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Feature Request: Organizing/filtering hundreds of games in my Itch Library

A topic by Andy Baio created Jan 17, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 4
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Hello, amazing Itch team! A while back, I bought the Good Bundle, and now have close to 200 items in my Library. That's great, except that as I've slowly playing these games, it's become very challenging to sort through and see which games I haven't played/completed yet.

Some possibilities to address this problem. There may be better solutions, but these come to mind:

1. A way to sort games by purchase date, number of plays, or release date.

2. The ability to mark games as completed, and a way to filter those games out of my Library view.

3. A quick way to star/favorite games I want to play in my Library, and a filter to only show those starred games.

4. A filter to only show installed or unplayed games. (I could install everything I want to eventually play and uninstall it when I'm finished, but that's not ideal.)

Thanks for listening! Love your work!


Those all sound like good problems to have! (And good suggestions to solve them!)

I'll work on that next - please bear with me while I finish the patch optimization stuff I have in the pipeline, it's quite complex and I would like to ship it & be done with it before I focus on something else.

Thanks a lot for the kind words and I hope to be able to ship these features your way really soon :)


Much appreciated, thanks for all you're doing for the indie community.

A filter to only show installed games.

I second that. Wasn't it in earlier version?


Quick update: I've been working on this, it's coming :)