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[Rev Share] [Artist + Programmer] Jack-Of-All-Trades Looking to Build THE Dream Team

A topic by I_Am_Quentin created Jan 02, 2018 Views: 278 Replies: 2
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Hello & Welcome!

My name is Quentin, and I am a 25yr old Game Designer and Graphic Artist of almost 5 years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design and I am currently working for Starcat Games as a production artist. I have experience in many aspects of game development (bar audio design), and I am currently seeking two motivated and creative individuals who are not only as passionate as I am for the art of development, but are also interested in (and dedicated to)  building a brand from the ground up.

While most of my schooling centered around the philosophical design principles behind what makes a game "good", I've spent many years sharpening my tools as a developer, to ensure the capability of independent development. I am self-taught in both Art and Programming, and have most of my experience in C#. I would by no means claim mastery of either discipline (though I am more than capable), but as you will see within the examples, my work has a distinguishable character.


We will be growing a business together, and unfortunately (for some), this means that applicants must be over 18 for legal purposes. Additionally, if you are solely looking to grow your experience, then this may not be the best fit for you. We will be exploring the possibilities of using to turn a profit in ways that other marketplaces don't allow. This will involve some experimentation on our part, but this also means that all of us must work towards the same goal.

Artist: "Character", in my opinion, is one of the most important world-building aspects of Game Development. A world with "Character" is that much more memorable, and retains more mind-share. ("Character" being the essence of the Game World ; Not an individual game entity) For the artist position, I am looking for somebody who can produce "Character". If your art has an underlying "style" that is unique to yourself, then you're the kind of person that I'd like to speak to. I should be able to look at your work, and see that it was made by the same person, even if the individual sample pieces are "styled" differently. -- That is the "Character" we need, and it will be a redeeming quality for our Brand. It is your artistic identity made tangible, and it will differentiate us from the rest of the crowd!

Programmer: For the Programmer position, I am looking for somebody with a couple completed projects (or College-level experience), who is familiar with both Unity and C#. Somebody with a background in Physics would be ideal, but that doesn't disqualify anybody who doesn't have that background. For the most part, I must see that you are a more effective programmer than I am, that you are organized, and that you can communicate well. The most important attributes above ALL, are your passion and your loyalty to the team.

What the Heck do I do: By trade, I am a Game Designer (technically), but as stated earlier, I am also a capable artist and programmer as well. I will design and playtest the game mechanics, animate, and program as it is needed. The decision to take it upon myself to learn the other disciplines originates from my previously failed efforts in collaboration. I have had countless projects cancelled because people from other disciplines, who were very integral to the team dynamic, have ghosted on the rest of the team. When you aren't paying for labor, talent isn't all that easy to find, so this would always have a devastating affect on the team. Even a month without an artist can dissolve an entire team if it has a weak foundation. After seeing this happen enough times, I realized that the best decision I could make, was to become even MORE INDIE-pendant, and to learn the various disciplines. Should I ever encounter this issue again, instead of floating adrift, without a paddle, I will carry the burden-of-labor on my back, and drag the remaining team to the finish line. This is the attitude I need from you, and now you understand ^ ^

For all intents and purposes, our Team Dynamic would result in this: 1 Designer, 1.5 Artists, 1.5 Programmers (I am the .5)

This is NOT my company, that you just so happen to work for. This isn't a dictatorship where I tell you what to do because "I'm the game designer". This is a brand ; Our collective brainchild. It will take some time to build it up, but this is about you, just as much as it is about me.

If you are looking for a serious development team, who's goal is to (eventually) MAKE MONEY by selling GREAT EXPERIENCES, then this is likely the team for you. We all want to be Game Dev Rockstars, but it'll never happen unless we make it happen.

Are you ready, too?

Example Work:

Is this all your art? It's some cool stuff, I like your style. I would love to join a team like this but I'm afraid I don't have enough experience for you- although I know a great deal about art (and music), and have taken a few programming classes, I lack any concrete proof of my knowledge. I'm still working on a degree since I'm 21 and can't afford school. If you want to talk about things you can email me at

This is something I would really love to make a future in, I just need to get in the door- if you can help me with that please let me know.



Hi, my name is phoenix, i am well versed in the unity editor and c#. I primarily make 3d fps type games but never actually have stuff to show, If you are interested maybe we can talk.