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A member registered Mar 05, 2017

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Hi there!

I could use your skills for a game I'm making! Let's talk.

I was really expecting a sort of "blob" explosion when i killed a slime. Right now, they kinda just stop moving and leave a stain. The "leaving a stain" is a neat feature, but a death animation would be SOOO satisfying!

The game has been prototyped, has sound, and is pretty much in the polishing phase. All the current art is free-to-use assets. All I can offer is credit(and if there is any monetary gain, a fair cut)

The game needs:

-A level

-A "wizard" character with walking/attacking/dying animation

-2-3 enemies, also with walking/attacking/dying animation

-Possibly a small handful of UI icons

I gave it "shot". Really cool concept, really clean looking. One thing that kind of made it hard on the eyes was that the mouse+character moved the camera. It can make a person dizzy very quick!