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Submitted by ScreenFaulty — 15 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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This wasn't annoying, I actually dozed off and woke by battle theme. XD For the next times I put a box on the mouse botton and went to do some other things. XD


Thanks for playing this game!

I see you had trouble with the "boss fight" that takes place at the end of the game.

My tip is to constantly use "Heroes' Bane" whenever possible. It greatly increases your chance of survival.

To be honest, the blank characters (blank slates) were not actually supposed to be there, but I did not get to check that part so it also improves survival rate.

The boss' health is 10000, and constantly using "Heroes' Bane" and "Double Attack" (In 'Special' menu) will get you the win.

It might take a couple of times to complete, though.

For the "Shopkeeper's Coupon" that you got, it's a way to be able to skip the more-or-less 5-minute thing at a 10% chance.

In easy mode, you can pretty much use the save system (Talk to the skeleton to get it) to exploit the coupon. 

For getting the coupon in Hard mode (irrelevant if you already finished the game in easy because it's pretty much the same thing for now), the coupon is between the three pillars on the right side of the door/gate that opens up to the 'castle'. You can 'go under' the middle pillar to get it.

Thanks again for playing!


Well... it was a game. Nothing I haven't seen done better or more interestingly elsewhere. The experience wasn't one I'm willing to replicate, that's for sure. 


That's one way to talk about it, that's for sure.

But I still thank you for playing my game even though it was a bit short.

I think yours is the shortest I probably ever had.

Still, thank you.


This was some avant garde stuff I just played. That, or Andy Kaufmann is back and he's decided to make video games. This game is an... experience... it has some laughs and it has some cries and it's got a lot of weird stuff going on. I have so many questions, like: why do the non-secret shopkeepers have to use those tissues? Who is the skeleton lady? Why is the shop keeper so annoying? Is it purposeful that I can collect infinite coupons? So many questions... I'm not sure how this game could be expanded into a fuller version. I'm not sure I want to know. I'm not entirely convinced that this game isn't actually some sort of scientific experiment. Regardless, I think people need to play this - it doesn't have to take up too much of your time, and I think we may all learn some important life lessons from it.


Thanks for the short comment/review!

Regarding the questions you had,

I have been planning with a friend of mine to make it bigger, with a story being involved in it, making the experience more polished and better than it is right now.

Plans to have more difficulties have also been in my mind, of course, in order to do that, the first two difficulties must be 'nerfed' first in order to provide a better experience for beginners.

If you have any ideas you might want to share that could improve my game, feel free to do so.

Thanks for playing my game!


All reviews must be submitted as a thread in the discussion board on the official page of the game.


Please visit the game page for more information. Or just look down below.


From ScreenFaulty, a game that would be mildly or really annoying for people who are not 'gud' at reading movements. I present to you, "The ShopKeeper's Secret!"

This game was made for IGMC 2018. 

Additional interesting game: If you end up closing the game while you are playing a game with the ShopKeeper, or lose to the final battle, you must go to Discord, create an account if you haven't yet, and message me in private about one of your secrets. It doesn't have to be a really deep secret, just a little secret will be enough. I'm looking at you, IGMC 2018 Judges. (Just kidding, I don't want to stress the judges out.)

Your choice if you want to play this additional game.


Cover art will be uploaded soon.

Hard mode will be uploaded as soon as possible.

This game is annoying.

The ShopKeeper is annoying.

Music is casual because the laptop that I used when making it has broken speakers and I don't have enough resources and time to fix the problem.

Both Easy and Hard mode will have the same boss fight difficulty because it is already hard in itself.

With the game are 3 downloadable pictures of "chibi" drawings I made myself.