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Well, for me, is better the full game than only a demo.

Ugh, the tension for waiting of this.

Do you have Discord account?

Sorry, My bad, havent read carefully.

No, don't be sorry, I just want to know your experience, I'm not judging you or anything :D, have you made a few story with Twine? can you draw?

What engine that you usually work at?

Lol, that's ok. you can always add me at my Discord TheOslaf#4211, So, how much longer it takes to be released? I wanna play it immediately :D

Do you have a example of your story writing? Have you made a game before?

Wow, Can't wait to play this.


What's the engine?

Nice art.

Are you planning to use Construct 3 only?

Thanks :D

Can I see some of your art example?

ah, I see, it's in the top right corner. Thanks Sugar and spice.

How do you see the votes?

:D Thanks for the comment anp test my game.

You do know that we cant PM on dont you? Do you have any Discord id?

With picture?

DStecks is right, your art it's a super duper high quality, I want to take part of this too, but I can't do TyranoBuilder or RenPy, I just started learning Fungus though, quick question, how long have you been drawing? and, you also handle the script do you? I mean, the main story, conversation and all?

Nice, fun, cool game. It's always fun watching the ball bounce around and see different result everytime. I just hope there will be more level in the future.

Your welcome, and I can't wait for the updates. :D

Great game, fun and daring. I know I haven't play much RPG maker game, but I think that the character maker are unique feature for this game, I really like it so much, especially there is a tail and wing option for your character. The idea for running a Dojo is fun too, and there is a little farming simulation which is more fun. I also like the humor in it, such as the Hanry Pooter book :D, the downsize is that the clock is sometimes doesn't fit for the situation, I mean, when I go to the town to buy something, it's already dark, and I have to walk around waiting until morning, maybe if there is a option to "wait" a few hour, but it's just a minor thing, The battle is fun too, I really like a battle that involving player when the attack happen, and so do skill and when defending, it make the battle more interactive, but the circle bar is a little too fast for me, I want to do a low attack, but fail a few times, I know that with time I will get used to it, but still, if it was a little slower, maybe it will be easier, but that just me. All and all, it's very entertaining and fun game, I hope you will develop this game even further, and I say, just play it and it all will make SENSEI.

Thank you so much for your compliment and comment and to try my game :D , actually I have big plan for this game and a lot like what you say, but I am limited to the time constraint unfortunately. 

Aw, that's too bad, I can't code with RPG Maker.

What is the engine?

Three thumbs up for this game.

No problem at all, the game is still fun to play though.

Sorry, it's my bad, I look at it in a hurry and only download the exe, the game is working well. The idea is there and also the artwork, but the control is very clunky and I don't know why we can't use the mouse to look around, only by using Q and E keyboard button, it make the double jump obstacle very hard.

Great, creative concept and idea.

Loves the graphic and art, this is great concept and gameplay.