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[Game Tester] Willing to test and/or comment on your game for free

A topic by TheOslaf created Jun 05, 2018 Views: 434 Replies: 35
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Hi, if you looking for someone to test and/or to comment on your game, or just wanted your game to be played by someone, contact me, i'm willing to give some ideas or suggestion too, but i cant be too technical about it. Mind you that i'm not a casual games, you can say that i'm a Hardcore gamer. So my opinion is not a casual gamer perspective. Thanks.

I'd love to see what you say about my basic game :D. It's called The Potion. I have a more in depth game in the works, but I figured you'd like a task for the time being.


Hi PixelGamerDev, i've played The Potion, I don't mind casual, medium or complicated game, to me all the aspect i'm looking for in a game boil down to one word: Fun. If it's fun, i'll played it endlessly, even after many year later . Now, with the potion i'm intrigued with the graphic, in one hand it's a unique take on game graphic, it's one tone, but not black and white. On long run it's good, because it doesn't make my eye hurt, but in other hand, it's kinda boring with the color, especially when in the future, i imagined that it will have some good scenery including castle and such, but it's a shame if it was just one tone color. The sound effect is good, so is the music. The gameplay are functional, all the attack, defend, magic and other thing works, but the game is screaming for good story and character, in case you wanted further developed it. Overall it's a good First Game, Can't wait to see your "Card Game". that's it from me, bye, See you in the flip side.

Thank you so much for the feedback. It really helps a lot. In future games I'll be sure to add more scenery and colors to be more appealing. The card game is on its way.

I would be honored, if you play-tested my game  and gave me your opinion!

Thanks a lot!

Well, the Honor is mine criacuervos, i've played the Blood Fountain, and my opinion is this: At first sight it think it will be a scary horror game, because the title include the word blood on it. And the graphic from the screenshot i see is pointing to a horror game. And at the opening, there is a dog barking sound, but there is no dog to be found. But after i played it i think the your concept is a Horror-Comedy game, forgive me if it's wrong, because at the first and second level i play, it's a Pink Panther theme playing on the background. So the scary part are gone for me, puff! replaced by a fun atmosphere, i've played it several time trying to get through all the level, but it's too tough for me. I always ended dead in fourth level, the dark level where you have to memorize your way at the beginning, and the field of view is limited. (I swear, that skeleton have vendetta on me). Overall, it's still a good game, the control are in correct order, there is sound when you interact with stuff around you, and BGM all the way, the concept is good, you show that you can make A.I behaviour in different way, you can make player view limited in the dark level, and i like the stone you have to push in the beginning in the second level. Thanks for choosing me to give your game my opinion. I hope it will help you somehow.

Hi TheOslaf,

many thanks for playing my game and for the sound review! You are right, it is not and was never intended as a horror game, despite the name. It's more of a parody and it's meant to be fun. The dark level is a nightmare even for me, the little ghost outwits me more often than not, but there is a  little cheat, that can come in handy, when you're fed up with the little scoundrel:  press control + N (next), and if you want to go back press control+P (previous). It's a developer's tool, but I left it in the game deliberately, for testing and for hard moments. Give it a try, if you want, so you can see the whole game. This was my very first game and I made it with an old version of Game Maker (8.1) that is no longer available on the market, so it has many flaws and ingenuity (my game design, not the engine who still works perfectly). 

I don't know if you like RPGs. In case you do, I'd like to give you this free download key for my second game Moonstone Deep, just to have fun with story and gameplay, no obligations. It's good for 2 downloads.

Thank you very much. I like your reviews and have marked your thread, so I can read them. Keep up your good work and have a nice day!

Criacuervos, thank you so much for your gift, there is no single game genre that i dont like, i'm very pleased. I instantly download Moonstone Deep at the first chance i had, and also, i revisited the Blood Fountains and use the developer tool you told me. I have ride the tank, save the princess (well, sort of), listen to The Flinstone song, also the Celine Dion - To Love You More midi :D, The most interesting part in Blood Fountains turn out to be, in my opinion, is the choice, either you save the princess or kill the evil sorcerer, most of the time the path is Linear, and also there is a little (the water and the stone) puzzle beside action. 

Now, for Moonstone Deep, i still just played it for a while, i think it is your trademark to combine 2D ad 3D sprites, like the guard and the tank in Blood Fountains, In here, i'm yearning to see all sprites to be a 3D one, the combined 2D background and 3D character is good, but the present of a 2D char is kinda obstruct the vibe for me. The story, the sound and music is interesting enough for me to keep playing, even i just played for a while, i sense like i'm adventuring in one of Dungeon and Dragon campaign, the banter between the elf and the dwarf is entertaining to listen and follow. I keep imagining it is Gimli and Legolas from Lord of The Rings. In this point, i still leveling up my party to defeat those rats in the mine. :)

Once again, thanks a lot for the gift Criacuervos, it mean a lot for me. Keep up making good games, and hopefully we can always keep in touch. 

