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maze. (PPT Maze Game)View game page

maze-The most powerful powerpoint maze game ever made.
Submitted by NaxzedYT — 28 days, 12 hours before the deadline

Play maze.

maze. (PPT Maze Game)'s page


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People's Choice Vote#1732.0002.000

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

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I'm making the game into an exe file!


Even without playing it, I'll be giving it a good rating because I kind of have been in your position.

Making powerpoint games can be fun or kind of stupid, depending on how you want to make the game, but in the end, the entertainment value is what matters.

(Side note: Please do check out "The ShopKeeper's Secret" made by yours truly, and rate it if you were entertained at the very least. This is a shameless promotion so you can choose to ignore this part.)

If this does get high points from the judges, I congratulate you. Your work has been appreciated.

Well, whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck.


Pretty unique way of playing a game, I must say. Classic "don't touch the edges" maze game with a couple of bugs that do not hurt the game too much in the end. It even features an old-school jumpscare! (good thing it wasn't too loud/scary. I am not good with those kind of things). Fun short game. A pain to install though


Definitely the best powerpoint presentation ever. Also, no other game in the Jam has given me more fonts to use, added bonus. I'd say you have a lot going for you. Was not a fan of the music for the first 8 levels, but I liked the level 9 music. Other than that, good job on the unique strangeness and creativity of making a game with powerpoint!


It's creative, fun, and amazing. The sheer idea of it and the concept is fresh take on gaming world and the definition of gaming itself. I don't know the legality or your chance of winning but all I can say is this, never stop making this kind of game.

maybe I am still new and naive, but gaming and especially this jam is more about idea. the other comments are almost equal to saying the old games are bad because of the technology and graphics. I will definitely take a look because that is potentially inspiring. 

I am not saying that the game is bad, I am just saying that I was worried that the judges cannot test the game.

- Brent


I don't see any comments saying that old games are bad and definitely not because of graphics. The concern was really more about whether or not the submission would be allowed.

Jam Host(+3)

Don't worry. We'll look at your curious game as well, of course :D

(4 edits)

I am sorry to say, but PowerPoint games are not considered actual games. Not only that, but you are trying to publish a game to Steam made with PowerPoint. I am not trying to discourage you, but you are in bad luck in this type of jam. It's like sending a game made with OWL. Also, this is not technically a Windows application, so the judges might not be able to test the game.

- Brent

EDIT: The judges gave you a chance! Good luck! :D

Submitted (1 edit)  Well, they did say ANY engine...  I don't think this is what they had in mind though... Nick confirmed it. Long as it runs as a windows executable, it is good so...

(2 edits)

Ah. I see. He could problably make a PowerPoint wrapper using something like WinForms. It's not really a Windows executable in it's current state, but I could mock one up for the dev.

- Brent

Edit: I need to have PowerPoint, which costs money, to convert it, unless if I rewrite the entire program. Great job Microsoft...


I don't think people will even bother to look at this :/


Actually I think lots of people will play it out of curiosity.  I don’t know about your chances of winning but a PPT maze IS creative. :D