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fun and challenging! plus ninjas!

Takes some getting used to, to understand the direction the guns are pointing! Well done, a good challenge!

Cool game, nice and tough!

Thanks! Wait a sec, did you play and not rate it, I still only have 4 ratings :p

Just played yours too, think it has been my favorite so far!

That was a lot of fun! Good music and sound effects, enjoyable and progressing gameplay, good stuff. Made it to wave 40 something, 2345 points, oh yeah!


I got 4 ratings right now, so here's mine:

Pretty fun, though I wish after I died I could restart the battle right away instead of having to go through all the powerups. Good stuff though, a nice challenge!

Very fun, and the music was great!

That was pretty fun and frustrating - would not do for a slice of pizza. But maybe a whole pie.

Oof, fun but brutal - could not get past the 2nd stage, those little guys were too much for me. Miss one spear and you're pretty much doomed! Well done, fun little game!

Here's mine - only 1 rating at the time of this post!

I'll check yours out right now, and go down the list of others posted here!

Ahh haha, I see, that would have made things much easier! Still very nice :)

Nice, I like the way you worked with the theme, very cool!

Note to others: If you hit "ignore" 3 times when the error to play the game comes up, you do actually get to the game.

Fun and original! Can be harsh too (in a good way)!

Very good! Cute, fun, and tough!

Very cool, a good fun challenge!

Very cool aesthetic! Good job!
Dunno if there is an ending, or I am just stuck and don't know what to do, but I opened all the eyes and fed the legs everything in the room and now have no idea what to do, I'm just clicking everything.

I didn't understand wtf to do at first, but eventually figured it out. Does right clicking do anything? It brings up a little aiming reticule, but I couldn't figure out anything to do with it. I just ran around and lined the hunters up to kill one another and then grab their sweet life water. Am I doin' it right?
Good bit of fun!

Oh no, sorry that happened! I am glad you liked it though, thanks for notifying me about this bug, gonna try and fix it up now! Be sure to check out the IndieGoGo Campaign if you haven't already, and yell at everyone you know about it <3

Hey, thanks for playing this and thanks for reporting the bug! I'm so happy you've enjoyed it! I'm still working on this, actually planning on releasing an updated demo sometime later this month (hopefully sooner rather than later, just been busy with life & work stuff) with some more features.  Be sure to follow me so you get notified when the update is released, I have some big plans for it! Thanks again for playing, your comment really picked up my mood :)

Thank you, and thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and reviewing! The video link is broken, but I looked at your youtube and found the Part 2 - I like that you purposely lost the tutorial battle there to find out what would happen in that scenario :) Thanks for the feedback and letting me know about that glitch too! Things are a bit tough and expensive partially as a need to balance things and partially due to the roguelite nature of the game, so that will be better after a few quality updates and additions that I didn't have time to code are added in.

Thank you very much! I am glad you liked it (sorry if it messed up your sleep :p )
And I'm sorry about Leki - I will be adding a casual mode that will remove the perma-death aspect (I'm also thinking I might add some type of resurrect capability later in the game as well, though that's just an idea right now).
I will continue working on this regardless of the Jam results, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates :)

Yes, many! Shortly after the Game Jam is over, I'll have some general updates and additions made to round out the demo and provide more gameplay. Once that foundation is complete, I'll continue working on the main storyline while balancing and polishing up gameplay elements based on player feedback. Expect to see the first update in a few weeks (depending on Game Jam results)

Thanks for playing! I am so glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate the detailed feedback! I will keep everything you said in mind (and yes, you aren't the only one, I will be adding a casual mode without the permadeath :) - sorry about Annie :x ). Definitely expect to see stat progression work much differently - not only for you, but for your students as well! I will also be tweaking the SRD character generator much more, or maybe even making my own if I could devote full-time to it. I have a lot of lofty goals for this, including purchasing upgrades for the dojo, training minigames, randomly generated events/quests for you and your students, and of course more references and easter eggs! So thanks again for playing and giving me your feedback - I'm sure when you play it again after more features have been added and everything has been polished up, you will enjoy it even more :)

Very avant garde game, more of a story really. Left me a bit confused, much like a dream would. I think you did a good job for what you were trying to accomplish, and I'd be interested to see more of the story unfold, as at the "Fin", I just find myself confused, yet wanting to see more. Good job!

