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Greetings! I was wondering if you'd be willing and still have free time to help me figure out if I'm making my game too hard. It is still at a very early stage of the Proof of Concept edition. But, since I'm already releasing the current milestone for an youtube challenge, I thought it would be cool to have other people's feedback. 

I meant for the gameplay to be hard, but not too hard, since the space shooter aspect is just one of the core mechanics. The player will still have to deal with realtime strategy elements and plot related decisions. All while they shoot and dodge bullets and laser beams.

Any chance you could help me figure things out? The game's name is Twin Planets.

Thank you for your attention 



Hi, i'm always more then willing to give my opinion, especially when somebody asked me to :)

Alright, after playing Twin Planets, several thing came to my mind, first of all, the player ship is too fast for me, i can't get good shoot on enemy ship, and they have shield too, while i'm not :D Second thing is the player zoom screen is too big, i can see the enemy shot, but i'm having difficult time to find them, i think a little map on the screen would be good. Third, i want to follow the story but the little story screen is just come and go away, maybe because i was holding the fire button all the time, but if i'm not earth will be destroyed, it's a tough decision. What i like is the story, well, at least the premise anyway, and the idea it is going to be a realtime strategy too. But if i may give a suggestion, maybe change it to a turn-based strategy? or at least pause the game for a while when the story box pop out, so the player can follow the story too. Overall, i know this is just in Proof of Concept stage, but it still too hard for me, i dont know if you want the game to be this hard or not, but it got potential. Sorry if i'm too harsh on my opinion, but hey, it's just my opinion, and i'm nobody really, c u later alligator.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! I'm glad that most of the issues you've brought are either part of the design or scheduled to be fixed. 

The first issue you've brought is part of the design and the placeholder name Tactical Long Range Booster Redirection, or as  the pilot who came up with the concept calls it in the story, Insane Overheating Mode. They basically redirect the energy reserved for the long range booster into the main system, which causes them to have OP firing rate and agility. As a side effect, activating the shield would cause an explosion. SPOILER ALERT: This ability will be triggered during the last solo combat in this title and activated at will on coop mode, if it doesn't get cut out of the development. 

The strategic view is planned, but it will not show the whole situation. It will only show the planets, squads and major ships as they reach scanning range of your squad, your planet, a scanner enabled structure or one of your fleet's pilots. Think of a minimap with fog of war that is too lazy to show small things. So, unfortunatelly you'll have to deal with targeting another way. :-(  The good news is that you will have a short range scanner yourself, so you'll be alerted of approaching enemy beams and ships.

The dialogue window is really bad and we're aware of it. Especially the fact that it has a button that steals the input. It wil be fixed. However, the story until at least the final milestones of beta stage is pretty much a placeholder with slight references to the plot itself. The first draft of the backstory teaser has already been published though. I've made a few changes already, but you can read it here (google drive).

As for the turn-based strategy, I'm not saying it is impossible, but it is something that we can't really consider before our proof of concept fails. But we do plan on adjusting things so average players will be able to make their decisions during the fights.

By the way, your opinion does matter! Thank you very much for taking the time to try it out and share the results. :-D


You're very welcome, how about putting a difficulty option, so there is Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane :D, and i forgot to mention that i do like the part where the cavalries is coming, so you dont fight this alone, most of the game just saying that hold out until back up is coming, except they never really do, and when they do, the fight is over anyway. Cant wait 'till Beta version. Cheers!