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Awesome job! I had tons of fun with this!

Hey Guys! It’s been a while, huh?

Well it’s all worth the progress I was able to make last week on Asteroid Demolition Corps. I finally started working on squad commands! It’s not AI…. Not by a long shot, but it’s a cool start and a nice building block moving forward. At the time of this devlog, the player can order two different squad members to move around. It’s a bit inconvenient since the player has to stop fighting to give orders, and wait until they reach their destination before doing anything else, so that needs to be upgraded. You can easily switch between the two members without them conflicting with each other and move them separately. I left off writing a function that would allow me to select the entire squad, but it’s been //commented out for now while I set some sort of minimum distance between them.

Little extra things I did was re-did the muzzle flash and recoil animations, created a cool shooting sfx on Soundforge, added some bullet impact effects (thanks Brackeys!), and started designing some graphics and 3D models for the player, ships, and terrain! All in all, 9 and a half hours of development, half an hour of conceptual design, and 15 minutes on sound forge.

I know it’s just arrogance when I say I can make my game all by myself, but I’m sure I’ll eventually hire someone to do the models. For now they’re just crappy concept pieces in my sketch book, but I’m looking forward to fleshing them out more and return to my blender days.

Anyway guys, I leave you with a cool video and some screen shots of my progress so far. Hopefully I’ll have just enough time to make enough progress to be dev-log worthy next Monday so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Have a great week, play hard, work harder, and I’ll catch you all later!

Noice! Old school, and I had fun playing it! The UZI made it easy until I was escaping with Mjolnir and died a horrible death.

Hey guys! So last week I announced that I’d be getting back to work on ADC during my free time. To be honest these devlogs might just be me procrastinating from my real job, but it will help me stay on track and get as much done possible during the week to show you guys some progress. So last week, with a half an hour here and half an our there, I managed to get well over 3 hours of work done on development, and like 15 minutes of sketching up some gun designs to make in blender.

So for the 3 hours of dev work, I re-did everything I did last week. I realized by moving my character around that I could not add certain body parts to a certain layer I didn’t want the camera to render, because the body is one big mesh (Haha! Get it? Mess = Mesh? … I need friends). So I did something I’ve seen done on some games I’ve worked on as a freelancer. It’s good practice to keep the graphics and the player separate from each other. Have the graphics and the mechanics react to player input in their own separate way. This is what it looks like:


Yeah, I know it’s a little goofy looking, but it works. I’ll eventually add some hands to the player that will only render on his camera, but since graphics aren’t a priority, this will do. I also added some shooting mechanics using raycasts, a muzzle flash to look cool, and a recoil animation to the gun.

Little by little, the player mechanics are going to get more and more complicated, and we’ll be seeing some gameplay very soon (I hope). Anyway guys this was the devlog for this week, devlog #2 for Asteroid Demolition Corps. We got about 5 hours of work into it in the last two weeks so maybe it’s time to burn some midnight oil after work! I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you on Monday!

Hey Guys!

So, as an indie developer would know, we have tons of great games in our minds that we want to make some day. About a year ago I posted a “demo” of one of my dream games on and Gamejolt that I made as a Unity padawan. Since then, this one idea has developed into a whole different game in both style and scale. On paper it looks great and I would love to have the time (and money) to dedicate myself full time to it. But our world is not perfect, and I must work for a living. Now don’t get me wrong! I love my job as a freelance game dev working for a number of companies and individuals alike. The thing is, in order to do what I love in California, I need to work 50-80 hours a week. It’s a butt-kicker for sure, but like I said, I love it.

Last week I decided to push forward and try to get some work done on my game. I’ve had a design document laying around for a few months, so I picked it up and started working on some mechanics. Basically what I worked on was player movement, camera movement, and player aiming (it’s a FPS). I’m not worried about graphics at all since they’re very much in the concept stage.

I timed 2 hours and 21 minutes of work to this point. All my code is from scratch and very messy, the camera clipping is horrendous, and the movement is not smooth at all, but I was really excited to finally see something being done to my game. I’ll keep working on it this week every chance I get and post a new update next Monday. Just some fodder for devlogs but hopefully you guys enjoy it and get inspired to work on your dream projects.

