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Fun entry with a clever scoring system. The diagonal bounce pads and lock/key system were great too - could see this being taken further. Nice work!

Took me a while to catch on to the chain system, but it became very addictive once I did - 167x was my best, I believe, but I never made it to the end, unfortunately.

Great game - tons of style!

Wow, that's a tough one... Great character, fun concept, pretty tight controls, evil level design - nice job!

Very unique mechanic! I never felt quite comfortable with what I was doing though - for similar reasons as other people maybe. I mostly just mashed keys after a while and hoped for the best. I did find it a little cheap that an enemy could shoot me while off screen, but I wasn't able to hit them. Overall though, nice entry - loved the music!

Great game! Excellent use of checkpoints - made the game feel fair despite the fact that I died a lot. Didn't make it through the boss unfortunately (ran out of time) but enjoyed the game thoroughly.

Wow, the art is so good in this... I didn't get very far due to the difficulty (I'm just not great with difficult games in general) but what I saw was excellent!

Fun game and I LOVED the music - nice work!

Creepy eye is creepy. Loved have it snapped to the losing player - nice touch.

Awesome idea, and the execution was flawless. Except for that one flaw ;)

Loved this - controls felt surprisingly natural, which is tricky to do with iso. High score: 221 :)

Absolutely loved the art and sound - amazing! I really hope to see a more complete game in this style sometime soon.

Really like the balancing mechanic in this - really complemented the infinite-runner gameplay. Jumps felt a little floaty, and I wish there was some control over the height of a jump (length of button press, for example), but great entry overall!

Love the look and sound!

Really enjoyed this! Love the look (although I admit, I was hoping for isometric based on the title image ;) The only thing I noticed is that I really just played at the top the whole time - didn't see much reason to go below. If there was something to collect, or if only one colour had active data at a time, there'd be more reason to move around.

Really enjoyed this entry - very clever take on the guitar hero mechanic (would love to play it with one of those controllers, actually). I know it would be hard to work in with it being an endless runner, but it would be cool to see the ground approaching to really drive home the free fall/base jump aspect. 

Finally, a new personal best (512!) Pretty tricky entry - I like having to balance the overheating with not being able to shoot people, very clever. But why are there so many people and why are they so stupid! I swear they throw themselves in front of the robot ;)

Awesome entry! Made it to wave 11, I think - man, that ramped up in a hurry! Ran smooth for me though, even with that many guys on screen (ran the browser version). Some 80s synth rock would've been nice ;)

Pretty neat game - kind of addicting, too, almost in a cookie-clicker fashion. I wish there was another challenge to it aside from the timer - it's possible just to open one or two envelopes and then disconnect without any real penalty. And I actually liked the music ;)

Super impressed by the work that went into this - it's really polished and the puzzles are great. I'm not mathematically inclined, so unfortunately I didn't get very far, but really excellent entry!

I really wanted that personalized pixel portrait, but alas, it was not to be ;) Crazy hard, but that was offset by the fact that it wasn't random making it possible to get a little further each time. Great entry!

Great entry! High score was 4/10 - took me about 20 tries to get that far :P Love the concept of a level-based flappy bird, and the flip mechanic adds a lot!

Great entry! Really tricky when you want to get a high score. Got 7657 and then backflipped into a tree :P

Cool AND hard! Great job!

Great idea, using a picture of another game as a "template" for a new game :) Gets pretty difficult by the third/fourth rounds - partially because when I grabbed a piece, it was actually grabbing the piece beneath the one I thought I was clicking on (if that makes sense). 

Really like the art, but the controls felt a little too touchy. If I tapped my arrow keys, he jumped off the edge of the screen...

Love the visuals in this, and physics were actually a lot of fun. Some splatter when hitting the zombies would be cool - just to get rid of the cardboard cutout feel - but great entry!

Great job on the art - instantly brought me back to my SMB3 playing days :) Shouldn't be hard to add some randomization to it and it would add a lot.

Agreed with BigStompyRobots - nice art style. Love the colour palette!

Pretty fun entry - little tricky to grab the candies because of the viewpoint though. By the time I saw them, they were already past me. 

I'm glad I read Torsten's comment before rating this. Had no idea you could climb the sides of the screen as well. That really adds a lot to the game and is a very interesting mechanic. Great entry :)

Great little physics puzzler!

Very cute art style

Not much of a game to it, but that character is awesome. In a creepy, "I'll-never-eat-candy-again" kind of way ;)

Really like the concept of combining candies to produce different weapons. I agree with Herr von Speck on the bugs though - with some more time, this could be be a really fun platformer :)

Great entry - lots of content, nice visuals, fun gameplay. Felt a little hard even on easy, but I'm terrible at this sort of game...

Cute game - like and endless scroller mixed with a hit of Super Crate Box. Controllers felt a little finicky, but really fun entry overall

Great idea - excellent humour and it fits the theme of the jam perfectly.

I've never played a PDF game before - pretty original and very funny. Took me a while to see the ending. Doesn't matter, had cake ;)

For some reason, the ad wouldn't load and I couldn't play the game. Unless... maybe that was the game! ;)

The art looks great in this - any chance of a windows or web version?