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[2D ARTIST] free or paid

A topic by cedes created May 13, 2018 Views: 558 Replies: 17
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Hello everyone, I'm cedes, and I do 2d artwork of characters, some concepts and the like. I'm looking for a cool project to help move along, free or paid (for free I will pickier and the game has to fit my interests, like fantasy and medieval type things!). 

I have an unfinished gallery link here, and my other websites : dAtumblr

I have been trying to get into helping a game going for a while now, and something always pops up, so I'm looking now! I can communicate through discord(cedes#4649) or email, or here too I suppose.


Yes There Are many who will love your Art

Thank you so much!

Nice artwork ^^, how many time takes for you to do one of these?


About an hour or so, depending on the design of the character or pose needed!

you do pixel art too?

Ah no, I've never been too into pixel art sorry

Hey, I am currently working on a MMO. You can find it here . Your art has a really fun style and I would love an artist to help me with art for my game. Feel free to shoot me a pm if my game peaks your interest. You can add me on Discord as well  zarz#5604

Hey, Im trying to start making games myself. My Partner and I have been dabbling but now we are ready to make our first small game. Its just a top down Survival game. The art would be simple shapes with different characteristics. If you want to get into game development why not learn with my group and as an added bonus the art we need for this game isnt even difficult its just we are programmers ....  we dont art properly.  :p

Would love to hear a reply,  but ofc just so we are clear, this would be free, if the game made any pennies i would split it evenly as of now.

Ps I like your work so far.

hey want to make a collab game with my group some day????

I dont see why not, we are currently working on a game as of right now, we can talk after that

we are to see you then

I really like your style, especially this one has so much character:

My team and I are currently developing a website-based 2D world-building RPG and still need a talented creature designer (and other 2D artists). The style would be cell-shaded pixelart much like the image of yours shown above but with slight chibi (larger heads) style. It would be a paid commission as well. Our recruiting thread can be found here and also shows one of our avatars for style reference:

This is a project in the early stages of development but we have a background in design, programming and story-telling and know what we are doing so it could be a good way to get your name out there when it opens to the public.

Please send me a message or reply to the recruiting thread if you are interested or have any questions :)

Sending out responses! Thank you for posting everyone!

your work is amazing, it got some character and vibes to it. I'm a beginner game developer, i'm using construct 2 and still learning to get better, if you have a game idea, or just want to make some character or any other thing, just contact me. Thanks.


I'm looking for an artist who would be interesting in starting a new project with me. I've not come up with any ideas as of yet as in a small team i feel like everyone should have a say in what the games like so were both just as passionate about it. If you're interesting send me an email at

Hi, I love your use of color, it reminds me of the Dragon Age game series. I am starting a team to make a Dragon Age fangame. It wouldn't be paid, but it seems like it conforms to your interests.

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hey dose a planet traveling doge on 2 legs using swords and bows (maybe shields!) to fight monsters and bosses for all doge kind sound like fantasy in your mind and thoughts? if so contact us at well talk in the main channe

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