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As a small bug-type creature, your job is to pollinate all the flowers in a 2D world.
Submitted by lazerfalcon (@lazerfalcon)
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The game's really well-made! I love the almost 1-bit style graphics, kinda reminded of Downwell for a second. Graphics and sound go really well together and it plays really nice too! It took a bit of time to get how the gameplay works, but overall feeling was great! :)

Maybe, like other said, you could expand on gameplay and add more levels, as it starts to repeat itself a bit. It feels like a good endurance game if played that way tho. Maybe keep some basic level layouts and find a way to increase difficulty every loop? :P

Good job! ;)


I really loved the graphics! I could really use some more instructions, it took a while for me to understand the mechanics but when I did it was great :)


Pretty nice, love the graphic style and colours, good job


Cool idea, cool sound and style. Maybe you can expand different mechanics like with the mushroom. Maybe you could have other plants that grants you other powers, maybe wall jump for a short time or instant teleport... :) Nicely done!


Duly noted! I have another playable character that I wanted to introduce into the game, but I was left crafting the majority of the "levels" in the last few hours of the jam... :( I'll get back to improving it post-jam, after I've played through as many other entries as I can! Thanks for playing! And thanks for the input!


Quite original gameplay, although it took me a while to figure out what to do :)


Nice platformer, nice art, it's very well done entry. Good job.

PS: If you have the time, please try out my entry (don't forget to rate it : ) )



Looks great and the retro sound effects work nicely with the style. I didn't entirely understand the gameplay at first but once I understood what was going on it was a nice little game. I did find the controls a bit fiddly/ jittery - possibly to do with the collision. The biggest problem was doing big jumps on the mushrooms. Still, I think it is a fun concept that could be easily expanded with more plant types.


Like mentioned below, it appears you left viewport scaled to actual size. I was able to play by zooming in my browser window. 

I think some instructions would be helpful. I had trouble figuring out the mechanic initially. What I came up with was it appears you "drop" pollen when you move/jump. I had originally just assumed the pink particles were just effect to add some flare to your movement. After some testing, the more of the particles I drop by moving I do see my gauge deplete.  It's an interesting mechanic because you now have to use your movement carefully and with consideration, else you wont have enough pollen to complete the stage. A fun little platforming/puzzler hybrid. However, you can't seem to "jump" while on top of the flowers (I'm guessing because you fail the "on ground" check required to jump) and I couldn't seem to find a key that allowed you to just "drop" pollen. So if my initial jump on to the flower didn't leave enough pollen, I'd have to walk off and then jump on again. This isn't necessarily bad, but felt clunky. The mushrooms seemed to react to me pressing the up key, but not always. I like the look and feel of the game. Definitely consider continuing to tweak the mechanic while maybe working on communicating what that mechanic is to the player.


Thanks for playing the game. My initial intention was to not put any instructions regarding the controls... I figured it would be just like how in Super Mario Bros, you aren't told exactly what has to be done. The flip side of this is that with computer gaming, you have more than just 4 arrows and 2 buttons... so I guess had to give in, and put some instructions on the page. :|

I didn't want the Pollen8R to be able to "crush" the flowers, that was my intention for not being able to jump from them... but this could not have easily been intuited from the information that the player is given.

I've fixed the scaling issue. Have a play again and let me know if the game makes more sense, now.

Submitted (1 edit)

I would love to play this but it's currently not stretching to fill the input view - just shows in the upper left hand corner very small. Looks like its fixed at 64x64.

Developer (1 edit)

Fixed! Have another shot at it, and let me know what you think! Thanks for trying it out.


Neat little game! I really enjoyed this. The pollenating mechanic is cool - though i didn't totally understand at first that I needed to use the pollen trail behind me, rather than just jumping up and down on stuff (which also kind of worked but slightly misleading). Might be cool to have an introductory level that forces you to jump over something to pollenate it rather than landing directly on it, just to demonstrate. Wish it was longer so I could play more! Would love to see some harder levels with moving obstacles / enemies / traps and such.