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Alexey 'cptnsigh'

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Thank you! : )
Yeah, sure thing. It'll be interesting to see how much the game will change with time

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Thank you! 
It's simply a render texture with no filtering applied to a quad

Thank you for your feedback!

I made a little update with an arrows support

Sounds and music would be there a bit later in a post-jam update : )

Thanks a lot! 

I understand why sounds is critical but I really wanted to focus on design for this jam specifically so I really glad to hear it : )

Thank you!

Yeah, next week I'm going to upload post-jam update for Windows


You can press R to restart level at any time : )

Thank you!

Yeah, I wish I had time for sounds. Maybe in a post-jam update if it happens

Thank you! : )

Thank you! : )

Ha-ha, thank you! : )

It was really fun to work on this game. Thanks for the jam!

haha this is so cool :D 

Great speedrun, Dooboofloo!

Thank you for your feedback!

- Yep, the sensitivity in the list. You can rebind all keys in the Input tab (in the configuration window)

- Yeah, I'll try to make zombies more fair to deal with

- Done it! : ) 

- I'll think about it

Here is the first place where you can find it : )

It is okay and totally appreciated in fact 😌

It's odd 🤔

Try to download

Hi, bearman101!

Try WinRAR

Thank you for the video and feedback! 
Oh, I screwed up a bit, the boxes are almost invisible in the environment – you can find something useful in them (pistol ammo in a room at 1.5 for example). It can help : )

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Thanks for the awesome video! Usually, It scares me to watch somebody plays my game because of the bugs and flaws in design. But your let's play made my day :D

The weapon can be changed with the mouse wheel. Or by numbers if you download 0.1.p1

Thank you!

Hmm, it seems I should hide secrets better )


Oh, the cursor must be locked. But I did an additional check on unpause. Also, I added a right stick support and some other missing buttons. Haha, very unusual on the gamepad :D

Yay! Thank you very much!
Get a cool let's play – achieved :D

Thanks! : )

Gorgeous pixel-art! The game overall is very well done. Congrats : )

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Thank you! : )
Yeah, I will definitely add health-kits in the post-jam version

Thanks a lot! : )
Yeah the rolling-guy is pretty dangerous haha 

The best intro! :D
It would be cool if the bullets and effects were a bit brighter In my opinion. But overall it is a really fun fast-paced shoot 'em up with a great audio work. Very well done!

Merciless game! But it is really cool how you managed to do an actual metroidvania for the jam. Good work!