Hi TheOslaf, 

thank you so much for your kind words! I'm very happy that you like the games, and that you gave me precious feedback, it means a lot to me! I too would like to keep in touch to discuss games; you can find me at (when you have time and feel up to it, no stress). So we can discuss the 3D/2D sprites matter without boring the other players ...   Once again, many thanks, have fun in Moonstone, and, as Geralt would say: Take care!

P.S. Try killing the evil sorcerer and rescuing the princess. It's possible!

Alright, i will try to killing the evil sorcerer and rescuing the princess :D, my discord is TheOslaf#4211 by the way, if you're using Discord. Cheers.

Hey! I'd like to hear what you think of my game. Asteroid Demolition Corps is currently at it's 5th update and I'm  working on the 6th one.  Try it out and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your opinion.

Hi, just played your game, Asteroid Demolition Corps, i like it and can't wait for it to become a full game. It kinda remind me of an old game i've played, Bang! Gunship elite. The control is responsive, the background setting is good, a view from the cockpit would be nice, and a second type of gun wouldn't hurt i guess, like homing missile or something else. But, something that i don't understand is did i shoot on the enemy ship or the asteroids, because the title is Asteroid Demolition Corps, but than there is enemy spaceship. All and all can't wait to see the final product. Toodaloo.

I'm glad you liked it! The 6th update will include a second weapon and some allied AI. The cockpit view is actually a very good idea, and I'll look into implementing that in the future. You have to shoot everything you see lol. The asteroids eventually can be mined for resources and power ups all while holding off the aliens. I'm still figuring out how the mechanics will look like in the end but all the feedback is greatly appreciated. Keep an eye out for ADC Update 6! 

Well that's excited me even more, i like upgrading and mining for something, can't wait for the next update.  :D

Hi TheOslaf,

I released my second game last week on It's called The Cartographer's Tale, I made the game entirely by myself in 11 days. All 3d models, 2d art, textures, sound effects, music, programming, writing, and narration were created/handled entirely by me. Would love to hear your thoughts on the game.


Gary The Bard

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Hello Gary, You sure you made the game in 11 days? For game like this i think usually it will take a month or so, this is a good game for 11 days in the making, i like the idea of exploring in the dark as well as the light mechanism, but most of all that ghastly, haunting, daunting background music is amazing, it's the right stuff for the game, the music make that myterious and dark feeling all around this game. The mural is a good way to tell the in depth story, even after i finished the game i still raking my mind for the meaning of all the mural, i always feel it have hidden, deeper story in it. The exploring through the dark is excelent, the light of the Mural in the dark is pretty sight to look at. My main concern is this, i don't know that i have the ability to light up a fire for myself, by pressing the F or Shift. but even i can finished the game without that, Maybe i just started the game too quickly, i know that there is there in the start menu before i start the game, but put a little control tutorial in the beginning of the game wouldn't hurt iguess. :D

For what is worth, i played your other game Half Empty Game, and i liked it soo much, soo much more than The Cartographer's Tale, it like out of the box game, it switch between 2D and 3D along the game, and there is code in the background in the game and many other thing that is like an art in itself. I know it's not a fair judgement, considering i don't know how long you take to make Half Empty Game. But i wish you make more game like that, it's like it is your characteristics, to have an in depth meaning, hiding in plain sight. Just like The Cartographer's Tale. 

Overall, i wish you continue to give The Cartographer's Tale more level and/or story so it can be a longer game.

P.S: i really like your music, especially in orcherstral category, i think they are perfect for making an RPG and Dungeon and Dragon game. Peace.

Hi TheOslaf! Thank you very much for the very kind words! I'm really glad that you enjoyed my works!

Yes, I completed The Cartographer's Tale in 11 days. There were a VERY small amount of assets that I had created for other projects that found their way here, but the  game concept, core gameplay, and the vast majority of the assets were created in 11 days. I think adding a control tutorial is definitely a great suggestion; I had another friend who also didn't know that he had a light ability. I wrestled with the idea of adding that, but I'm a huge fan of Dark Souls - which tends to leave things unexplained and I like giving players an opportunity to learn on their own, as I feel like this may encourage multiple playthroughs. 

