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I generally hate this kind of self-promotion, but for whatever reason, I checked out your music... Really solid work! I might have to hit you up in the future.

For paid work, do you provide individual stems or middleware implementation?

Very cool! Thanks for listing the libraries that you've used! Really generous of you!

I disagree with the need to provide more explanation. I think that the only thing that SHOULD be explained to the player (especially with regards to platformers) is how to control the character. The rest of the mechanics can be learned along the way.

Really solid offering. The game is interesting. The level of difficulty is spot on. The level of polish is excellent. Your use of the shapes is 100%. It's not always easy to perform those double jumps, but well worth the effort to see the long lost friends reunited!

Great little dungeon crawler with nice FX. I love the detail that the developer put into this game from subtle camera shakes to small variations in the penumbra.

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Great little game that will keep you coming back. The sections where you fall through the floor are a very nice touch to an overall excellent experience.

Nice attempt, but next time, be sure to stick to rules! :P

Just wish there was a health bar. Aside from the lack of audio, it's a tremendously great game.

I would have liked to be able to use a controller or mouse to orient the character, but that aside, nice simple puzzler. 

Very fun. It had me wishing for more. Love the style of it all.

Well put together great little game. Love the music and SFX. 

Please do finish the game. I love the fact that you just pushed it to the metal with Rust! ;)

Never heard of LabChirp, but it's a great little tool. I might just use this instead of as3sfxr... or maybe just keep both in my repertoire.

I really like the character animation. Very well put together offering - just wish it had sound.

My problem is the same: AudioClips not looping seamlessly, most likely due to AAC compression. The slight discontinuity causes a noticeable glitch after every loop. I found some resources that might help me solve the problem. I'll ping you, if I have time to implement something.

This is one of the (if not THE) best games that I've played in this jam. Brilliant! 5/5 (What engine did you use?)

This is a remarkably beautiful game. Can't wait for the full version! ;)

Who knew that Metroid would be even better in this format? Great adaptation of a great game!

Makes me wonder if any of the donuts are filled with (lowrez) jam... Really nice game.

Fun game. Nice style. Could possibly be improved by a more appealing color palette, but overall pretty decent.

Great simple game. Well executed! Sound design is superb.

Fully agree with the minigame idea! I was just about to state that in my own comment. Great minds and such...

Love it! I got $4.99. :'(

Great graphics. Love the woosh sound. The music is a little too quiet in the mix. Jump is a little too high or maybe you should consider having the camera perform platform snapping ( Overall, great game!

I've got a technical question for you: How did you manage to loop the audio seamlessly in Unity for WebGL? Any help would be greatly appreciated, since this is a problem that I had in my lowrezjam submission.

Very nice game. I really like the environments and the overall vibe. I actually want to play this game in a smaller form factor - like the size of the thumbnails that you have.

Very solid character, controller and camera. Needs audio and a win condition or maybe a boss. Other than these small qualms, sweet offering.

Got a score of 227 before I realized that I could shoot. Now, I can't even match that score. :| Nice game.

Eww gross! There's bacteria everywhere! Nice game. Decent fun.

Very nice game. What I like most about this game is the fact that you crafted some excellent puzzles. Many ppl have already mentioned the 64x64 issue and the character controller, but these things aside, this is some really great game design.

Thanks for playing the game. My initial intention was to not put any instructions regarding the controls... I figured it would be just like how in Super Mario Bros, you aren't told exactly what has to be done. The flip side of this is that with computer gaming, you have more than just 4 arrows and 2 buttons... so I guess had to give in, and put some instructions on the page. :|

I didn't want the Pollen8R to be able to "crush" the flowers, that was my intention for not being able to jump from them... but this could not have easily been intuited from the information that the player is given.

I've fixed the scaling issue. Have a play again and let me know if the game makes more sense, now.

Duly noted! I have another playable character that I wanted to introduce into the game, but I was left crafting the majority of the "levels" in the last few hours of the jam... :( I'll get back to improving it post-jam, after I've played through as many other entries as I can! Thanks for playing! And thanks for the input!

Poor James is dead... but I had fun trying to keep him alive! Very solid offering!

Nice game. I played it a bit without realizing that I could control the direction of the flash light! SMH. I agree that the gameplay could be improved by adding more indication when actions are triggered, but either way, very solid offering!

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Dope "little" game. I just wish I could use a controller.  Try my game out if you have the chance:

Pros: Very nice color palette. Very well imagined.

Cons: No sound. Controls feel stiff.

Overall: Fun to play... Didn't get all the coins... :(

Graphics/Gameplay/Music all great. Plus a lovely "little" worm!

very nice idea. i could see this developed into a multiplayer game (for instance, where different types of bugs had different scores, or you have to eradicate your opponent's bugs).

my biggest issue with this game is the camera/mouse control. it might have been easier if the user could select locations with the arrow keys.

Definitely unique. 

Interesting idea. I clearly need more vegetables in my life.