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Copado, me gusta la idea de virtual pet evolutivos locos y shmups. Sigan metiendole!
Saludos pebetes!

Thanks! We might elaborate further on this project since it technically was taken from a bunch of ideas we already had.
And yeah about music, I couldn't make anything in time but I will compose for it post-jam since I could use the practice.

Very clever and simple puzzle game. Love the gameboy styled palette.
Fell at the top left and took a while to get back to where I was. Maybe splitting into shorter levels could make it easier.
Still really good entry!

Hey great feedback! Didn't thought much of the backtracking part but you're right :)

Oh never expected to play a chameleon virtual pet simulator on a jam :)
I like this entry, with the guide you wrote it makes sense. I don't think it'd be very viable to explain all that in-game. Would like to be able to play without fullscreen though.

Very well thought game! difficult but I feel it's supposed to be, took me a while to go past level 3 and got stuck heh.
Maybe I'd change the victory music for something more subtle. Also I'm sure if instead of retrying from level 1 it would restart from current level it would seem a lot easier :)
Great entry!

Thanks, we appreciate it :)
Oh I didn't know about labchirp, good one!

Hey nice puzzle game! Takes a while to get used at seeing the similar beetles, but I guess that's part of the challenge. Had a little trouble moving the camera because I was trying to drag it like in a tradiotional RTS but then realized it was about leaving it pressed to accelerate.

Good game :)

Very entertaining game, simple mechanic but fun nonetheless. Very suitable music too.

Eh this is awesome! Got stuck a while at level 3 but got through, great concept, like the lovely worm and the music is very catchy

Nice puzzle game!
Fairly challenging. Got stuck a little in level 18 by not shooting perfectly the vines but really great game indeed.

Simple and clean. Liked the monitor messages

(1 edit)

Neat concept!
Really liked the melting ice/save dudes mechanic. Any plans in making more levels?

The monologues of the player add a lot of charm, really clever adventure game, love the planet based mechanics.

Very good concept to play around, enjoyed it playing on my phone. Touch controls work fine, the tutorial really helps a lot. The game requires some patience, but it's really good :D

Love the simple and stylish retro pixel art, feels futuristic. Gameplay is very entertaining, gotta watch each steps. Really like the alien sprites.

Simple, addicting and tough, scoring 5 was a challenge for me :P
Played on my phone, for some reason the desktop.jar doesn't get past the grayt apps logo.

I'll have to check that stealth system you made with Ashley, looks like a lot of work was done in there!

Great stealth action game, easy to understand and play, fun and very natural to play.

Very polished game, died at level 2. The gameplay is very smooth, simple turn based is quite fun. Excellent work with the sounds and VA.

I just uploaded RC3 with an important bug fix that also made the last stage almost unplayable

Thanks a lot for trying the game and the feedback.
@kyperbelt, I also fixed a bug related to collision handling, that should be fixed now, again, thanks for the feedback :)

Tell me it's a platypus spaceship! I cannot unsee that.
Looks good, enjoyed watching the earth dramatically explode after crashing into a planet. Maybe it's a little slow paced but it's fair enough

Buen juego, saludos :)

Really fun puzzle game and easy to get into. Gave me some puyo puyo vibe :P
Perfectly played on the browser.

Would really like to try a jar for linux/mac :)
Devlog looks really interesting!

As @Darren mentioned, the desktop jar lacks the manifest: "no main manifest attribute, in desktop-1.0.jar", maybe you can build using provided gradle: gradlew desktop:dist

On android plays and looks great, motion controls make it feel really natural. Can't dislike pong :v

Good simple concept, neat animations.
Played on an old samsung galaxy perfectly, kind of hard to get the controls with touch but it adds to the fun!
Hope you guys continue on it :)

Excellent game! Feels really polished, and very ambicious. Sort of hard to get into at first, but it really motivates to continue playing since it doesn't take that much to restart.
UI is clean and not hard at all to understand. The audio fits the atmosphere incredibly. Achievements and statistics are very helpful to see what you can do.

Thanks for all the comments :)
@kyperbelt: Thanks a lot for the report, I will check that out, though the code is very bare bones in many places and it's probably asking for a brutal refactoring hah
@mmachida: That's a great idea yes, we have a lot in our minds to do with this, but after playing by ourselves we realized it the potential of making it very challeng based, online would be awesome yes!

Cursor keys and playing tips added!

@devilbuddy: Thanks for the comment.

@apricotjam: Wow that's great to hear :D. I agree with you I don't think it's unfair, if it had more easier levels to have a decent learning curve for the player mechanics it wouldn't alienate lots of players..

We will make a full game out of this idea and mechanics after the jam is over, so serioulys I'm very happy for all the feedback. I will continue to check all your entries ;)

Had to go easy mode to get past level 4 with the spawning red guys. Good mix of enemy patterns.
Upgrades are great, but wish I could have upgraded the ship speed more lol. The data logger was a nice feature.
Nice shmup entry :)

Never mess with a space brocoli.
The most fearsome ingredient to fetch for your space salad.
Good entry :)

Feels very classy, was a little weird to play with mouse for me, but love the pixel art and gameplay is very clean.
Good gaem :)

Very clever and entertaining mechanics. Love the awesome effects, runs perfectly on my old laptop.
Great game :D

This is really fun to play and looks awesome, I'm gonna have to check how you did that screen effect.

Nice use of lights, really makes you feel the atmosphere of being stranded. Good use of physics, tried to escape with a ship stucked on my wing hah, good entry :)

I added some playing tips on the game page, hope it helps :)
We really appreciate the feedback! It is very valuable.

Guys. play with the lights off!
Creepy, excellent atmosphere was accomplished here, lightning does a great work, and that thing really scared me :P
Saludos de Uruguay!

Loved the characters and the "voice acting" haha good to see some humor
Clever use of the perspective camera. Was able to finish after getting killed a lot by stupid things, but nice twist.
Great submission :)

Wow haha! Thanks for the comments guys. The audio department couldn't get in time, l got confused with the deadline and submitted 9 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline :P
I know what you did there mmachida, keep it a secret haha. Will play your game tomorrow with time!

That sounds very troublesome way to fix it... Have you tried using alpha transparency instead of a color? It has been working fine for me that way.