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Nice! :) I actually understood the concept directly.

I think it would be nice to have some fog so you don't see the buildings pop up in the distance that much. That could also help with the feeling of speed!

There's a lot going on and sometimes it's hard to see what's coming up, but I never got that far/fast that stuff started to get crazy.

Very nice entry!

The trickiest was to figure out the depth and to know to move when it really matters.

This is looking very nice.

I felt through the drain instantly as well (even after the update) nevertheless in magical cases I didn't end up in the death state almost instantly where any button would end the game. So I ran down a hallway once or twice, but I never figured out how to remove the luck component and actually make desicisions that work. 

I think that is the biggest problem of this game. In its current state it's hard to figure out what to do to actually win and get further.

At first I didn't understand I had to click on the other side of the enemy, but then I read that I had to click through it. :)

The visuals work extremely well and the controls feel smooth. I still think it's a pretty hard game, nevertheless I had fun retrying over and over. A score counter would be nice to try to get further and further each time.

Nice entry!

Nice puzzle game! :) 

I often had the problem that I just went a tiny bit too close to enemies and died before I slashes them. I guess I'm just trying to move around to fast or have the tendency to put my cursor on top of the enemy. It's something you'd need to really learn to get better with I assume.

At first I didn't understand when the player/blob would start moving towards the cursor, but then I found out you first need to put your cursor on top of your character. It actually made sense so you start calibrated, but I think a note that tells you to put your cursor on the character (or a little arrow?) could help avoid this confusion.

Other than that it would be nice to have some sort of hints system, because in some levels I had no clue on how to get even close to three stars. :)

I really liked the look and feel of this game. It felt a bit laggy in Firefox (Windows 7) and did seem to miss audio in Firefox as well.

It looks very nice but it's hard to figure out where to go to find a close connection. Since the view is pretty much blocked the whole time by an object you're trying to collide with I think it would be nice if the camera would be a bit further way so you have more of an overview of where you are.

Nice little game. I think you need to shoot the blocks too many times before they die. This makes the fast moving blocks extremely tricky to kill.

I really like how this fits into the theme. The neon signs on the buildings really add to the feeling of the city, and of course there's the "Free porn" sign. :D

First time took me a long time to actually spot him because I was literally searching every individual in the crowd, but then I noticed he was running around and chasing him down became much easier. But then it started feeling less like a search, but more like a chasing down game which wasn't what I expected in the first place, but fun nonetheless!

Very nice! 

I think with some momentum to the character after you release a button and some shake/animations here and there you can really feel the momentum of the fall and make it much more intense. :)

I like how the worm controls feel and how he follows the mouse around. Feels very smooth! I think the bullets from the enemies could be a bit bigger and show a more intense damage effect or something that really shows you're in danger or doing bad or good at the game.

Looks good, very relevant to the theme and extremely challenging. Very nice entry.

Nice little puzzle game. And the art adds to the puzzle making them look not too easy and not too hard either so the difficulty rises nicely. Pretty much a solid simple game!

I loved the dragging up the buildings to build them! :)

It played really smoothly and seeing rivals pop up did give a feeling of urgency. Yet I never knew along the way if I was really doing any good. I think the mechanics are a bit too involved to quickly drop in quickly, but I'll definitely delve in again later to see if I get any better at it! :D

Nice graphics and feel off the gameplay.

I wasn't able to get very far as I often got killed quickly, or I got stuck trying to inject a trojan into a computer. In the end I could choose shutdown, take over or something like that but it wasn't clear what button to press to proceed. :/ I checked the controls text but no key mentioned in there actually worked.

Also thanks to Connor for the F10 tip, because it got stuck at some storyline image on the first boot. After pressing F10 I could play nicely. :)

Nice gameplay! I like the aggro mechanic that you build up power as you fight quickly.

Yet somehow I never managed to reach the enemy's platform in the second level. I just didn't figure out how to reach it (without dieing).

I would've actually wanted to play this with other people! :D I like the tagging/popping idea though.

Cool entry, though it's a bit short. And yeah, the character is really nice.

At first I thought the controls were a bit weird, but then I found out that I couldn't jump when on a block that is on top of stairs. Also I had a hard time jumping towards a ladder without walking straight off the other side, not sure why that is.

But with the notes aside the games played pretty solid. :)

Nice little game. I like how playing the board influences the car.

Some notes:

  • So it didn't work in Firefox, but it did in Chrome.
  • I like how quickly it puts lays down a new board when the previous one didn't have any more options.
  • Yet it would have been nice if you would get some more feedback on how good you move was (blocks actually breaking or fading out and moving around) because it's much more rewarding. Then also if you get a long lane (like 5 in a row) a big text saying something like "Ultraboost" would've been nice.
  • Maybe you could add a cop car here and there to have some timers in there like: "Finish 5 moves in 15 seconds to get away from the cops"
  • Isn't it wonderous? :)

Nice game!

The melee weapon felt pretty useless for hitting the robots as they would explode on death and deal damage to myself.

I also missed a sound that indicated that I was taking damage.

