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A top-down, twin-stick shooter, remake/demake of my LD39 entry.
Submitted by YUITI (@go_go_goto) — 7 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#844.3334.333

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Neat game! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)


Oh, thanks a lot for playing it! :D The intro, as I said, is kinda big (and I did record a few variations of it), I'm still improving on the idea and might have a full featured game (someday, who knows :P).


Nice, simple, fast-paced action game. You can't go wrong with big guns and lots of bullets, really! :) I did wish the music was a little quieter during the voice over as I couldn't make out some of it, though both were really good and well suited. Very cool!


Thanks! I kinda wanted to make more chaos in this version, since I couldn't during LD, so I juiced that part a bit! :P The audio was kinda juiced up too and I recorded at least 4 different versions of each voice, but forgot to balance! >_<... Will work on that! :O


Wow! There's even voice acting and everything. A very polished entry, it looks good, the music is neat and plays real smooth and fast. Had a small glitch during one of the runs, the music stopped playing in the 8th level for some reason.


Thanks for playing! I really wanted some voiced cutscenes on Ludum Dare, but didn't have time, so after it was finished, this was a great opportunity to remake the game and add a bit more juice, even with a 10x lower resolution. I'll check the music problem here, I think I know what caused it.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Excellent entry! Great audio, visuals, gameplay overall, and the intro in particular was very well done. Was the idea of the plasma running out Ludum Dare inspired? It worked really well as an reason to not just spam bullets everywhere :P


Thanks! :D Yes! This project is a remake of the latest Ludum Dare game I made, so it follows the theme! But I kinda wanted to juice it up a bit, so I added more particles, some bots, new soundtrack and a new voiceover (which I didn't make, during LD). The idea is to force the player to spam a bit on further levels too! :P


The best intro! :D
It would be cool if the bullets and effects were a bit brighter In my opinion. But overall it is a really fun fast-paced shoot 'em up with a great audio work. Very well done!


Thanks! :P Will check out the bullet color thingy, might be because I kinda darkened most sprites because I thought they were too bright :P Kinda did the bullets with almost the same colors too, which might make it a bit difficult to distinguish shots (but increases screen chaos! :D).

I really did wanted to do some voice overs than I could in the LD, so I recorded a lot more this time! :P


Wow, I'm not usually one to play bullet hells, but this was a lot of fun. Great game "feel", and I really liked your audio work for the intro! Awesome stuff :)


Thanks! Initially I wasn't going to put so many particles, but I started to like how it looked and thought "why not?" for making some chaos. the idea was to have even more chaos as you progress, forcing you to waste ammo sometimes. :P

I really wanted to put cutscenes and more audio on the LD version, so I kinda did it with this one! I recorded over 4 different voice overs for each sound, even the intro has 4 versions there, kinda wanted to give a more random feeling with this. :)

Thanks for checking out the game! ;) Yours was really Awesome! :O


The game is super fun, fast paced, action orient, though a bit too difficult to me.  Certainly a must play.

Did you record the voices yourself? How did you reach that quality level?


Thanks for playing here! I still need to balance the challenge level and other things in this game, I'm really eager to do soon! :)

Oh, yes, the voices were all recorded by myself! :) Actually, I just used an old iPad 2 (internal microphone) with RecTools, changed the pitch using SoundForge and processed the pitched sounds using FL Studio (eq, reverb and some lo-fi plugins). I really like tampering with audio. :P


you did a great job! I was experimenting some real cheap tech to record voices for processing (like asking friends to send voice messages via whatsapp) and was having close to satisfying results. I was using my old phone to record noises and it was decent too, but nothing close to that level. It certainly makes me believe I can reach that quality level at least. Thanks


You totally can (and you will) reach nice quality levels, I'm sure! :) I used my old iPad which I got pretty cheap, but could've used cheap microphones and even my Android phone here with some nice results (it's a LG Volt, or Spirit if you're outside Brazil :P). The important thing is to try things! ;)

I didn't have money to spend on nice equipment, so I kinda tried all cheap stuff I could. I always try to find some app or gadget I can record for cheap, like RecTools for iPad, WavePad for Android (records Wave in 44.1Khz, 16-bit, which is pretty nice!) or WavoSaur/Audacity on Windows.

I want to do some kinda guide for quick, amateur, home recording for gamedevs someday, if I have the opportunity! :P