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Alexey Sigh

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Thank you! 
And yes – there will be an update : )

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Since the jam is over there won't be much attention to it. So it is slim indeed, but I have some thoughts 🤔

Thank you so much!
I really enjoyed watching your video :D 

Thank you for your feedback!
I've just added a new version (v1.01), in which the jump from the edge became easier. I hope it helps : )

Thank you for the nice video and your feedback! :D

Yeah, I will definitely do something more in the future with that kind of style 😌

Thank you! I did 👍

Just download the archive, unzip it and run hlme.exe
If you have a 32-bit version of Windows download hlme_32.zip 

Haha great video! 😄

Thank you! : )

Yay! Thank you very much!
Get a cool let's play – achieved :D

Thanks! : )

Gorgeous pixel-art! The game overall is very well done. Congrats : )

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Thank you! : )
Yeah, I will definitely add health-kits in the post-jam version

Thanks a lot! : )
Yeah the rolling-guy is pretty dangerous haha 

The best intro! :D
It would be cool if the bullets and effects were a bit brighter In my opinion. But overall it is a really fun fast-paced shoot 'em up with a great audio work. Very well done!

Merciless game! But it is really cool how you managed to do an actual metroidvania for the jam. Good work!

No one expected :D

Very nice game. I definitely see how fun it will be to play this game with friends : )
Good job! 

Thank you for your feedback! 

Here is a tip just in case : )
Roll does not save from a direct punch, but opponents beat with a delay. So a good tactic is – quickly roll to be behind his back (when he comes up) and punch from there, and when he turns to you – roll and punch again. Just a bit of practice and everything will turn out!

I love the bouncing! :D
And the game itself is really smart and well done

Nice little game. Lovely art and really cool logo : ) 
Great work!

I like this game. Nice graphics and levels with gameplay concept that not aged : )
Very well done!

Thanks! : )

Thank you! : )

Oh, I wanted to make the health-kits drop out of the train when it passes by : ) but unfortunately, I didn't have time 
Thank you for the comment!

Thank you! : ) Yeah, tutorial needed. If there be a post-jam version I definitely add it

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I really like the atmosphere of this game. Well done!

I liked the game. Excellent level design. Good job!

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Use of 64x64 limit – 10/5! :D
I really love the idea behind this game. Great work!

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Interesting concept and insanely cool animations!

To be honest, it is a snow, but I've always liked the newspapers that flying around the city in GTA 3. Two things in one effect – done :D

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Hard and cool!

I really like the atmosphere of this game. Well done : )

Thanks! : )

It's hard but I love the dynamic gameplay and visuals! Well done : )

Yeah! The world needs more beat 'em ups 😁
Thank you for your comment : )

I beat them ALL! 😤
It is a good beat 'em up you've done! Good work : )

Great idea and realization. All these clicking sounds and insane gun-designs – just love it!

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it 😃
Yeah.. it is not a perfect decision haha but for some reason I found it funny to punch stuff with adventure kind of music :D