I was super confused at first when I kept just crashing before I realize "Blasting" out the "Back" also propels me. With that out of the way, this was very fun and addicting! Add some powerups and leaderboards and you got yourself a great fun timekiller here, good job, keep up the good work!

That was fun, a little confusing at first, and I still don't know what I was supposed to do in level 7 (I feel like the temple is important, but I couldn't figure out how so), but an enjoyable experience, especially level 8. While it was fun for what it is, I don't know if this is a game I would play normally, I feel like it's lacking something... some type of hook to grab me in, or some type of progression to make me feel like I am accomplishing something maybe? Enjoyable and well done, regardless!

Oh ho, I did not... I think I have an idea of how to get it though! I will wait for your extended demo release to play it again and find out, looking forward to it!

Good use of RMMV to tell a story... "Wtf moments", shocks, and twists! I very much want to keep playing (or watching, as it pretty much is like watching a Soap Opera unfold), I hope you keep working on this, I need to find out how the story turns out! Good job!

This is pretty fun and engaging - I like the plot so far, the music is good, combat is solid, the world/maps are very nicely made. Everything is good except for one thing: all the pauses in the text dialogues are super annoying! Every now and again, like after a "..." is okay, but there is a pause after almost every sentence and it drives me nuts - please, either remove the pauses or make it so you can press a button and the rest of the text box fills up with the entire dialogue. I would really like to see more of this game and play more, and should you continue working on this game, I will not be able to play it if all the text is like that! Anyways, despite that rant about the text pauses, very good game, I hope you keep working on it!

I think this was well made, the maps are nice and there is a lot of character... but I don't really know what the game is about yet. I walked around, talked to people, helped someone find her stolen stuff, but what is the main premise of the game (or, the future game that this is a prototype for, rather)? Based on this demo, I would think I am just helping people everyday, but will there be some sort of bonding system, a combat system or a system that utilizes stats in anyway, etc? I guess I just really want to know what IS "Dorm" exactly, ya know? There is a lot of heart and effort into this I can tell, so I hope you are able to answer those questions (not just for me, but for yourself) and take this to the next level! Good job with what you did, and keep up the good work!

The images didn't load, which made things a little hard to follow. At one point, I got the attached error (but was able to ignore it and keep going).

that aside, the story wasn't bad - I would have liked to play chess and beaten some people though!
It's a little hard to rate, considering the visual component is pretty important for a visual novel, but the story and concept seem solid enough, especially if getting the actual chess playing and your performance in said chess games can change the outcome, would be very cool.

whew, that was a lot of exposition at the end there! Alright, first off, gameplay isn't bad, but I began to see fighting the slimes as unnecessary since they don't drop anything or give EXP or anything like that, so after my first encounter with them, I just ran past them all. The battle with boss slime was also a bit too easy, I just needed to stand there and hit z every half second and he couldn't touch me, so it was just a bit tedious. Now, after that... I am intrigued by your story. I think I see where you're going with this world, and the type of zelda-esque style you're going for, and I think it will be really cool. Polish up the combat a bit, add different weapons and such, and I think this could have a lot going for it. I think you did cool things with the Godot Engine and could really flesh this out, so good job for a prototype! Keep up the good work!

So I'm not really sure what to do next... Fought the mage in the Factory, got the organs, and... there is nothing else to do? I checked all around the city, that seems to be it for now? Let me know if I missed something.
My thoughts from what I played: the Plot is intriguing - I'd like to see more of this world and what's going on in it and learn about these characters. The combat is very bland, typical JRPG hack n' heal type - which isn't necessarily bad, especially at higher levels, but when you're only level 1 and 2 there isn't much strategy for combat. The game could benefit from a combat mechanic that helps it stand out from other JRPGs (what that mechanic may be, I haven't a clue). Good work overall, and good luck expanding upon this!