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Please consider marking your download as windows so that it can be installed via the itch-app.

Consider marking your download as download for Windows so it can be installed in the itch-app please.

I don't know if this is just very well made evil detail, but when the ram jumps two tiles, it looks and feels like it has the same jump-time as when it is just jumping one tile. I've lost count on how many times that has killed me.

Aaargh I can't get more than 300 points!

Cool game (pun intended).

I would really have liked for it to support a controller input to, never did have a GameBoy but having a nav-cross and a jump button should be OK shouldn't it?

For the snowy platforms I think it would feel nicer if you got a little fraction of a second longer before you had to jump.

The fact that you can be more or less entirely outside the screen and still be alive was at times surprising.

There was something else about the controls that didn't feel 112% perfect, but I couldn't really pinpoint what it was (maybe something with grace-period of being grounded and allowing jump or even forecasting 'about to be grounded') that made the jumping a little annoying.

But, as per always: super well made!

@Delca you got to the end of the game. There was an issue with the HTML5 build that I hadn't spotted (fixed it now), which caused it to crash when trying to open the webpage that would show you the choices you've made. Glad you liked the game.

Really easy to understand, and I managed to explore quite some of the maze but I didn't find the goal. Because it is quite hard to visualize much more than a small segment of the map while playing (at least for me). I think it could have been nice to have the maze a bit smaller and work with several levels instead building up difficulty.

This was very similar to my game, but with lower frequency on the blinking and some other differences. I managed keep track of what I was typing a couple of words in. Neatly done!

Nice game, cool graphics and very relevant to theme.

It would have been nice to replay level and skip dialog entirely, but that's a small thing. The run speed of the sprite animation was a bit fast too but in all a nice and well made game.

After reading your comment bellow I discovered some of the platforms but then I got into a free falling warp cycle with no clear objective. I think the platforms need to show themselves clearer so the player understand what to do and look for. At least initially. The objectives, if not getting to where I was looping was the objective, wasn't clear either.

So, I like the basic idea of having a fps exploratory puzzle game with some odd physics and environment. I'm planning / starting to make one myself. But with those games I think it is extra vital to teach the player how to interact with the world in a clear and intuitive way or else the player gets lost and gives up. Especially initially. The world and everything odd will anyhow perplex and hopefully entrance the player.

Quite competent game indeed. I would have benefited from having the ball stop a little faster when landing as the classing move backwards was way too confusing to figure out... could do a tilt + tap version but I would so not get more than max 10 on such controls.

It took me some tries to realize from which side I was supposed to start (if it even matter). It would have been nice to have a visual data-flow through pipe progress that you needed to stay ahead of.

The one thing I was missing besides more options was the cost and benefit of the different options. Else I enjoyed hacking around some and at least weakening the enemy some.

Cool idea and I really like the video background but what exactly I was supposed to do and feedback from interacting with 9th was a bit slow or unclear.  9th seemed to disappear at times as well, which I think was an unintended glitch. But in general very interesting concept. I wasn't very good at obeying though.

Kind of nice game and managing the energy budget and all. It might be me but it felt like when I died there was not much I could have done differently, rather I got unlucky with combination en obstacles that happen to spawn. But it might just be me not being particularly good. The aesthetics was very nice, but the power up could have gotten some more love I think (since you obviously have the talent). The block thing that was not attached to any building I didn't get what it was or why it was hanging there. I get the reason for having it, but an option could have been to have something connected with wires to both sides (wires passable, thing in middle not).

Fantastic fidelity to the theme image and nice jumping thing. I didn't find or understand the mechanics but had quite fun trying out the jet-pack. Some distances on simple ledges were quite long and it would have been nicer to have some in-game justification for running them (awards or checkpoints or such).

As some pointed out, if the character had animations (or at least a scale.x *= -1 when changing direction it would have added a lot to the feeling. The staying on platforms was a little too hard to (better have quite short time keeping running after letting go of arrow instead of what I'm guessing is the use of friction).

I got a bit, but then there was a long double jump.

As with everyone else I played some solo, however it seems as it could be fun. Hard to tell though.

Kind of fun little tron-side scroller. I did not get very far and a main reason for that was that the up & down movement caused quite big movements so I had to do very fast taps to not fly across the screen.

Each time I got a download complete I also was quite surprised since there was no visible end to the bar I was expecting it to carry across the entire visual field.

Finally I think there (at least for first 3 levels) was little difference in difficulty between orange and red.

Else it was, as I said up top, a fun little game.

Ah that had a nice feeling of hacking, quite like the ppl on TV do their hacking. The game was much to hard for me though. First lvl should have been much easier I think. Tried a bunch of times and think I got one hacker but I must say I am not entirely sure. There could have been some visual queues directing attention to the dropper and the car. First fails I totally missed what was cars. And what I was supposed to do when I got the dropper. I did read the instructions, but I think first level could have been a bit more interactively instructive and as a said, a whole lot easier.

Really nice effects and feeling. Would have liked to continue playing longer but the thing that stopped me was the really funky jump. It got too annoying to be fun. The other thing, while I liked the hacking, since there was no stress moment or any way to speed up the hacking (e.g. do it in some rythm like old track and field) the bar took a little to many key presses without adding enough to the game experience.

In general, quite enjoyable game and nice piece-wise introduction to the aspects and controls needed!

Quite confusing indeed. I didn't even understand I was playing and how to orient myself. I think you need a HUD radar to show where attacks are approaching and right-clicking mouse really doesn't work with web-player.

