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Runner-Shooter in the spirit of BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Megaman
Submitted by TeamKwaKwa — 3 days, 8 hours before the deadline

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One of the best looking. Great twist with switch realities.


It's funny that someone else mentioned the Beast games because I really got that vibe off the enemies. Really enjoyed this one, one of the better endless runners in the jam (boy have there been a lot). The shifting between reality and cyberspace feature was a really interesting addition. Particularly loved the background art.


great graphics, I love how it combines many nostalgic moments from games that I played in the past. It's like endless runner mixed with Shadow of the beast and combined with Flashback for good measure :) (there are also other influences I could try guessing - Fractured Soul maybe?). Dynamic, hard but with a good dose of checkpoints as somebody else already mentioned. The keyboard buttons layout could have been better, as people are often more accustomed to jump with Space not W or UP arrow. Game's little short, I hope you will do something more with these assets, maybe add some background story. Music is great - so much that it really saddened me that game crashed on ending credits and I couldn't listen to it more (or maybe that's just my computer doing strange things :)).

Plays pretty well except that I don't have a right-control key so I couldn't progress any further than that. I like that you used a generous amount of checkpoints in the area that I played. Nice graphics, decent sound.


Oh, thank you guys!

About the lag, it's not normal, we will try to correct this issue.

(and the meter it's your fuel for the jetpack ;) )


Great style and I like how I could retry not from the beginning when dying. 

I would have liked the sound fx from shooting and such lower relative to the music and starting out I went for space to jump and then got really confused and though it was lagging or something. So paused should probably say so clearly.

I did not understand what the meter in the top-left corner was about or was it a fps meter?

Nice to see such a well done game with pygame! Maybe I should return one day.


This is a really challenging game!

I dig the music and cyberspace mechanic.


Very stylish! I liked the fact that it's not a randomly generated endless runner, which I'm a bit fed up with (I've made one myself earlier funny enough).

A bit slow, but I like the character sprite loads. I included it in part 12 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you feel like giving it a look :)