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A jam entry

Cyber RiseView game page »

Collect orbs to slow the Rise!
Submitted by Teddy Bradford (@teddybradford) with 14 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline


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Graphically very interesting...i like the style but this idea of changing perception didnt help 

Quite competent game indeed. I would have benefited from having the ball stop a little faster when landing as the classing move backwards was way too confusing to figure out... could do a tilt + tap version but I would so not get more than max 10 on such controls.

Loved this - controls felt surprisingly natural, which is tricky to do with iso. High score: 221 :)

jackasquires · 3 years ago

I really love the visuals and the music. The perspective is really interesting as well and makes it challenging. Really good job!

Mark Wonnacott · 3 years ago

really good work on the visuals, they're great :D

depth perception is haaard, maybe you could make it more obvious with some kind of beam of light coming down vertically from the player, with an obvious effect for when it's touching the surface?

Solkar · 3 years ago

Awesome. Hard and challenging. Add more orbs like double jump or something.

Jupiter_Hadley · 3 years ago

Really cool game, a bit challenging but fun! I included it in part 16 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you want to check it out :) http://youtu.be/osy0KoJS_BI

Awesome style, loved the lighting effects.The key to surviving is never pressing more than one arrow key at a time. Really cool game.

I'm a really bad gamer I think... but I really like the arts, the ambience is great, nothing to say with the gameplay, it's fun!

I like the atmosphere here. Once I figured out how to use the arrow keys correctly in the isometric view it was then a question of depth perception and figuring out where I'd land. The shadow definitely helps when you try to line that up, but the buildings are still a little hard to discern where they are in relation to each other sometimes.

The game definitely creates that frantic atmosphere where I'm struggling between the decision to try and just jump higher versus getting more powerups to slow the encroaching camera. Great job!

I agree that its incredibly difficult to play, but I really like it.  You have such a level of detail in the simple art, it's really cool.  Neat concept - simple idea - REALLY frustrating controls!!  

My biggest complaint is that nearly every direction key makes you go up or diagonal up, except for the down key.  This makes it nearly impossible to properly align yourself to get orbs.  If you went too far up, you're basically screwed - esp cause if you miss one orb you're basically screwed.

Anyway, really nice work!

Feel free to rip my control scheme apart!:  
My Entry: HeavyArms

There are so many different types of isometric control schemes. During testing, this setup seemed to work the best (though possibly a bit more confusing to get used to than others). In a future version I will definitely add settings to allow the player to select which type of isometric controls he or she is most comfortable with.

The visual style is really slick, I like it.
I found the frustrating thing about the controls was that I kept expecting up and down  keys to move the opposite to left and right - along the diagonal, if that makes sense. It's fun to play, but maybe it could be improved by starting the game off easier, allowing the player to become familiar with the controls, and then increasing the difficulty.

Works on mac, neat game. Very very hard, when you move left or right it moves you forward so you have to counter by pushing down, this is what made it tough for me. 

When i tried to move quite quickly the ball goes off screen. Graphics, sounds etc are spot on!

At first I felt that it was much easier to try and go into one direction the whole time as it seemed I could jump over any gap or height of building anyway. And then I didn't have to do corrections on my three dimensional isometric position, but then at times I still seemed to miss some important slowdown orbs to get further. 

Current hiscore is 135. Not sure if that's good or not, but still happy that I'm improving.

A difficult game, but maybe not impossible! Great aesthetics and music. Wish I could play for longer. :x

Thought you might want to play Dayglow Empire, if you haven't already. :)

Really amazing! Love the visuals so much. I'd love to see diferente colors on that too, maybe levels? The "weirdness" of the controls gave a special touch to it =)! Really cool!


· 3 years ago

Really challenging game, the overall look and feel is really unique and very pleasing. I couldn't get very far because I have terrible spatial recognition but I enjoyed what I played!


Controls a pretty tricky. The game has good presentation value.

Looks great , nice lights! It's hard to get used to the controls and the depth perception at the beginning but after a while, it feels pretty good and tense :) Still, it could gain a lot if difficulty was more graduate

My Entry

Dir3kt (View their submission) · 3 years ago

What an amazing look and feel! Puzzling at first but fine once used to it. Reminded me a bit of Marble Madness.

There is a building and a ball, but it keeps flashing then maybe restarting? Maybe its not loading fully? Play put some instructions, what am I missing?

My Entry: Mech Stroller

It was really difficult at first because it's hard to tell depth and that stuff but once I got the handle of it I couldn't stop playing. It's just a matter of playing it for a few minutes until you understand the movement.

I found it very hard to jump from building to building.  Way too many gaps for me!

Thanks for the feedback! The speed seems fine to me (though I have been playing the game for extended periods of time), so perhaps I should add some kind of difficulty setting that adjusts the base speed of the Rise. I do like your idea to make the landing area more apparent – I think just turning up the intensity on the under lighting on the ball might do the trick.

Almost impossible to play, sadly. It's really hard to tell depth / position in an isometric perspective, so there needs to be a constant shadow or something to indicate where you're going to land after a jump.

The screen is also way too fast in the beginning. It should start slow, and slowly ramp up in speed. The powerups barely slow the screen down, and only for a very short time, making the learning curve frustratingly steep.

It's a cool concept though, and with some small refinements I could easily see it being really fun!

My entry: Dead Drop

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