I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed Half Empty - I've been planning to upload that game to That was my very first full game, and it's very personal to me, so it's really exciting to hear that is resonated with you. I created Half Empty for my Senior Project in school. Although that game is very short too, it took me 4 months to make! It took me 4 months, because I was still wrapping my head around game design/programming/graphics, and I was taking a total of 5 classes, while working full time, and traveling the world for my job. It was a VERY hectic time.

I definitely have plans to make more games like Half Empty, but eventually I want to make some full-length RPGs or VR games. I've got my next couple of games planned out, and a few rough prototypes in production, so hopefully I can dedicate some time to completing another game soon. I really appreciate your comments on my music too!

A thousand thanks for taking the time to play Cartographer's Tale, exploring my other works, and providing your feedback. I'm humbled and flattered by your words. Let's keep in touch and I hope to hear your thoughts on my future games!

Do you have any games that you're working on?


Gary The Bard

I not doing any project at the moment, and i looking foward to play your RPG game. Don't forget to give me news when your game is out :)

I made a game last semester and improved on it this summer. I'd like if someone could give me feedback. Here's a link:

Hello Mutant Llama, i've played your game Rooms 2 and i've tried rooms, right of the bat it taking me to my nostalgia avenue when i was playing Zork and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it's a relieve to see someone still have the interest to developing this kind of game, what i like the most is your ability to code such a random Rogue-Like map that will be different every time i played the game. I know that the map in Rooms 2 is an upgrade from Rooms, we can see the map without putting the command, and asking for the player name it's a good thing too, it makes the game feel more engaging and personal. The map takes time to understand but after a while i undertand it and works well, the thing is, i dont understand why you make this in python, because to play it, the player have to already had or download and set-up Python, why can't you make it playable on web such as The Cat, the Dog and the Bird, which, by the way, i have more fun playing it than Rooms. Overall, i hope you make more game like The Cat, the Dog and the Bird, with the complexity of Rooms.

P.S: If you like to play with words or making game using word, maybe you already play or knew a game like Subsurface Circular and Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) game like in . Cheerio! :)

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Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'm still learning to program, and last semester I was learning Python and decided to make a simple game with it. The code for the enemies in Rooms 2 is actually taken directly from an Extra Credit assignment. I hope to re-write it eventually, to clean up some problems with the structure, so maybe I'll transfer it into Java which I'm supposed to learn next semester. The Cat, The Dog and The Bird was made using a program called Twine which was very limited, but it's an easy interface for making a choose-your-own-adventure type game, and it exported as html code.

Hi TheOslaf, I wonder if you'll play my Elder Scrolls fangame? If you're not an Elder Scrolls fan, that's cool.


Hi James, It's a great game, i know i only played Daggerfall, Oblivion and, of course, Skyrim, i know i'm not that good in Elder Scrolls Lore, but in you game, i can see and feel the Elder Scrolls setting, from the city, dungeons and the enemy, it's so Elder Scrolls, which is good, playing your game feel like an Elder Scrolls side quest, my favorite part of the game is we can collect and process ingredients throughout the world. There is some minor bug and glitches, but it can be overlooked. Keep up the good work, and keep making this kinda game. toodle-loo.

Thank you, TheOslaf, for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was my first game, as a matter of fact, so I can only get better from here. :)

Of course it will James, looking forward for your next game.

Greetings! I was wondering if you'd be willing and still have free time to help me figure out if I'm making my game too hard. It is still at a very early stage of the Proof of Concept edition. But, since I'm already releasing the current milestone for an youtube challenge, I thought it would be cool to have other people's feedback. 

I meant for the gameplay to be hard, but not too hard, since the space shooter aspect is just one of the core mechanics. The player will still have to deal with realtime strategy elements and plot related decisions. All while they shoot and dodge bullets and laser beams.

Any chance you could help me figure things out? The game's name is Twin Planets.

Thank you for your attention 



Hi, i'm always more then willing to give my opinion, especially when somebody asked me to :)

Alright, after playing Twin Planets, several thing came to my mind, first of all, the player ship is too fast for me, i can't get good shoot on enemy ship, and they have shield too, while i'm not :D Second thing is the player zoom screen is too big, i can see the enemy shot, but i'm having difficult time to find them, i think a little map on the screen would be good. Third, i want to follow the story but the little story screen is just come and go away, maybe because i was holding the fire button all the time, but if i'm not earth will be destroyed, it's a tough decision. What i like is the story, well, at least the premise anyway, and the idea it is going to be a realtime strategy too. But if i may give a suggestion, maybe change it to a turn-based strategy? or at least pause the game for a while when the story box pop out, so the player can follow the story too. Overall, i know this is just in Proof of Concept stage, but it still too hard for me, i dont know if you want the game to be this hard or not, but it got potential. Sorry if i'm too harsh on my opinion, but hey, it's just my opinion, and i'm nobody really, c u later alligator.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'm glad that most of the issues you've brought are either part of the design or scheduled to be fixed. 

