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Random Game Ideas

A topic by Benal created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 7,445 Replies: 42
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A lot of people want to make games but don't know what to make. A lot of people also think of great game ideas but never use them because they don't know what do to with them or don't know how to make them work. Why keep those ideas locked in your head when someone else might love them!

Post any game idea here, and feel free to post as many as you want. No real rules just remember that the less you have to explain, the better. There are no limits! Video games, physical games, mind games, everything is on the table!

I'll start with one I've had for a while and really like but know someone else could do it better than I could:

Animal Crossing but you collect micro games instead of furniture. Compete with your local villagers for highscores.

If you need more examples, @moshboy has a plethora of random game idea tweets.

A RPG that consists of walking around a clustered environment. Players can destroy blocks that sorround them, however, they cannot destroy a huge wall that sorrounds the world.

A game about a ghost who needs to sleep, but they can't because they need to see a livestream of Eminem playing Counter Strike. What is the best decision? Find out in this epic walking sim.

( let's collaborate on the above project, in case you are interested in it, please )

By above project do you mean the clustered RPG environment, the Eminem game, or my animal crossing idea? (I'm down for any, really)

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The Eminem one

Just a lil parody

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If you're still interested in doing it around december 10th and beyond (after my exams) then I'd totally be down for it.

ok! I have a final English exam on the 12th so I think after my final English exam we might make something interesting.

Is the Eminem thing still going on?


I had an idea for a modern day RPG where instead of classes like Wizard, Warrior, Beserker everyone had a "fan" class, such as "Comic book fan", "movie fan", "video game fan", etc. Special moves would be "Obscure Reference +2" and items like "Limited Edition MIB thingy +1" type things ... and basically as the classic Comic book fan, you would start in the comic book store, run into all the other fans on your way to take over UltimaComiCon as the greatest fans in the world!

I've been wanting to recreate classic RPG archetypes for a while and this is a really fun way of doing it. Sort of surprised I haven't heard of this already, but I might just not know of it.

I'm not aware of any like this. I was going to throw it together in RPGMaker as a test. Feature our local comic book shop ;) But I don't think I'll get to it.


Ooooh I love this sort of thing. I love coming up with random weird ideas.

Here's one I might never end up making myself so I'll put it here: A young alien lands on a post apocalyptic earth and visit's the only remaining human buildings (a major attraction), only to find scraps of newspapers and old diary entries that talk of strange creatures who come in glowing craft and attempt to destroy all human life...

Weird Idea but maybe there's something there.

I love this one! This is sort of a stretch, but this is a little bit like the Pikmin series. Specifically Pikmin 2 with all of the man-made collectables.


Here's one from me!

It's a weird small arcade game idea for Ludum Dare I had a while ago (theme was "Unusual weapon" or something like that). It's about a gone-mad rocket launcher character, who rocket jumps around the room shooting it's projectiles at the ground, walls and ceiling to avoid being caught by scientists and military.

This might not be what you intended but this makes me think of a character on a rocket or firework that never runs out of gas and is very hard to control and you just fly all over the room knocking everything over. Sort of like the Luigi's Mansion vaccum!

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Sound a lot like Splosion man

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Let's quote myself from my Devlog:

Feud For All - A 1v1 2D MOBA/ Fighting game.

Some Ideas:

  • Every player chooses a chieftain as a hero.
  • Every chieftain has a unique base, unit set and combat abilities
  • Combos and counter complexity is reduced
  • Crowdcontroll and pin mechanics to let your units pass the enemy chieftain
  • 3 or 5 rounds of play for a set
  • Brawls between chieftains are deadly for small units.
  • Lanes that can not be used by Heros/Chieftains (underground maybe)

A sketch:

A sketch it is!

That image reminded me, or, rather, almost seems ripped off from (though I assume you've never heard of it before.) the Age of War series of flash games, here's the first:

So, in addition to turrets, and mooks you can send out, your suggesting you have a hero you can control?

Sounds like an awesome idea to me!

AAAH! Yes I know this type of game. But its not really what I had in mind. Actually it is completly different. But it looks very similar in a still sketch.

I should have elaborated more on the terms MOBA and fighting game.

MOBA (League of Legends, DOTA, Awesomenauts) meets Fighting Game (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Smash Brothers)

Game set up:

It's a local 1vs1 game. Before start of a match both players choose from a range of characters. Each character has different abilities and units at it's disposal also a unique base. The set of Units could be Melee,Ranged, Healer and a special unit (like a flyer or tunneler).

After the players chose their Hero the second can elect the stage. Stages are presented as a grid which includes a random option.

A match is has a set of 3 rounds and the player with the most wins gets the match win.