Quite the gruesome death I got in the end. Not too surprising since I was so reckless. Nice and relevant style of writing with many items fitting the cyber-punk style of tech. I have a bit of a hard time playing text-games on the computer, get too restless, but at least I made it to the end of this one and that should count as quality.

Nice first game, liked having the sound source to navigate towards.

Some tips:

There's a mouse-lock feature you could have added for the web-player.

If you add a plane under the level and put the collider as a trigger you can do a Application.LoadLevel(Application.levelLoaded) in OnTriggerEnter of the plane to restart it automatically if player fell off.

Interesting and unusual idea, nice music & art. But unfortunately the game aspect failed to appeal to me. It could work as a type of mini-game in another game, but for me it did not really stand on its own.

I had quite fun trying it out. It would have been nice if the stats on the units showed up or was explained (e.g. this one shoots). also if the milk-producing thing (both mine and enemies had health-bars). And it actually took me a little while to understand that the game scrolled sideways (so maybe have a small HUD or so showing the entire field and where you are looking at it). 

But as I said, I had quite fun playing first level and half of second.

I think one major thing you are lacking here is a way to ease the player into the game so the player can get accustomed to controls (would have been nice to change mappings too) and dynamics of character and world. The sentry and turret come way too early. First the idea of hacking should be introduced in a safe environment. Then one type of enemy, then other, then both. 

Tried some times and I never managed to hack a thing and survive. I saw Jupiter play and she got passed first door, which was way better than I did.

So in one way it is hard to rate the game as I barely got to see the first seconds of it. But it is a common issue with jam-games, that they are too hard to early on (mine included). Hope you do a new easier version for us without super-mad skills.

Like the style, the music, concept, but simple can't learn to handle the controls. Jumping is very floaty and there are many very small edges to get stuck on. It's also a bit too hard to see what are platforms and not. Once I got a couple of sections on the first level, but then I couldn't find where to continue. A pity, because it looks like a really sweet game.

I think that because the first face of first building doesn't react it would have been nice if it said "Practice" and the displayed keys as you were meant to press them in accordance with the windows and "Jump" when you had to do so.

For the game itself, it was really nice. If the blended in clearer with the music and if the Z,X,C corresponded to different sounds it could be a real hit. Also, of course to start with a song with lower bpm to let people get better while feeling like they are good instead of failing and missing while learning. 

As I said, really enjoyed it! Great work

The art and the strangeness, the music, that was all very good indeed. What I was suppose to do to not fail the mission, what indeed the mission was, I have no clue I am sorry to say. It wasn't entirely clear either how the blue orbs worked, first I tried clicking on them with the mouse cursor as it kind of said that but after crashing through one I realized it was to activate collected orbs I was supposed to click.

Nice work, but even with the strangeness it needs better explaining and potentially also much easier start level.

I kind of had a hard time getting going. Mostly because one needed to build up run-speed before jumping and had very little maneuverability in the air. If one could jump almost as far or as far from standing still and have a little possibility to adjust it would be really nice game. As it is now, it starts out very hard and I think it would have been more enjoyable if I had gotten somewhere on the first couple of tries. The police could wait a little too and not join directly after first jump (almost).

Besides that, a nice game and I like the effect of the cars reacting to the landing! That had a very nice feel.

I managed to avoid for 40s, not more and that I did by trying to go straight as long as possible. Would have liked to have much more control over the car, as several others have pointed out. But as far as style and such it was really nice.

I got utterly confused while trying to play this, I am sorry to say. It think the game needs to introduce itself, how to play, assist the player initially. How to move up and down I missed was it with dot and comma? Write out that in that case and preferably have the game light up buttons for it when relevant.

Great style and I like how I could retry not from the beginning when dying. 

I would have liked the sound fx from shooting and such lower relative to the music and starting out I went for space to jump and then got really confused and though it was lagging or something. So paused should probably say so clearly.

I did not understand what the meter in the top-left corner was about or was it a fps meter?

Nice to see such a well done game with pygame! Maybe I should return one day.

It's a great start for a point and click.

It could have been nice to select interaction mode by scrolling or similar.

Other than that, it just needs more content!

Interesting indeed. Only wished it had been more of it. 

The shadow of the character was a nice touch when standing in the broken window.

I really wanted to be able to look in the direction I was traveling but other than that, not much to complain about.

I got to about wave 18 or so.

I loved how the mech turned its head after how I was aiming.

I would have liked a nice explosion when I failed but and if mouse-position direction could have showed at the edge of the screen when one was too far out (I started outside and it took me a little while until I realized that).

carelesslabs, that sounds really odd, the menu screeen only takes mouse clicking but was it there you had the problem or in game?

And, though rumor has it that humans are suicidal, they are actually care free and oblivious to robots. Predictable creatures humans are too.

I was a fan already at the early dev-images, and I must say you brought it around solidly indeed.

The one thing I didn't find was in-game instructions for controls. It took me almost an entire play-through before I realized left click actually was a hook thing and not shooting. Might be that is a bit Friday slow, but still.

I might have missed it, but I don't think the game came with controls instructions. It would have been nice if the mouse cursor wasn't visible in the play-area.

If you wish to add single player (which definitely will give you more plays) you could either have the window scroll at set pace or do an AI jumper.

The bonus of getting on the spring seems a bit large as the other player will have a hard time ever keeping up.

Other than that, I think you could build a game out of the mechanics.

I had fun playing it for a while but I would have liked to know how far I had gotten. Also, first time I died early on and as I saw no way to skip the first intro part I was almost put off trying a second time. So intro needs be possible to skip, at least the second time.