The first issue you've brought is part of the design and the placeholder name Tactical Long Range Booster Redirection, or as  the pilot who came up with the concept calls it in the story, Insane Overheating Mode. They basically redirect the energy reserved for the long range booster into the main system, which causes them to have OP firing rate and agility. As a side effect, activating the shield would cause an explosion. SPOILER ALERT: This ability will be triggered during the last solo combat in this title and activated at will on coop mode, if it doesn't get cut out of the development. 

The strategic view is planned, but it will not show the whole situation. It will only show the planets, squads and major ships as they reach scanning range of your squad, your planet, a scanner enabled structure or one of your fleet's pilots. Think of a minimap with fog of war that is too lazy to show small things. So, unfortunatelly you'll have to deal with targeting another way. :-(  The good news is that you will have a short range scanner yourself, so you'll be alerted of approaching enemy beams and ships.

The dialogue window is really bad and we're aware of it. Especially the fact that it has a button that steals the input. It wil be fixed. However, the story until at least the final milestones of beta stage is pretty much a placeholder with slight references to the plot itself. The first draft of the backstory teaser has already been published though. I've made a few changes already, but you can read it here (google drive).

As for the turn-based strategy, I'm not saying it is impossible, but it is something that we can't really consider before our proof of concept fails. But we do plan on adjusting things so average players will be able to make their decisions during the fights.

By the way, your opinion does matter! Thank you very much for taking the time to try it out and share the results. :-D


You're very welcome, how about putting a difficulty option, so there is Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane :D, and i forgot to mention that i do like the part where the cavalries is coming, so you dont fight this alone, most of the game just saying that hold out until back up is coming, except they never really do, and when they do, the fight is over anyway. Cant wait 'till Beta version. Cheers!

Hey TheOslaf, I love what you're doing here. I just released my game, CATACLYSM, a few days ago, and I've been dying to hear some outside feedback. It might be tricky for you to get a proper game session unless you have a friend that would be willing to play with you as CATACLYSM is exclusively a two-player local multiplayer game. You'll also need two game controllers-- I use PS4 controllers, but I think anything should work.

Here's the game page:

If you manage to get a few matches with somebody, I'd love to hear your thoughts. In any case, thanks for reading.


Dear MoonJellyGames, i really really love to play your game, unfortunately, i don't have two controllers, i'ver seen your game screenshot, and it make me wanna play even more, it look so much fun and i really like game which can be played by more than one player in the same PC. Maybe in the future if you make Cataclysm able to be played using keyboard :D.

P.S: I can only get to the menu screen where i can press P on the keyboard to see the menu and falling cats in the background, suc a tease.

I'd love if I could make it keyboard-friendly, but the gameplay requires the use of two analogs, so the controllers are essential, unfortunately. 

That's funny that "p" works as the start button. I must have done that at some super early point in development.

Anyways, I still appreciate your interest in the game, so thank you.  :)


Thank you so much to bring this up to me, i really love a game that put people together, especially today, many game is for single player, excluding a multiplayer over the internet game and a fighting game that is, sorry i can't check out your game, it look nice though. :D

New game up if you're willing to test it.


Hello Pix, Zombie Escape is a fun game to play, there are that dreading feeling when you're hiding from a horde of zombie, the flashlight effect is a good one too, there is a scary feeling to not know what's around you, espesially in a maze. The zombie that chasing you (the one with the red bow) is a nice addition to various kind of zombie in the game. The idea of putting blood pouch in a crate but combined with a disturbing image is a good one, you never know which one you gonna get and it scared the hell out of me, with the screaming and the image, the BGM is good, it set the mood, but the main menu picture can be better, i think it doesn't represent what the game has to offer. The game itself is fun, but after a while, with limited view, it kinda give me a little dizziness, but hey, it just me, maybe it doesn't really matter with anybody else.  Overall, good job putting this one together, i know it must be difficult to make with RPG maker, and i assumed that you used many plugins to make this work. Over-and-out.

I'm super glad you enjoyed it. This game was actually made within 5 hours and only had 3 plugins. I can understand the dizzy feeling, and sorry about that. There will be more games to come, so I'll keep in touch :).