How do you win a round? You destroy the enemies base or after the timer (3-5 mins per round) is up the player whos base took less damage wins.

As you can see on the sketch The player bases are placed at the end of a map. Units spawn from it and walk lanes down to the opposite side. They attack only other minions or the enemy base. Minion can not be attack directly by heros but suffer from area damage (like throwing heroes around) The player can not Influence which units spawn (ok, maybe there are some special moves that spawn units?) Minions spawn at a set interval or certain events.

The player controls the hero directly like you would expect from a fighting game. You can walk, dash/sprint, jump and use a different attacks. Complexity is much lower than in normal fighting games to avoid overwhelming the player. As he needs to keep attention to the surrounding units.

Hero combat should avoid too much air dashing and concentrate und pins, lockdowns and area control. There should be a possibility for every hero to push, pull or guard minions.

A Hero can absorb a certian amount of damage and then is killed and will be respawned at the base after a few seconds. The respawn will ignite a blowback to enemy heroes (but not to minions).

Heros as well as Minions deal damage to bases, but minion do a lot more. They have to reach the opponents base entrance to deal it.

Problems with the Ddesign

While I think this game could be very interessting I already see some problems.

  • The balancing of damage dealt by heroes to minions.
  • Hard for beginners to make use of lockdowns and area control (if it is too easy lockdown could become too powerfull)
  • It is important to avoid stalemates
  • Information processing in the UI - HP for every hero, unit timer, match timer, base hp, special meter (if needed), minion hp thats all a lot of information that needs to be shown clearly.
I should have wrote this in the initial post. Thanks for making me do it.

this one i had rolling in my head last summer but i didnt make cuz its mostly a story game and i cant do story games:

you're a kid who has to organize your dads files (meeting minutes, receipts, project folders, etc.) your dad doesnt talk much so you dont know much about his past, but you learn bits and pieces about it from these files, out of order. some of it tragic, some of it funny, and then basically the idea would be that you fit it into this timeline that describes your dads life before you were around.

there might be some aspect of 'i need to get these files organized before this specific time' as well, just to limit how much you can learn from a particular document before you have to file it away

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Damn, I really like this idea. I can picture you going through receipts of like the one time he took you to lunch or a movie and memories being triggered. Or past due heating bills and you remembering a cold house in the winter. I think you are missing a sort central game mechanic, if you wanna go that route. Maybe the time thing can be it? Or it could be a Gone Home type of game where you focus really on building the dad's life through the objects not through any sort of mechanic. Not sure if that makes sense.

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That's cool idea. In fact we use similar mechanic in game in the making. But there's the twist that you can connect those evidences in different manner so you get different output. So in dad's scenario it would be like A) Connect dinner receipt with plush toy and you get memory about time when father took you to amusement park and won this for you and after you went to dinner B) Connect receipt with divorce papers and yo got the "dad's cheating" story.

It could be a thing. Some dusty archive room, with boxes and papers and photos. You have to cut the tape to open the box. Particles flowing in air, some 80's music from old radio you've found, and you can have a break for eating a sandwich. But you can play only for few real life hours that the magazine works. After that there's a fire - everything gets burned down. You can leave game at that with story you've made so far or start over with digging. Maybe with some things different/missing so over time there are just empty boxes. Only fading memories.

That's  a really cool idea. Do you imagine it being a 2d or 3D game?

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setting : just a typical bedroom.

theme : watching someone's growth.

core mechanic : you have one minute to decide how the someone interacts with the room by clicking on stuff. what you click on effects some internal variables that eventually is reflected in how the someone and their room evolves.

idea : basically, a game that showcases how much 1 hour in our own room may not seem like much, but this game would show how even the littlest of actions we do in our day can change the course of our life. by harmlessly having them interact with various items in the room, those changes will show in their personality, and the rooms appearance.

feels : just imagine playing a game where a naive child grows up to be something you didn't expect, based on the tiniest of interactions.


I had this idea for a game where you play as an RPG Questgiver (similar concept to Recettear), with an interface like Paper's Please. You would look on the map of the area around your farmstead/castle/city (your hub and the scale of the map upgrade as the game progresses), on the map you find something to give a quest on (perhaps bandits have attacked a neighboring village). That event has a level assigned to it, you assign an item to that objective of a similar level, and then a gold "!" appears above your head.

You wait for a (dynamically generated) hero to come by and take your quest. Complete with generated quest text and dialogue. The hero runs off and comes back a few minutes later to complete the quest. While you're waiting you can create more quests and send off more heroes. Some heroes also come by simply to drop off their "vendor trash", items that aren't worth anything to them. You use these items as rewards for lower level quests and the cycle continues.

