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Caledonia Chapter 1, pixel art adventure game.

A topic by Dro Hoshi created Jun 17, 2018 Views: 192 Replies: 6
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Hey! I'm a game developer student!

Just posted this prototype!

I would love to have your feedback!

Enjoy, & thank you!


Wwwow, that title screen is gorgeous. I'm going to check out the game page, but you should have a brief description of the gameplay in your post too.

Thank you! Here's the description :

Caledonia is a colorful pixel art 2d game.

The story takes place in Portree,

a little and peaceful village in Scotland.

You're playing Alana Ebonywood,

a young witch who's looking for Caledonia,

the ancestral forest's power.

First quest : 

Alana Ebonywood's cat disappeared!

Let's find him in the garden!


 MOVE = Arrow Keys 



I tried the game out. The artwork is impressively detailed, especially inside the house. I would suggest that you greatly increase the walkspeed though. I found it painfully slow. There were also some issues with attack collision and the HUD, but I'd prioritize the walkspeed.

I'm going to keep an eye on this one. I want to see it past the prototype phase.

Thank you for your feedback! Indeed, You're right, i'll fix the walkspeed! Thanks again! 


Very cool looking project. I added it to the fresh games section on the homepage.

Thank you!!

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