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Doing shooter myself so I know that it's iteration after iteration. But alpha testing helps a lot since as a developer we tend to get used to even most weird controls.

First of all love the atmosphere and art. I'm hooked on mystery and want to know more.

Played on a gamepad and had problem with dashing. Sometimes jumped instead. And if you want to change direction it's almost impossible in combat because you need to move stick left/right, then down+A. And dashing trough enemy most of time is not enough to avoid hit. Also maybe shooting should by just RB/LT but way it is now maybe is makes sense with other weapons.

Will play more.

Great play! I'm not a VN player buy enjoyed this one a lot. At the end I was really attached and was thinking for a while before making a choice. I felt the risk. Nice story - would visit this spooky world again.

One of the best looking. Great twist with switch realities.

Those goddamn ducks! Looks neat. Leeloo would be pleased ;) Could use some more jump control though.

Not much into theme but it's a nice puzzler. Time indicator could be more visible. Great title screen.

A filter to only show installed games.

I second that. Wasn't it in earlier version?

It looks and plays great. Looking forward for realese.

Btw. it doesn't work with app.

Maybe show some alert at login to developers who's games don't have enabled comments/communities and were added before introductions of those features.

Stumbled upon this gem after LD. I'm very impressed how much atmosphere and actual story you've squeezed into such small game. It's like reading short sf story. You've got me totally inspired.

Following for more goodness and waiting for your shot at cyberpunk themes.

Oh and btw. creative pitches

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That's cool idea. In fact we use similar mechanic in game in the making. But there's the twist that you can connect those evidences in different manner so you get different output. So in dad's scenario it would be like A) Connect dinner receipt with plush toy and you get memory about time when father took you to amusement park and won this for you and after you went to dinner B) Connect receipt with divorce papers and yo got the "dad's cheating" story.

It could be a thing. Some dusty archive room, with boxes and papers and photos. You have to cut the tape to open the box. Particles flowing in air, some 80's music from old radio you've found, and you can have a break for eating a sandwich. But you can play only for few real life hours that the magazine works. After that there's a fire - everything gets burned down. You can leave game at that with story you've made so far or start over with digging. Maybe with some things different/missing so over time there are just empty boxes. Only fading memories.

Totally agree. For me you either have something new that's hard to explain in "one sentence" or you do a remix(because everything is a remix) and go like "My game is Mario Kart meets Dungeon Keeper but with mature themes."* which is not so interesting as "one sentence".

For me theme is a deal breaker. Let's do a shooter. Nah. Let's do a cyberpunk shooter? Fuck yeah! Lot of people in gamedev think that setting is just something you pick after deciding what game you want to make. Like you decide to go for a walk and just need to grab hat or cap. No, you grab a fancy fedora and it's not just a walk it's a stroll down the Al Capone's Chicago ;) If we strip shooter games from themes there is almost no telling from one another. Setting adds flavor that speaks to people, that helps them identify with piece. Meet lots of people who tend to get obsessed with "game needs to have unique mechanic" or that just don't think that games could be about specific feeling/atmosphere. But it's another topic about games with no gameplay.

*pitch generator

It's fun! I like a lot games which I can complete in lest that lifetime ;)

Any chance for putting it on Google Play?

This is hilariously superb. Love it!