Other than that I agree with the others. You got a nice cyberpunk feel going on that could've worked very nice if the gameplay was more clear and it would feel like you would have a nice clear objective.

The environment is nicely disorienting and it makes you wander around to search for something, but in my case I didn't find anything.

I like the simple pick on the theme but it feels unnecessary hard! :D

It's actually pretty hard because you're always toggling through the list of rock, paper, scissor. I think with speed/occurences text passes by at the moment it's better to have three buttons that set a certain state, e.g.: 1. rock, 2. paper, 3. scissors. Then you clearly define what as user's input is doing as a result.

Instead of making it hard to play I would simplify how the user interacts with it and instead increase the difficulty (amount/speed) things are passing by over time. Also make sure that at some speeds the text passing by becomes unreadable (too fast scrolling) and then it might be better to have more stuff happening at once.

This is actually amazingly immersive! I think the storyline text are a bit long (as I just wanted to start playing). On the other hand the texts are written nicely and enjoyable to read through.

Also I really like the boolean logic mechanic for hacking the system, and it really fits with the theme.

Sometimes I felt the air that pushes you up just held me floating in mid-air instead of helping me go up where I wanted. Though other than that controls worked awesomely smooth.

Very very nice entry!

Very nice and for me it's a pretty good speed. :) 

I could follow along nicely. Though some letters fall so fast that it's hard to read what's passing by. This would be awesome in a 2 player mode! :D

Nice environment and art style that fits the theme nicely. Running around felt a bit pointless (never reached an end point myself), nevertheless I had fun climbing up/down and jetpacking around the environment. :)
Very nice pick on the theme! :) I wish there was a way to jump up a bit when you're on a wall so you can jump up to a green circle on the other side that you just passed. Also I've had moments where I was surrounded by unavoidable red circles for a long time and just died. :) It's probably randomized?

Cool game! I like how trippy everything feels and still it has a pretty understandable notion of what's going on. It would've been awesome if you would have hacked together some strange storyline to go with the awesome visuals. :)

I think I had a pretty confusing typo in my last comment so to clarify: I was actually able to reach enemies, but at some points (when falling through a long tunnel) I was unable to reach anyone to kill.

The visuals are extremely confusing, but show a lot of what could potentially become a nice combination. Though in its current stage I didn't have a clue on how to progress as I was unable to reach any enemy.

Though I like how you're trying to mix in the memories and the personalities of the body you're taking over. I think the characters should have some distinctive features so you know what kind of person you're taking over, so there's a reason to choose one over the other. 

Another idea could be that the connection you have with someone's mind takes over after some time and you'll be left without any control. Then you're sucked into the memory stream showing the person's personality clearly (maybe distorted?) but your hack/game is over.

I think what you're trying to achieve can make up for some interesting storytelling. Looking forward to updates!

A lot of nice obstacles in there but it seems a bit messy from time to time.

The most problematic thing is that you slow down too much in the jump and you feel very much out of control in the air. So getting score from the blue circles isn't really useful most of the time.

I think if you would stretch out the obstacles a bit further away from each other you could speed up the gameplay a bit and have the player feel more in control in a much faster race with the same difficulty. :)

I think you nailed the mixture of visuals with music! Really nice. :)

I just wrote a lot of feedback into a comment, but took the liberty of just ditching it upon submit telling me I had too many characters. :)

Short version: Awesome entry! Love the Prison Breka level, would like to see more with multiple cubes.

Amount of colors is a bit confusing, but necessary to ease the back and forth level. Hardest thing was to understand why I had a connection start and end color, but I think that could get some useful functionality once you start making more complicated puzzles. Wish it would remember last chosen color combo though, now I'm clicking same colors a lot!

Also delete/remove button (shortcut: X) should be a button in the UI as well.

After watching the short youtube video I understood the concept and was able to pick it up nicely. :)

At first I felt that it was much easier to try and go into one direction the whole time as it seemed I could jump over any gap or height of building anyway. And then I didn't have to do corrections on my three dimensional isometric position, but then at times I still seemed to miss some important slowdown orbs to get further. 

Current hiscore is 135. Not sure if that's good or not, but still happy that I'm improving.

Nice pleasant art style and music. 

I like how prices for a fly pass are in amounts of bird brains. Another thing I really liked was walking down the stairs and hearing the music of the party getting more distant the further down you got. 

There's already a lot of subtle details in the game and I'd love to see this getting finished after the jam! :)

That was quite an experience! It was more of an experience than a game but very pleasing nonetheless! Awesome visuals and sounds.

Very nice game! :)

It took me a while to figure out I could grab the first green block by just running through instead of jumping and moving at the right time, I felt pretty dumb. After that it was a pretty solid run towards the end.

Very nice game! :)

Like others I also enjoyed my ride on the top lane after I figured that was the easiest one. I like the ideas of adding active data only on certain lanes so you're required to switch. Also a drop down (move on lane down) button would be nice.

I was missing the music in Firefox so I played it again in Chrome and there it worked nicely... But then I started missing sound effects for when I was riding the lane with the right color.