I couldn't survive any fights ^^; I'm just happy to say I scored some goals eventually.

I found it great I got to design my own character! The range of bodytypes was nice.

Congrats on finishing your demo and uploading it. This was a unique experience.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked it, and your insight  is most helpful. :)

When you mention the mouse controls, are you talking about the battles? 
Did you make use of the WASD keys? If not, I could see how that could make the gameplay difficult!
It was designed around smashes, after all. ^_^;

Though the battles aren't completely easy even when you know what to do.
I designed the game to be a satisfying challenge, but I want to get it just right.
If the intended gameplay is too hard for the average player, I'll tone it down.

As a general tip, I put enemy encounters on the map as a way to increase bp.
You've probably run into them in your playthrough, but if you didn't beat one then
they're there if you need the point boost.

If you knew about the WASD keys and the encounters, I still figure the game needs an extended tutorial. 
I'm adding that to the checklist for sure!

Again, thank you so much for playing and commenting! It means a lot. d(^^)