This is just one of many projects I’ve put on paper before and I’m sure to tackle other projects from time to time, but if I can get my game to a Minimum Viable Product in the next few months that would be awesome! There has never been a better time to be a game dev! Wish me luck guys, and I will talk you all next Monday.


Asteroid Demolition Corps Ladies and Gentlemen, after a 4+ month absence (work) from developing our own games, Old Juniper Game Studios prepares to resume development of Asteroid Demolition Corps.  ADC was left off on update 5 "Alien Invasion" where players could engage in epic space battles against endless hordes of enemies. For Update 6 "Westfield Mining", space fighting will only be part of our game. Now you will able to mine huge asteroids for minerals while defending your hard earned loot from rival mining companies and mercenaries. 3 brand new weapons and tools, a new space fighter, a massive new map, and a huge mechanics overhaul is what is ahead of us here at Old Juniper Game Studios. Follow ADC to receive updates on our progress, and check out our Youtube channel for play tests, updates, and release dates. Outer space is a dangerous place to venture out to, but we shall conquer it! One rock (line of code) at a time!

Check out Update 5 and our Update 5 Trailer!

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Check out my game! New Update coming out soon! I'm currently working on implementing some new game modes while perfecting the current space-dog-fights mode. (Unofficial mode name).

Hey there! I'm currently working on the 6th update on my game, "Asteroid Demolition Corps" and it's going to be a big one. If you'd like to check it out here is the link and I hope you have fun playing it.

Really enjoying this game. I'm currently developing a viking game myself (semi-historical rpg) as well as updating my current game. Making games is a ton of work and to see how this game has progressed is amazing to me. Keep up the good work because you got yourself a new fan.

Thanks a lot for clarifying that.

Much better build and a hell of a lot more fun! I have tried to find those Easter Eggs but I just can't find them :'(. I had a lot of fun trying to get to get to the highest ramps (it is challenging) but I defintely got the hold of the controls towards the end. Keep up the good work, man. I'm lookig forward to new updates!

Yes, I'd like to anounce it in Release announcements. My game is playable and currently at it's 5th update. The 6th update is planned to go up 1 month from now. As far as my game, I haven't posted anything about it in the Community Forums since I last updated it over two months ago.

That's the same advice I'm taking.  My game is currently playable and I'm working on it's 6th update. So I'll go ahead and start planning promotion for it.

Hello itch! I'm currently working on an update for my game and I intend to release some time next month. Am I aloud to announce a launch date for the update or do I have to wait until it's completed before I announce it? Obviously, for marketing and promotion reasons, I'd like to build up an audience before I launch, and then continue to work on my game after it's updated. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

A pixel art game about a clown who makes kids cry at their parties while all the other kids laugh at the birthday boy and his mom spanks him for "being a cry-baby" and the "cool kids" get to open the presents while I sob uncontrollably!!!!   ... or something of the sort.

My game "Asteroid Demolition Corps" has done a lot better on itch than on Gamejolt. Granted, it's been on itch a lot longer, but even the feedback I've gotten here has been much more helpful. I recently asked on reddit which one was better and I got mixed responses. In my opinion, post your games here to get feedback from fellow developers and post on Gamejolt to get feedback from a larger audience. 

You had me at Easter eggs XD!

This was actually pretty cool. I kept trying to catch air and flip over lol. So this is a mechanic for a bigger game correct? I would say that the dust particles can be blinding at times but that's an easy fix in Unity. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future updates.

Haha! It's easy to find yourself in that situation. Every time I update my game it almost becomes an obsession to get people to play it and leave feedback. We just got to keep working at it and those dreams will become more and more achievable.

I'm glad you liked it! The 6th update will include a second weapon and some allied AI. The cockpit view is actually a very good idea, and I'll look into implementing that in the future. You have to shoot everything you see lol. The asteroids eventually can be mined for resources and power ups all while holding off the aliens. I'm still figuring out how the mechanics will look like in the end but all the feedback is greatly appreciated. Keep an eye out for ADC Update 6! 

