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ReKuZa Studio

A member registered Apr 25, 2018

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Like APK html exe 

(Html will be great)

Comment Here the features!!!

Good! Love to play! I think it is only half version?

Sorry! The File was deleted Please Recheck For Downloads!

Sorry! The File was deleted Please Recheck For Downloads!

More Info Get Here!

I want , I'm looking for a Collab do you have Discord ? I'm making a game I will share idea with you come in bitsy discord



on click on a input like forward , enter , left , right in keyboard

Good Job Bro! 

Hello Guys I'm Zek i learn codes and codes I do study more than developing things

My Favourite Language

Java and JavaScript

Studio Name

ReKuZa Studio

Tool Name

Sprite Editor

I'm an Java , JavaScript , Html Learner I want to create things and make powerful systems with codes not 

Great , I'm Zek I know only Java , Html , JavaScript , I know python but not properly , you can make a AI system through variables , Like 

onclick move-right

var move = 1

if move == 1


Code For moving your Object

onclick move-left

var move =2

if move == 2

Code for moving your Object

Sorry for coding Roughly

Goood! Lovely game , I like the genre

Any way to contact you , email or discord?



I would Love to buy but not enough lol money

Yes There Are many who will love your Art

Download It Here!

Hello guys this is From ReKuZa Studio , And I want to introduce u something that is easy and free you can make retro sprites and export to PNG , JPEG and we have also Introduced Recently Color By Code You Can make Sprites Easily!

So Guys This will good for INDIE DEVS and i would love to help Devs like me , 

See Our New  And Big Update!

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Studio Name: ReKuZa Studio

Name Of Game: Sprite Editor

Quick Bio of Game: This is an Free and Open Source 2D Sprite Maker for Indie Devs Like Us and This will empower them I've introduced many Ways to Sprite Editor and it's very simple and lite to use you can create 2D sprites for Anything We will not take royalty

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: 2,3 Weeks It's Under Development and recently I made a new update powered

Why you became a game developer in the first place: Because I like Gaming And I believe I can make Open World Games but I prefer now To Make Simple games

Hello This is Zek From ReKuZa Studio

Glad To Meet You guys!

This was my first release

And our Sprite Maker (Sprite Editor) Is Under Development So You can use the current Functions

We Need Support! THANKS

Found a Problem?

Check Out!

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