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What happens when a gamer is made to play bad games? Find out here!
Submitted by AI Sin (@SinNoAria) — 31 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#2971.0101.167

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
SinNoAria, Himesaur

RPG Maker MV

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Are you implying all the other people who made games in the jam's games are bad? Yes some seem 18+ but really?

DeveloperSubmitted (2 edits)

All the other? No, I'm implying that everyone, including my own, have mistakes. I ended up having less time than expected due to some issues popping up, but basically the idea was to take several themes of "common mistakes" and blow them up so over the top that it would be obvious that it was satire in nature.

Originally, it was supposed to have several themes:

  1. Not giving enough information for the player to complete the objective.
  2. Object Collision, Permitted Movement settings, and event initialization
  3. Excessive use of darkness without consideration for gameplay
  4. Cutting the content in the middle of an event/quest. (not finishing)
  5. Excessive text dumps
  6. Puzzles with excessively slow movement
  7. RNG based success
  8. Bad mapping (Peer Review was going to be the target here)
  9. ???

I actually enjoyed playing the bad games but once it was just words and no longer seeing the games it just felt mean.


Fair enough. I might go ahead and break the one day rule and add the rest in.


I look at the date when you publish/update the game and it was before the jam even started. I do not think you can enter, the whole game was done before the jam. You should have started from nothing, small parts like art, coding and music were allowed but you just straight out enter an entire game before the jam started.

DeveloperSubmitted (7 edits)

I think you might not realize the duration of the contest. I made it the DAY that the jam started. 31 days in October and the event ends a little before midnight on the final day, but started midnight on the first day so in total, you have 32 days. (technically 31 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes, and 59 seconds). Aka. I made this in about 8 hours (minus the assets, which were for my 2017 entry post contest version.

(This was sort of a challenge from the 2017 discord channel to try to make a game on the first day of the contest).


well the judges will look into it, they were very strict about it.


I know. If anyone would know, I would. I am VERY familiar with the rules. I know there are two people that managed to legitimately submit before me.


Once the contest is completely over and we can update again, I'll be remaking this how it should have been. I hope you'll give it another try then.

Is this a troll game?


Nope. Serious educational game.

You have a whole month ^_^ I suggest you use it all