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amazing ending

Thanks for inviting me to try your game :)

The house is hella cozy and I would live in it. The nachos were 10/10. I wish I could have visited on a nicer day so we could play some PS3

It has been sent! Congratulations!

This is a really cool fighting game. I spent a lot of time trying to upgrade my stuff. I have a video where I play this game and others from this jam and this one eats like 5 min of the 18 min video lol

I really loved play this game :) I wish it had SFX lol. 

I did play this game for my game jam submission play video if you wanted to check it out :)

Hey I loved this game! It made it into my video for playing the submissions for this jam!

Hey guys,

I've been enjoying playing and rating game jam submissions and making videos out of them. This game jam was no exception!

I played 11 submissions (browser-playable only, sorry!) and made a fun video out of it! Let me know what you think and if my ratings were fair!

You can check the video here:

I’m happy to do it :) 

I made a quick video of playing this game :)

I played it :)

Hey guys I finally got a video out with gameplay of each of the games. I wasn't able to get any footage of Achieve because the browser version is gone and the desktop version wasn't working for me :(

Congrats to Simonian for #1! I can't PM you so can you PM me?

Congrats to Vandervas Generator for #2!

Congrats to Stasis Hero for #3!

which one? Can you drop a link?!

Hey guys,

As some of you may know, I screwed up the original video of myself playing all of your submissions. I do still have the reaction of myself playing each submission. I got a request to upload that video anyway, which was a great idea but it's a fun video!

Below, you'll find the video of me playing your games. I took the liberty of labeling the video sections so you can skip right to your game if you like :)

This sounds like a cool idea! I think I'll do that!

Hey Simonian! The prizes will be made out in Paypal but we can work something out if that method doesn't work for you! I'd like to roll everything out once I have the video ready to go so it's all tied together!

(1 edit)

Hey guys, just some technical issues with the video. There's some delay with getting it finished. I'll have it out soon, I promise! Sorry for the delays yo!

Hey all,

Thanks for participating and submitting your games! I just finished playing and rating them all in a video! I will let you all know once the video has been published on my YouTube channel! It should be ready and live by Saturday, Jan 22 evening!

Hey Simonian! I just finished playing, rating, and recording the video!!

I just have to edit it! It should be out hopefully by saturday night!

there’s a REALLY good discord server for people who want to make clickers.

unity saves the project and all its information in a project file. To export to web, you would use the drop down menu at the top for build settings and you can choose your output to be html5/webgl!

(1 edit)

It has to be runnable in browser from the game’s page. I think this would mean HTML5 or webgl 

no discord at this moment but I can set one up :)

yup just the 1 theme to stick to

Hey  jammers,

In the spirit of being friendly, I think we should all know each other and talk about our projects and submissions.

My name is Reals (my real name is Peter). I’m a husband, a dad, and a hobby game developer. I love making games in Unity and I have a strong preference towards creating sprite art. Maybe just because it’s so easy to make!

I decided to start this game jam while I’m away on vacation (I’m writing this on a beach). The game jam ends when I get back home, where I’ll have an entire week to play and rate all of your awesome submissions!

I really wish I could participate in this myself because I love game jamming. My submission wouldn’t be qualified to win, but I’d want to jump in with you guys anyway. 

If I were to participate, I’d make a simple coin collecting 3D platformer with 3 quick little levels. For the story, I’d probably make it about a baby dinosaur trying to find his mom :(

Anyway, I’ll be recording my first impression and gameplay of each game, which will all be featured in a fun little video with my feedback of your game!

So… who are you?!

no worries! 

thanks for trying it out :)

thanks that’s what I was going for. If you click the egg enough times it hatches. You can tell the pet where to go, too

thanks! This actually did start like cookie clicker but I ended up cloning a game called scrap collector (which is really well made)

yeah he jumps differently when you’re going along a wall. It’s not very obvious but that’s what’s supposed to be happening lol

colliders are my nemesis lol

I think to keep it fair, everyone should only submit 1 game per user ;)

I would have waited for it to load :p

Hey jammers!

My name is Reals and I'll be your host for The Real Friendly Game Jam! It starts this Friday and will last for 8 days. Once submissions are closed, there is a one week voting period.

Each submission must be browser/web-based and will be played and rated publicly in a featured video!

This game jam is open for all skill levels and allows for the use of any engine!

Get the details in the link below. JOIN NOW!

Thanks for joining The Real Friendly Game Jam!

In this thread, you can ask any questions related to the game jam.

Hey, yeah I showed the video to my wife and she said the exact same thing! It was a pretty harsh rating only because I couldn't figure it out. It does seem pretty confusing that you're shown how the black ball needs to reach the flag and then in the second level you just need to get the sticks to the flag, then every other level its the ball again. I've bumped up the rating after trying the game again :)

my high score is 11,400 but you need to buy my ebook to learn how 😂

Hey most of these things are learned the hard way! Seeing someone playtest your game is probably the best way to see what you missed!

Yeah I found that out when I was editing the video LOL. It makes sense

Your game made it into my video where I played and rated each submission :)

It was my pleasure! I genuinely had a great time playing each submission :)

At least you were able to submit it in time! The art style is epic :)