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A topic by PhoenixBBO created Jan 05, 2018 Views: 692 Replies: 31
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Hi, We are looking to build our company from the ground up with a squad of beginners.  First Few Projects Wont Be paying yet till a revenue or something is established, currently trying to build a reputation So if you are looking for experience Come here.     

So far We only Have 2 Developers well Versed with Unity, C# and Ai.

We are looking to fill the space with 3 other types of people :  

2d Artsist

3d Artist


Programmers if needed   (C#    and we use Unity)

Open applications and proof of experience,  Like you know what you are doing and have proof of effort.  It may be open but Will Still be very Selective

Reply Down Below if interested.

(i know i know, not professional or have any proof  of work but if you are willing to take the chance reply down below)

Hello i am interested in what games you guys are making

Hello, i'm interested too, i'm a beginner concept artist

Sorry no reply, I was busy over the semester and kinda jumped the gun. Im working on a project now if you happen to be available to talk

beginner gamedev here using c# and unity

Sorry no reply, I was busy over the semester and kinda jumped the gun. Im working on a project now if you happen to be available to talk

hmm, what games? I havent actually decided, I have a few ideas but im still thinking them over. Ive primarily done first person shooters, My games are usually 3d . If anyone is still interested hit me up and we can talk

If you need a marketer on your teem, let me know.
I have experience in Facebook and instagram ads, and I'd love to do marketing for games

Hey! I have been working with unity for about 9 months on tutorials and just recently my own game. I have some experience in 3D modelling with blender, as well as pixel art and c# programming. If you're looking for help with any projects I'd be glad to assist. I'm still new to this industry but I would love to have the experience of working with a team.


Still interested?

Absolutely! I'd be glad to be a part of a team and start new projects.

Great let me know when you can talk so we can see if this will work out

I'm available to talk whenever, man. I'm currently doing contract work but I have plenty of time for a new project.

we can from now to tuesday if you would like

still need help?

Depends.   what can you do


talk to me if you are still interested

idono but what game are you making


but yes i am still intrested

right now we are working on  a top down shooter

what do you know how to do?   mechanics? art? shaders? Ai?  Im not asking if you are god like. i just want to see your skill set

mechanics and very basic ai

what do you use? UNity? gameMaker? unreal?


the thing is im working on a open world top down dungeon game rpg ish

Well if you got time we can talk later. between now and tuesday .

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Absolutely,  i need a music person in the group without a doubt! Ive got time to talk between now and tuesday

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first we need to talk, add me on discord  phoenix#6766

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