Also: whenever we bring this up in my University's Game Design Club I always start off with one thing: Scrabble With Swords (game title: sWords with Friends)

Space/planet exploration game... some sort of 2D No Man's Sky

Actually not exactly the same but inspired by it. Have a ship, upgrade it, travel across an "infinite" universe, land in planets, explore...

I'm just having a hard time to come up with some goals to the game... so that it doesnt get boring after 1h of play

There is a game similar to this created by slimefriend (who posted above). It's called Star Surveyor, and, right now, you can only explore one planet, but more may be created in the future.

Haha, that is very relevant to me. I have started on a concept like that many times, but stopped very quickly without knowing where to go.

Most recently, I've started a 2d Elite-inspired idea. I'm still working on procedurally generating the galaxy.

This idea sounds very similar to Starbound as well!  If you haven't, check that out. The problem with it for me was that after awhile each new planet felt the same and it lost it's appeal quite quickly.

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There are some old ideas I got

1) A simple fantasy RTS with quick action/strategy on field

2) A sort of "bidding of isaac" kind of game but only one weapon, dodgeball inspired action adventure

3) Another "single weapon" game, but this time FPS:

video 1

video 2

video 3

video 4


I've made a little tool (for personal use, but I figured it might be useful) to sport random ideas.

The basic idea is that it combines text from a bunch of random tables (concept, twist, and some flavor text), and I've tried to keep the text bits kinda sensible (most other idea generators I've seen has focused on being 'random' in the "OMG MAKE A GAME WHERE YOU ARE AN ICE CREAM THAT FIGHTS MERMAID" sense, and focus on setting instead of gameplay).


An idea I had a while ago that I eventually plan to get back to that was quite fun is a rogue like farming simulator where you gather seeds to make plants and fight demons. You can get a specfic plant that lets you place seeds in a pod that will appear in your next lifetime and enable you to gather new seeds across multiple worlds. You can then make combination plants from your seeds. In order to be able to win you would have to go through multiple worlds gathering seeds.

The latest idea that I randomly encountered was a 2d mechanic simulator. There's a series of mechanic simulator games that have a basic concept of taking apart cars and refurbishing them, and I thought it'd be fun to make an even more simplified version.

Unfortunately, I have too many other things to do right now to seriously put effort in it.


A pixel art game about a clown who makes kids cry at their parties while all the other kids laugh at the birthday boy and his mom spanks him for "being a cry-baby" and the "cool kids" get to open the presents while I sob uncontrollably!!!!   ... or something of the sort.

some sort of Dark Souls like game, but instead you are in a giant, magical city with layers and layers of districts. The bottom is the sewers, and makes the city look tiny. Remains of the old city remains there.


How about a survival platform game. The game will include multiple different levels, and on each level you would have to survive a certain amount of days. In the levels you can get rewards and resources which you can use for future levels. The game would also get progressively harder, and you have to use the resources you had from previous levels to create structures and weapons. You could also have different tiers of weapons, and rarer materials create better weapons.  On the levels you also would have to fight enemies which also  may only spawn in night or day depending on the enemy. 

That is my game idea for anyone to hopefully use!

a horror survival game where mutated tapeworm hide in food and wait to be ingested where they shall feast on the hosts body until they mature where they shall rip through the butthole and hide in more food waiting to be ingested so they can repeat the cycle again.

A theme park game where you play the visitor in first person rather than the player and just enjoy riding all the attractions.

Or with an MMO aspect where one person can build a theme park online and the visitors are actual humans visiting the park. They can rate the park after their visit.

My deam game is something like a Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley meets Fallout 4 settlements. It's a 2D pixelated farming game but in post-apocalyptical world, where you must protect your farm from zombies, mutants and bad people out there, grow crops, feed your group and reconstruct the city. If you don't, the NPC's and your party members/family may actually die from starvation or disease or maybe cold in winter (like it happens to your family in papers please if you don't bring enough money) daily_). I just love farming games and Fallout settlements and I think the apocalypse would spice things up. ;D

Oh i really like that idea. Maybe with a little bit of tower defense mechanics. You place towers around your farm or idk just try to survive. I would definitely but that tho 

I'd love to combine classic ARPG and RTS gameplay, but where that mix is usually an RTS by way of ARPG mechanics, I'd want the mix to be more of an ARPG by way of RTS mechanics. Instead of Dawn of War 2, think "Age of Mythology engine used to recreate Diablo".

My idea:

A horror game where Willy Wonka has been kidnapped and you are his brother trying to save him. Make your way through the now old, abandoned Chocolate Factory and rescue him!

Something like Armored Core - so an action mecha title with customizable vehicles and repair needs - but all the missions are disaster relief or response!

Assisting evacuations, forming mobile flood walls, high-tech search and rescue in extremely hazardous environments!