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A journey for peace.
Submitted by zDS with 8 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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Ranked 114th with 1 vote

Judge's Choice#9n/a
People's Choice Vote#1141

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    Graphics are custom and they work well together, looking good. The mapping does a good job in conveying size in some areas, whilst others can be a bit confusing, but for the most part it's solid.

    The writing is very well done - both technically and otherwise. The story itself is interesting in that it changes based on the choices you make - sometimes in drastic ways. The characterisation is fairly bare but that's mainly because it feels more like you're playing a documentary than a character-driven game - which is what the game wants you to feel.

    The sound and music is there but it didn't really stand out much. It didn't do anything jarring, though, which was good.

    Gameplay consists of standard jRPG fare - battles, walking and interacting.

    The biggest component of this game is the choices you make and how they affect the game afterwards. You are playing through lives of the Mownt you're in charge of, looking for peace, and the choices are the most important part of the game in that regard.

    Battles are skewed a bit to the harder side of things, but they're winnable and the skills you learn help to get you through them. Some are better than others and some unlock from story choices.

    You can also review old lives and what led to them (some of which can give hints to other lives).

    Running through the lives of a small creature as you watch it die in the pursuit of peace and happiness is pretty engaging. Each life is rather short (some shorter than others), but that shortness makes it less of a pain to restart and choose new, different options to attain that peace.

    The theme of the game is 'seeking peace' and it does well to incorporate that into both the mechanics and written aspects of the game with both choices and the skill abilities/battles.


  • Theme

    Incredibly tough subject matter on the get go. You are a young Mownt ready to be an adult and you already have to be drafted to war against the colonists. Would you find love and still get a family despite the harsh times?  Would you want to fight against the war? Already so many choices and it’s hard to pick.


    The game is pretty much easy with a few strategy. It’s pretty much a standard JRPG and not much to say about it. IT works. The way you decide how to go on with your life also affects this and I like it for that.


    Tight level design, pretty writing, very nice soundtrack and cute custom graphics. The game feel is definitely there. 


    I wanted to give my Mownt a happy ending. There’s a lot of motivation and great pacing behind it.

    Total – 72/80

  • 42/80

    Game freezes if you try to talk to the enlister from the wrong angle. No reason for the extra save points when you can save at any time. Some endings are much easier to get early on than others and other ending help a lot more than others.

    The ending just made all my effort feel pointless. Certain areas can force a complete restart (lose all progress) due to having no access to an escape node and being forced to battle, potentially leading to a forced game over.

  • Well, I didn’t expect a game about a little bug to be so existentially terrifying. This was a very efficient game, no filler or unnecessary features. The short length of the lives really draws the player in and I didn’t stop until I had gotten all the endings. Battles were well-balanced although the longer ones could get tedious. I’m not sure the final scene was as uplifting as it was intended to be, the futility was still kind of disturbing. In that way, it’s very 2017. Really creative and interesting work.

    Score: 59/80

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RPG Maker VX Ace

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Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

This was an interesting game. There was a lot of choices and multiple endings, so it really felt like you were in control of your fate.

The graphics were all solid, and the world was well built and believable. However, I found it kind of depressing to play, even when things were going well. Although I understand the last ending, it made me feel hopeless.

Turn based battles aren't my thing, though I found most of them to be fine apart from the Clinger (didn't realised until later that that choice can be jumped to- might want to mention that), and the Clingers army which felt like it went on forever. Some of the skills effects went right past me, so I wasn't always sure what states actually meant.

Don't know if it was intentional, but you can't actually escape battles (even when the option is avaliable), the party menu vanished whenever I tried to click it.

Did notice two random small bugs, one after the first fight with the Clinger where the '-3' was persisting on screen until the next battle, and on random occasions the save menu would be obstructed by a black box (though it still worked.)

It took me 1:14 to finish which is a little over the judges hour, but the game did drive me to want to continue on and see all of the endings. I especially liked the way you earned experience from each attempt. Good job! :)

P.S: I'd recommend adding more of a description to your game page- even if it's only short. Knowing more about the game might help convince more people to try it as opposed to them downloading it solely from curiosity. 


I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I was planning on adding to the description but I've been mega busy with life and honestly a bit afraid to make a mistake and get in trouble while editing the page haha.

About running away, I'm sorry the Party Member screen shows at all! We didn't have time to figure out how to fully disable it. The option to Run is called Avoid and can be accessed on the normal command section. You have to scroll down past the ones that are shown (again sorry, we didn't have time to fix the UI to how we wanted to.)

I will definitely update it to where the ailments are better described in the future, may have helped you in the Clinger fights haha.

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

How come this doesn't have any comments?

This was a great game! Before I knew it, I was clearing the last "peace" ending! Very solid entry! It's on my top for sure :)

Good luck!


Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it!