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[Unity] [Programmer][Writer]Creating a Team

A topic by FaunGirl created 12 days ago Views: 153 Replies: 6
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Hello everyone!

I'm a professional artist/illustrator, working with animations also. My general interest is drawing comics but I've been working on some game project too. Now I'm trying to develop my own game but learning programming takes too much time so I decided to find people to create a geme-dev team to bring my ideas to life.

I have some projects in mind. Actually I'm looking mostly for a programmer but any help matters.
So if you have skills I'm looking for or just want to talk, share ideas or suggest something, feel free to contact me.

I'm looking for:

- programmer (Unity or any engine that allows to make 2D games as platformers, point-and-click, adventures and etc)
- writer; native english (as you notice english is not my native language so I'm looking for a persons who have skills in writing to fix mistakes and help me with dialogues and etc)
- music/sound editor/voice acting

This is non-commercial offer. I can help you with your projects or make some art for you instead. But I have in mind to set-up patreon for our future game-team and make commercial games. I have a lot of ideas and a huge potential. Drop me a message if you are inetersted.

My Discord: RichiHart#7375

Examples of art:

Nice art.

Hey, im currently looking for projects and talented people to work with to gain experience and better my abilities, i would be interested in hearing one of your ideas and hopefully see if we could work together. Most of what i have done so far i have not documented fair warning.

Hi, I'm interested in working with you as a writer/editor if you're still looking for team members. I sent you a request on discord with the same username I use here. 

Hey,I'm interested in working with you as Programmer.I have worked with unity for last couple of months and made some decent games.So is there anything for me in your project,I have also sent you a request on discord hAsH

Hey! I'm a composer / sound designer, I would love to know more about your projects :) just sent you a request on Discord.

Hi there! 

I'm a composer/sound designer as well. You can listen to a few of my demos here:

Here's my email:

Please email me with any information or questions you may have. I'd love to work with you!

Thank you!


~Final Impact Studios~