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Prelucid Pictures

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Alright you guys know I gave you a perfect score right?

Game looks totally rad, but it freezes in the screen after the first floating robot for me.

Enjoyed this game a lot. I liked the progression of abilities. Gave ample time to figure out how to play the game.

Unfortunately, won't run on my computer.

Good puzzle game. Didn't have any probs.

Good game here

Maybe there could be an option to make the viewport smaller? That aside, great post-processing, gameplay is on point.

Combat is rough. I like the Another World feel to the game.

Simple game. Those death chip-looking things are crazy.

Looks good and plays well. Only problem for me is I feel it's a bit dark. Sliding non-stop seemed to be the trick for the length of time I played.

Also have the hydra*

Export a Mac version for a fellow Rift owner?

Decent entry. It was challenging for me.

Challenging with good presentation.

Great game. You know the 7th and 8th level have the same name. Not sure if that was intentional.

Could use some movement on the horizontal or in-air. Charming graphics+sound.

The controls were inconsistent for me. I could see what you were trying to do and the game has excellent graphics.

Liked all the visuals and atmosphere. Wish there was more than just chance/randomness at play. It's kind of depressing.

Can't get it to run. Wish I could.

Plays pretty well except that I don't have a right-control key so I couldn't progress any further than that. I like that you used a generous amount of checkpoints in the area that I played. Nice graphics, decent sound.

Nice art+music. Same criticism as others regarding the jump. Does not seem intuitive.

Seems to require online access?

Pretty fun game. Some obstacles seem off though since you cannot apparently move while in air?

Imaginative world design.

I murdered a lot of people. Was not sure what to do outside of that unfortunately.

Needs a list of commands I feel.

Super fun game. Very polished. Nothing else that needs saying really except maybe not as theme relevant, but full marks for everything else.

Nice job. There seems to be issue with turning as sometimes moving diagonally is not intuitive of my intentions so the character will move left but face upside down for example.

Maybe you could switch to keys rotating the piece and another only moves forward wherever it is facing.

Game will not start. Process runs in the background.

By the way, the game crashed on windows, but worked on a Mac.

Hahaha, this game is so intense. I had no idea what was going on and pressing the buttons. Next thing I know, I am drilling into his brain. Great job on the atmosphere and graphics+sound.

Says computer is missing msvcp110.dll when trying to start it.

Pretty good presentation for a text adventure.

Looks like a promising start. When I died, it took me to a blank screen like the first instructions page. Also typing 'n' doesn't seem to be an option in the terminal. Maybe you should just change it to enter so you don't have to type anything. Noticed it lost focus after displaying text, so I had to move my mouse to the curso position to type again.

Fun little game. Pretty challenging, I think a lot of that is due to the size of the window. Nice graphics.

Fun game. I like how quick the recovery is for a failed turn.

Thought I already played and rated this, but I'll do it again. It was fun. Reminds me of axe cop.

Great game. One of the highest I rated so far. Very challenging. Good presentation value across the board.