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A Pirate Broadcast from the City of DysLike

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It looks to me as if the game was not finished in time. Will you continue working on that? I see some potential. But it definitely needs some background music :)

Would you please rate our game as well? :) 

Imaginative world design.


Nice game!

The melee weapon felt pretty useless for hitting the robots as they would explode on death and deal damage to myself.

I also missed a sound that indicated that I was taking damage.

Other than that I agree with the others. You got a nice cyberpunk feel going on that could've worked very nice if the gameplay was more clear and it would feel like you would have a nice clear objective.


Was pleasant to visit your little universe. We need gameplay now!!


After seeing the cover image I was actually looking forward to something more along the "go for a walk" genre, especially since thats what I did and also tried to recreate the title image like that in 3D. The first person tower defense thing could become engaging with more work. Looks pretty rad, I was digging the revolver.


feels like you had big plans but didn't quite pull it off? looks really cool, but not clear gameplay wise :)

looking forward to future versions :-)


Nailed the Relevance category! Would have had taken the Aesthetics too if it had some sound to match. Looks right out of the theme pic. But I had no idea what I was supposed to do? There were bots outside but they just shot at each other without hitting each other? They didn't react to me at all except to explode when I shot them. And I was just about to reach the objective when I failed my mission because of rebels?

Anyway, hope you continue this project, as it has a great look to it so far. The level design seems optimized for intense firefights!

My entry: Dead Drop