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Tiny sci-fi metroidvania for #lowrezjam
Submitted by Alexey 'cptnsigh' (@cptnsigh) — 8 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#114.8134.813

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Just wish there was a health bar. Aside from the lack of audio, it's a tremendously great game.


Nice idea, I love metroidvanias. The art is very good, too bad you didn't get to put some sound in it.   

I couldn't get very far because the restart (R key) didn't work for me so I had to keep refreshing the page everytime I died :/


pretty nice, kongs!


Good game, great art! Very harsh - kept getting killed by the first enemy and was a bit annoying that it wouldn't restart automatically (maybe I missed a key to press?) so I refreshed the page everytime. Great animation and great use of the limitations!



You can press R to restart level at any time : )


Aha! My bad!


Looks like a very fun game with lots of effort! It lags alot on my browser, so any chance of an .exe download?


Thank you!

Yeah, next week I'm going to upload post-jam update for Windows


Nice! Can't wait to play it!


Absolutely gorgeous art! I appreciate the amount of polish and bounciness in all of the mechanics. Everything felt great. It's a shame as others have said that there was no sound. You utilised the small amount of space so well - nothing felt cramped, and there was a great amount of details. Good pacing with the "tutorials" and introduction of mechanics. Classic metroidvania. Great work!


Thanks a lot! 

I understand why sounds is critical but I really wanted to focus on design for this jam specifically so I really glad to hear it : )


Art, animation, level were pretty good, the only thing missing is the sound, nevertheless is still a really nice entry. Great job

PS: If you have time please try out my entry, nothing special, but I hope you enjoy it.


Love the way this game looks! From the color palette to the squishy animations it's a treat for the eyes. I wish the levels were tweaked a bit so enemy placement is fair and the pitfalls you jump are on screen so you can see where you are headed. Other than that super fun! 

Submitted (1 edit)

Beautiful game, created wonderfully with a couple of major letdowns. The keyboard controls were quite cumbersome - would have loved to have been able to use directional arrows for movement rather than having my hands hunched around WASD and Q/E/R. I also found that a couple of screens had enemies very close to their "entry point" and I would glide into them and die before I really had a chance to react. Would have loved some sound and music too.

Nonetheless, they're small problems in a game that is beautifully presented, making excellent use of the small resolution and generally feeling like an excellent, polished game.


Thank you for your feedback!

I made a little update with an arrows support

Sounds and music would be there a bit later in a post-jam update : )