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This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I'm a big fan of these simple, local versus games. I've read your comments about focusing on the next project, but I do hope you update this one. It's wonderful, but it needs a few things: Pause menu (to exit the game), stage select, and the ability to adjust the number of rounds to play.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring out next. :)

I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) that nobody has posted here about Paddle Force yet.

It's a "remix" of the classic Pong that actually changes the game's rules in a significant way. Knocking the ball into the back of the opponent's court doesn't just give you a point-- it expands the size of your court and shrinks theirs. Your paddles can move freely, but only in their own area. Your paddles can also twist clockwise and counter-clockwise, and if you time your twist right, you'll get an extra hard hit towards the opponent. There are also a few power-ups that make the game more interesting without getting in the way. If you want the game to be a little less chaotic, you can turn off power-ups as in the Smash Bros. games.

So please, check it out. And if you dig it, kick the developer a few bucks. This one is worth it.

Excellent twist on a classic, flobotron. I've become really attracted to small, local multiplayer games like this lately and I think this is the best one I've found on

Granted, your foundation here is a golden classic, but you've twisted  and improved the rules and mechanics to the point where it feels like a truly new game. Congrats on the release of a fantastic game! <3

I tried the game out. The artwork is impressively detailed, especially inside the house. I would suggest that you greatly increase the walkspeed though. I found it painfully slow. There were also some issues with attack collision and the HUD, but I'd prioritize the walkspeed.

I'm going to keep an eye on this one. I want to see it past the prototype phase.

This looks like fun! It reminds me a tiny bit of my first design for my game. :)

I'm going to download it and give it a try, but may I suggest you upload a gameplay video? Usually, I like to see how a game plays before I bother to try it, but I've got a good feeling about this one.

Wwwow, that title screen is gorgeous. I'm going to check out the game page, but you should have a brief description of the gameplay in your post too.

Thanks for letting me know.  I'll see what I can do about the blank space problem.  

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Hey, Liam. Thanks for your interest in my game.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Unity, but it makes building for different platforms super easy. The only thing is I don't use Linux and I'm not 100% confident I'll be able to get it running, or troubleshoot issues that may pop up in that build specifically (if there happen to be any).

That said, I've gone ahead and uploaded a Linux build anyways. I'm expecting that it will just work, but I'm going to try to get Linux going for myself right now so I can try it out.

- Rob

That's very strange, as when I download it myself, I have to two text files and a folder called which contains everything needed (including the actual .app file). I suspect that this is a problem with the name that Unity gave to the folder when I made the build. I've renamed the folder to simply "CATACLYSM" and re-uploaded.

Thank you for letting me know though! I'm going to look into renting a MAC book from the library or something so I can try it out myself.

This looks super fun. I'll have to try it out tomorrow.

Your game page is really sharp, too. 

I'd love if I could make it keyboard-friendly, but the gameplay requires the use of two analogs, so the controllers are essential, unfortunately. 

That's funny that "p" works as the start button. I must have done that at some super early point in development.

Anyways, I still appreciate your interest in the game, so thank you.  :)

Hey TheOslaf, I love what you're doing here. I just released my game, CATACLYSM, a few days ago, and I've been dying to hear some outside feedback. It might be tricky for you to get a proper game session unless you have a friend that would be willing to play with you as CATACLYSM is exclusively a two-player local multiplayer game. You'll also need two game controllers-- I use PS4 controllers, but I think anything should work.

Here's the game page:

If you manage to get a few matches with somebody, I'd love to hear your thoughts. In any case, thanks for reading.

I love this! The art is beautiful, and swinging the sword around, slicing enemies clean in half is super satisfying. If I had one gripe it would be the movement controls. What you did was clever for the limitations of the game jam challenge, but I think it would be a better game if walking around was easier.

Anyway, very nice work!

Body swapping has been my favourite gameplay mechanic since Space Station: Silicon Valley. I like how you've handled it here. The controls only took a few seconds to figure out, and the puzzles were very well-designed. I hope you plan to expand this into a full game, perhaps with a variety of controllable robots.

Stage 11 switch:  That's what I suspected. Funny how you can get so used to something being a part of the stage that you don't realize when it's lost its purpose.

This is one of those kinds of games that you could easily come up with new twists for, kinda like BoxBoy. Good on you for not letting feature creep derail it. With that said, I'd definitely play a sequel with twice as many levels, especially  if you ironed out a few of the little kinks.

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Hey all!

I'm proud to finally be able to share CATACLYSM with you in it's finished form. The game was inspired by TowerFall, and it seems that there is now a whole genre around games like it (including Samurai Gunn, Duck Game, Starwhal, Inversus, Nidhogg, etc.). I may have missed the window when these kinds of games were hot, but I'm a big fan of the genre, and I believe I've made a solid addition to that collection. I hope that the game and its potential audience find each other.  <3

For more information, check out the game page:

That's all for now. Please enjoy CATACLYSM!

Just finished it! I guess I just skimmed through your description (in the forum) because the final level was a surprise to me. That stage was particularly well-laid-out. I wrote down just a few notes while I played through:

- The "Control Room" would be best if positioned completely out of the way whenever possible. I could see that this wouldn't have been possible in some stages, but in others, there seemed to be enough space that was otherwise unused. Was this a deliberate decision to minimize the distance from for the player's eyes from the control room to the walking character?

- Difficulty progression was very good. This is so important for puzzle games. You introduced each element in a relatively safe environment before challenging me with them.

- It would be nice to have a second set of jump/shoot buttons on the left side of the control pad.

- I wish the control pad had a slightly different coloured area indicating exactly where I need to be to make the other character stop.

- The artwork is clean and simple. It was immediately obvious what everything was before I interacted with it.

- The switch in stage 11 seemed rather pointless to me. Was there originally another set of switch blocks somewhere?

I'm a sucker for 2D platformer-puzzle games, but there are a lot of uninspired ones out there. This one looks pretty neat! I'm downloading it now. :)