Hey! I'd like to hear what you think of my game. Asteroid Demolition Corps is currently at it's 5th update and I'm  working on the 6th one.  Try it out and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your opinion.

I'm available to talk whenever, man. I'm currently doing contract work but I have plenty of time for a new project.

Absolutely! I'd be glad to be a part of a team and start new projects.

Wow! This was an incredible experience and I haven't even completed all the endings. I hope you have plans for more games like this :)

I really loved this demo! I can see this game going places. Keep up to good work!

Thanks for the input! At the moment the steering and targeting are built together. I could have one be independant of the other but I'm not sure how I would do that without breaking the game. The next update will include a score and level up system, power ups (shields and missiles), and an allied AI that you can call in as you level up (among smaller additions). The space station is mostly a decoration lol, but that will change in the near future! Thanks for playing and keep an eye out for the next update!

That would probably be a good idea!

Thanks for help an noob :D

Sorry about that. :) This is the right one!

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The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!

Alien mining ships have arrived to claim the asteroid fields and only you can stop them. Protect the Earth's claim to the asteroid riches from the new enemy. Take on entire squadrons of alien ships in epic battles around Earth in this 5th update of Asteroid Demolition Corps. 

Old Juniper Game Studios_Joe

- All new alien AI and new enemy models. Engage dozens of ships at once in epic space battles!

- New allied space station model. Protect it from your enemies.

- Hide within the Earth's atmosphere to avoid enemy fire (just don't crash!).

- Upgraded textures on player and space station.

Download and play the game here:

Hey Guys!

My name is Joe, and I'm new to game development. I dream of making the world's best rpg, a ground breaking rts, and a new fps that will blow every other out of the water! Until then, I'll keep learning the ABC's of gamedev. I try to work on my projects everyday and I love the learning process and the hard work it takes to be good at this! I look forward to bringing you guys awesome games and to play your games as well. Happy developing my friends! :)

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Old Juniper Game Studios presents our latest project. Asteroid Demolition Corps V.0.4 "Mechanics Overhaul", and the start of what ADC is meant to be goes live!

A major change in game-play, scope, and the potential of ADC is what this update is all about. Full control and mobility of your ship, large open space for asteroid destruction, and large scale space battles is what to expect. So start your space fighter and prepare for the defense of earth. We are all counting on you.

- Game Mechanics:

                - Complete and total movement and shooting overhaul. Take full control of your space fighter   and destroy asteroids.

                - Upgraded asteroid spawn system. Deal with multiple spawn points around the map.

- SFX and Music:

                - New in-game music made with Rytmik Ultimate.

- Game UI:

                - Updated all UI and fonts.

                - New targeting reticule.

- New Additions:

                - Updated bullets. Faster, more accurate rounds.

                - New Earth model. Destroy asteroids just outside the Earth's atmosphere.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Old Juniper Game Studios is very eager to hear what you have to say about our game. The good, the bad, and even the ugly is incredibly appreciated. Let us know what you'd like to see in ADC, what you don't want to see, and what we can do to make this game better. Thank you for your support and keep on gaming!

Download and play it here!

Pretty cool clicker game. I've always liked clicker games on both mobile and PC. It is a bit of grind to get the initial upgrades but it works nicely as time goes on. And then... karma!! Well done!

Hey! I have been working with unity for about 9 months on tutorials and just recently my own game. I have some experience in 3D modelling with blender, as well as pixel art and c# programming. If you're looking for help with any projects I'd be glad to assist. I'm still new to this industry but I would love to have the experience of working with a team.

Hello! I've been working on simple projects for a while and I've always worked on my on. To be honest, I would love to be a part of a team! I've worked with pixel art, c#, arcade style games, and a little 3D modelling.  I've only been involved with game development for a year but I'm looking for experience and I'm quite good at it.

Haha! This was actually kind of fun! I never really played any Mario games so this was new to me. You do get to a point where you just fly off the map and have no way of getting back unless you refresh the game but to be honest, it was fun.  Nice job!

Simple but fun! The art is great and the style fits an old school space shooter. I really liked it.

That actually looks really good. What game engine are you using?

Thanks! A lot of work done and evem more to go.