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maybe, did you have something in mind?

unity, it's in the title of the post

Yo, im a programmer looking to build experience. I dont have a website yet and have not posted any works of mine yet but im quite good at what i do as far as i can tell. I would prefer small, easy, not over scoped type of projects.  And i will need to see proof of experience, im not going to join just anyone starting out, im offering myself to experienced developers well seasoned in their craft, i know thats a complete 180 from what ive said about myself but still.

Stuff ive done so far but neve actually fininshed : Ive made alot of elements for Rpgs and Shooters, inventories, AI, ive got more stuff im working on like 3d platformer controller, a couple small projects.

Programmer, i added you

Programmer here, if you need semi experienced im your guy.

Hey, im currently looking for projects and talented people to work with to gain experience and better my abilities, i would be interested in hearing one of your ideas and hopefully see if we could work together. Most of what i have done so far i have not documented fair warning.

I dont see why not, we are currently working on a game as of right now, we can talk after that

phoenix#6766   if you want to talk

first we need to talk, add me on discord  phoenix#6766

Heyo jacob, if you want some team experience im trying to build a small team of devs for small fun games. Right now we are working on a top down wave survival game.  If you are interested even just a little bit hit me up

Heyo Luma, If you are still looking for a group hit me up. Trying to build a small team of devs to begin making small to large games. Right now we are working on our first game, a top down wave survival game, more details later.  i only have 2 members including myself but am looking for more

Heyo, if you are still looking for experience, im trying to form a team to build games (obviously) if you want to talk let me know. Currently we are working on a top down wave survival for our first project, shouldnt take too long. Currently have 2 programmers and no artists of any kind just to let you know

we can from now to tuesday if you would like

Discord obviously,     

Well if you got time we can talk later. between now and tuesday .

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Absolutely,  i need a music person in the group without a doubt! Ive got time to talk between now and tuesday

Sorry no reply, I was busy over the semester and kinda jumped the gun. Im working on a project now if you happen to be available to talk

Sorry no reply, I was busy over the semester and kinda jumped the gun. Im working on a project now if you happen to be available to talk

what do you use? UNity? gameMaker? unreal?

Hey, Im trying to start making games myself. My Partner and I have been dabbling but now we are ready to make our first small game. Its just a top down Survival game. The art would be simple shapes with different characteristics. If you want to get into game development why not learn with my group and as an added bonus the art we need for this game isnt even difficult its just we are programmers ....  we dont art properly.  :p

Would love to hear a reply,  but ofc just so we are clear, this would be free, if the game made any pennies i would split it evenly as of now.

Ps I like your work so far.

right now we are working on  a top down shooter

what do you know how to do?   mechanics? art? shaders? Ai?  Im not asking if you are god like. i just want to see your skill set

talk to me if you are still interested

Great let me know when you can talk so we can see if this will work out

Depends.   what can you do

Still interested?

Hi, my name is phoenix, i am well versed in the unity editor and c#. I primarily make 3d fps type games but never actually have stuff to show, If you are interested maybe we can talk.

hmm, what games? I havent actually decided, I have a few ideas but im still thinking them over. Ive primarily done first person shooters, My games are usually 3d . If anyone is still interested hit me up and we can talk

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Hi, We are looking to build our company from the ground up with a squad of beginners.  First Few Projects Wont Be paying yet till a revenue or something is established, currently trying to build a reputation So if you are looking for experience Come here.     

So far We only Have 2 Developers well Versed with Unity, C# and Ai.

We are looking to fill the space with 3 other types of people :  

2d Artsist

3d Artist


Programmers if needed   (C#    and we use Unity)

Open applications and proof of experience,  Like you know what you are doing and have proof of effort.  It may be open but Will Still be very Selective

Reply Down Below if interested.

(i know i know, not professional or have any proof  of work but if you are willing to take the chance reply down below)

I dont know how to pm in itchio but yea sure we can talk about your project.     Here is the link to our discord, leave a message in the sidechat and ill try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Just a Novice Unity Programmer. Skills are as listed :  C#, Ai, and Ui.  I am looking to build experience and am looking for anything if you need help. Not looking for pay, just experience and a chance to network and build a portfolio. Im more suited towards 3d works and dabble 2d, can do both.  My Requirements are as follows : No portfolio required, Must have the idea of the game Written down and a clear picture of what you want. Keep the scope manageable. Ill negotiate with whoever is interested.      

thank you, didnt know, hopefully i can fix it