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[Unity] [Programmer] Unity Programmer Looking for a small Work and build experience

A topic by PhoenixBBO created Dec 14, 2017 Views: 226 Replies: 2
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Just a Novice Unity Programmer. Skills are as listed :  C#, Ai, and Ui.  I am looking to build experience and am looking for anything if you need help. Not looking for pay, just experience and a chance to network and build a portfolio. Im more suited towards 3d works and dabble 2d, can do both.  My Requirements are as follows : No portfolio required, Must have the idea of the game Written down and a clear picture of what you want. Keep the scope manageable. Ill negotiate with whoever is interested.      

Dear PhoenixBBO,

I started working with Unity few weeks ago. Currently I am developing simple games to get experience with the unity engine... but I have some years of experience programming games and also have been working in 2D/3D engine development (C++and C# basically). The current game I am working on is related to the common "Plane fighter arcades" but with some ideas to make them different than usual (i.e. wind effect, map paths, different objectives than destroy everything...). If you are interested in join me, please pm me and we can discuss about it.


I dont know how to pm in itchio but yea sure we can talk about your project.     Here is the link to our discord, leave a message in the sidechat and ill try to get back to you as soon as possible.