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Corrupted Space - LOWREZ editionView game page

Clean up the mess and don't die (please), but this time, even harder
Submitted by egordorichev — 3 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#714.3644.364

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Oof, I'm terrible at time trials. The only thing I'm worse at is time trials with precision platforming! >.< Regardless, I enjoyed it when I got used to it. Really great graphics and sound, and simple controls! Awesome!


Really nice entry, quite challenging after the "turrets" start appearing! :O Visuals and sounds go really well, as well as playability. :)

Good job there! :D Also, +1 for Pico8! :D


Full marks for this one! :-D

I didn't notice that the dirt comes back at first: having to be fast adds more fun to the gameplay.


Eww gross! There's bacteria everywhere! Nice game. Decent fun.


This game is very difficult to play. The levels become progressive very hard to progress as you play though.


Really enjoyed the graphics and sound! Gameplay was fun but I would have enjoyed it more if the corruption didn't grow back. Great entry!


I played the LD version first and I got very impressed with what you acomplished in such a small amount of time. Then of course I played this version as well which was totally playable and enjoyable. I'm giving 5 in every aspect. Well done.

PS: If you have the time, please try out my entry (don't forget to rate it : ) )?



Walk around, touching every piece of ground to remove the bacteria near to it. It took me some time to realise that the bacteria grows back after you've removed it, meaning that you end up going over and over the same bits of the level trying to get it all clean before the first bit you did grows back; rather like painting the Forth Bridge, where once you get to the end you have to start all over again at the beginning. And once you get a few levels in, there are enemies that fire bullets which kill you (which is fine) but you walk faster than the bullets fly, so if you insert yourself into a bullet line and walk along with it, you end up walking into the bullet in front of you (and dying), which is pretty annoying. Although that's likely my fault because I'm not good at this sort of twitch reactions game. The implementation is flawless as far as I can tell, graphics and music and all.


At first, it looks like a small puzzle game, but the difficulty ramps up quickly. I think the bacteria growing back is a bit annoying as you don't know which places have it and wich don't, but overall it was a nice game with good graphics and sound.


Very entertaining game, simple mechanic but fun nonetheless. Very suitable music too.


Two jams with one hit, nice. Gravity switching isn't terribly original but it works in this one. Fun little game!


Great game, I was only planning to play a few levels but I ended up playing for a long time. The graphics look nice, the game play feels solid and it only took a few seconds to understand what I needed to do in the level. I like it. Not sure how long the game is but I got threw a lot of levels before i decided i wanted to put it down. Even has an auto save feature so you can pick it up where you left off. 

Not a lot of bad things I can say about the game. If I was to criticize anything, I would say the music gets old after a while. It sounds fine, but some variety would be nice every few levels.

Overall I really like it. Good job.


Thanks :) The game has a total of 31 levels ;)


Love the game mechanic and the look, but I think the larger viewport version works better. I had unfortunately played it before the LOWREZ version so it felt like taking a step backwards. Not sure how I would of felt had I only played the LOWREZ edition. Still a great concept and entry.


Took me a small while to work out exactly what the goal was, however once I got it, it was hard but a ton of fun. On top of that, it used the 64x64 restriction excellently, was a beautiful game overall, played well, and the music and sound design perfectly matched it. This game is pretty much the total package - incredible work.


Really good game - very much enjoyed this one! It became very hard very quickly - once the shooting things turn up it became more about luck than judgement for me

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool gameplay !

But it's really hard to see around with this resolution.