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Hehe yes, ended up kind of unfair but still some enjoyed it so i left it like that.

Thank you for playing ;)

That is an optional route. There is another path inside the next room through the hallway.

The idea there was to show the mechanic that upon hack failure some devices can get locked forcing you to find another route.

Thank you for playing :)

Worked perfectly on linux btw

Awesome. A super mario kart racing game for this jam, never expected!
Very fun and fair, love  how it looks and seriously it plays great.
Great game!!

Wow thanks a lot! Great to hear you liked it!

Yes I actually been thinking about creating something with math in mind, and puzzles, more oriented to education but still a game so this could be a start :)

Thanks! glad you liked it :)

Entertaining and simple! Good concept.

Very neat procedural game! I'm assuming this took a while. Great to see a fully playable game like this!

Excellent addictive game! Very simple and fun.
Great job!

Uh loved this game. Excellent controls and difficulty, was able to beat it and felt very fair. The tentacle alien octopus was great, once figured the pattern it was easy but fair.  Saturn feels hard if you start it first, else it all escalates perfectly.
The music and graphics are great, really feels like a retro shmup.

Amazing job with this game!

Fun and easy to play platformer! The only issue I found with a 360 controller is that when I died it kept rumbling forever lol, other than that, great job!
Good pixel art and soothing music.
Out of curiosity, did you just use plain SDL to make this?

The 3d visuals translated very well into the resolution. Liked the simplicity, thought I was stuck but from what I read in the description the game was over.

Still an enjoyable entry! Nice job!

Very detailed for a 64x64 adventure! Dying by eating the cake really got me lol. Managed to kill the guards but didn't figure what to do then (probably I screwed before).
I'm bad at these games but clearly this looks very well crafted, the animations are very expressive and everything feels polished, very impressive! Literally nothing to complain.

I enjoyed the action, got destroyed by the sand jellyfish! Perhaps I would make the player hitbox for the bullets a tin smaller to dodge them.

Nice entry though! Really liked how the music escalated with the action.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Yes probably a solution for the flashing cursor/prompt could be to invert the colors, when I actually was playing and testing I was always looking at the code ahead so I totally ignored that issue lol.

Certainly the math hack game was the less intuitive to figure instantly, having the stack of equations from bottom to top wasn't the best idea either, and marking the current one to solve could have helped, Had that as a TODO usability task but was totally exhausted the last day hehe.

Thanks a lot!
Was gonna do more balancing on the levels but ended in intensive bug fixing as always :P

Haha yes, actually even I got confused with Z/X if not using a controller.
Thanks a lot for playing!
Actually I thought about exploring more the "hacking" part with math and doing something more educative perhaps.

Very responsive. Had my doubts about how a 3d game with this view would play in 64x64 but it's quite nice.
Good entry!

Thanks a lot for playing and the great feedback!

Good point on the flashing prompt over the inputs, didn't really thought of that one!

But yes you're right, it could have used a little more polish in general to mitigate little annoyances though i ended tired from bug fixing at the last hours lol.

Going to play your entry today!

Wow now this is a polished and very well put presentation for a low res game. Incredible ambience!

Hey nice game! Simple and fair to play. I mean, that's some rogue snail.
The music comes from the left speaker only, all good besides that.

Love the retro feel, great pixel art and music.

Uff this is tough and awesome. Great concept. You should add a speedrun timer!

Love shmups, would have been nice to see more and with sound/music!
Some things I would change:

-Have the bullet sprites draw above the player but below the hitbox pixel (maybe at this res it's exaggerated though).

- Disabling the mouse input since it interferes with the keys when selecting character.

-Make the browser window bigger x2 or maybe add the full screen option

Oh and that background pixel art is top tier.

Even if you missed the deadline, well done :)

Oh nice some Beethoven in there .

Liked the sprite style and the usage of the space, makes the world feel bigger. The only "complaint" would be the speed but only because it's about delivering message, I'd guess it was intended :)

A clean entry imo, Nicely done :)

Nice simple game, love Bruce's animations and the happy music.

No real complaints. Wouldn't really change anything but for some reason I thought ducking also made me go faster.

Thank you for the great feedback!

I realize extra tutorials could have helped, and a better difficulty curve. Unfortunately i consumed all the time i had and couldnt ask play testers.

Maybe it feels unresponsive because the collider of the player is smaller than the sprite and that (combined with the sprite shape) can get tricky. Really something i will keep in mind for.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Sorry to hear :( it was a deadly mission.

I realize it ended kind of hard and rough difficulty, it's my constant issue when solo jamming lol

Yes. I used it for Petoink last year and I was really a newbie with the engine. Very user friendly IMO, if you're a programmer I doubt you'll find it hard to use, gdscript is fine, else you can use c# with mono (except that there is no web/mobile export for now).
The general concept of nodes and scenes and their organization is what gave me the most confusion at first..
Using it again this year of course.

Copado, me gusta la idea de virtual pet evolutivos locos y shmups. Sigan metiendole!
Saludos pebetes!

Thanks! We might elaborate further on this project since it technically was taken from a bunch of ideas we already had.
And yeah about music, I couldn't make anything in time but I will compose for it post-jam since I could use the practice.

Very clever and simple puzzle game. Love the gameboy styled palette.
Fell at the top left and took a while to get back to where I was. Maybe splitting into shorter levels could make it easier.
Still really good entry!

Hey great feedback! Didn't thought much of the backtracking part but you're right :)

Oh never expected to play a chameleon virtual pet simulator on a jam :)
I like this entry, with the guide you wrote it makes sense. I don't think it'd be very viable to explain all that in-game. Would like to be able to play without fullscreen though.

Very well thought game! difficult but I feel it's supposed to be, took me a while to go past level 3 and got stuck heh.
Maybe I'd change the victory music for something more subtle. Also I'm sure if instead of retrying from level 1 it would restart from current level it would seem a lot easier :)
Great entry!

Thanks, we appreciate it :)
Oh I didn't know about labchirp, good one!

Hey nice puzzle game! Takes a while to get used at seeing the similar beetles, but I guess that's part of the challenge. Had a little trouble moving the camera because I was trying to drag it like in a tradiotional RTS but then realized it was about leaving it pressed to accelerate.

Good game :)

Very entertaining game, simple mechanic but fun nonetheless. Very suitable music too.

Eh this is awesome! Got stuck a while at level 3 but got through, great concept, like the lovely worm and the music is very catchy

Nice puzzle game!
Fairly challenging. Got stuck a little in level 18 by not shooting perfectly the vines but really great game indeed.