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2D topdown hacking game about a fennec fox for lowrezjam 2019
Submitted by lordcoppetti (@lordcoppetti) — 9 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#314.7144.714

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Fun game! I included it in my LOWREZJAM compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Nice game! Impressed with how many levels you made. I really like the overall style, especially the music, it all fits nicely together. :) Got almost all the way through, but I died on the way back in the final level, so I ragequit. ;D


This was so awesome, definitely the longest I played any entry so far - I was hooked! Great concept with the hacking puzzles (could be a nice educational game if you went further with the math puzzles), and the level design was really great too. Good balance of puzzle difficulty and speed of the security cameras, made it accessible but also not too easy. Another great LOWREZJAM entry from you, lordcoppetti!


Wow thanks a lot! Great to hear you liked it!

Yes I actually been thinking about creating something with math in mind, and puzzles, more oriented to education but still a game so this could be a start :)


Nice! I really like this one :) Good graphics and the music is a great fit for a stealthy hacking game.


Thanks! glad you liked it :)


The walk animation and dialogues are cute! (=`ω´=)

Sometimes the length of a hack caught me off guard, but I'm not sure what I would do to balance it. Since the cursor and the target input are the same color, maybe when the cursor is flashing over an input the text color could change to dark green so it always remains visible.

Ah, I think I just figured it out, but the math equation hack didn't make sense to me at first. I thought I was looking for a pattern in all of the equations, but you just need to solve the bottom one huh? Maybe the equations that are waiting to be solved could use the medium green color to fade them out a bit.

Great work!


Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Yes probably a solution for the flashing cursor/prompt could be to invert the colors, when I actually was playing and testing I was always looking at the code ahead so I totally ignored that issue lol.

Certainly the math hack game was the less intuitive to figure instantly, having the stack of equations from bottom to top wasn't the best idea either, and marking the current one to solve could have helped, Had that as a TODO usability task but was totally exhausted the last day hehe.


I'm a puppy? And I can hack? And I can pretend to be solid snake? But as a puppy? What more do you need?

All the animations were on point. Explosions, trotting of the fox. Aesthetics of sneaking around. Top notch job!

I got confused a few too many times between pressing z and x (yes even with the visual AB keys). You could probably make a typing game out of this now that I think of it.


Haha yes, actually even I got confused with Z/X if not using a controller.
Thanks a lot for playing!
Actually I thought about exploring more the "hacking" part with math and doing something more educative perhaps.


Okay this is great!  I felt like epic hacker fox  :)  I really liked the mini game/hacking door aspect.  It started off easy and then the difficulty ramped up nicely.  Great job!


Thanks a lot!
Was gonna do more balancing on the levels but ended in intensive bug fixing as always :P


super fun hacking mechanic but i felt the lack of reseting mechanics when the hacking missed too may keystrokes, forcing the whole game to reset was kinda harsh. visually the graphics worked well within the 64 pixel limitation.  the audio was spot on.  I would have liked to see the cursor show the underlying character when its blinking the whole time, like just reversing the two colors so its lit up with a dark character, then dark with a lit up character so it can be seen.  although the hacking didn't really need any additional difficulty maybe having a time limit that is you hacked it quickly enough you could get some kind of bonus to encourage players to try and go quickly

I assisted on a game for this jam.  would love to hear your ideas on our game :)



Very cool, enjoyed this a lot! Nice concept, challenging and well executed. Others have already mentioned some of the bits that could be developed for a better play experience - I agree with the restart of the level being harsh. I'd add that on keyboard the A actually being Z confused me at first, but soon got used to that. The flashing overlay on the puzzle being the same colour as the key press could change as well - I had to wait for it to flash off to see what I was needed to input which ate into the time. The font was a little hard to make out, but that's a regular challenge at this res! The sprite looked like it was poking out of the top of the "vents" when I went through them too. Minor issues that would be really easily fixed and an excellent entry!


Thanks a lot for playing and the great feedback!

Good point on the flashing prompt over the inputs, didn't really thought of that one!

But yes you're right, it could have used a little more polish in general to mitigate little annoyances though i ended tired from bug fixing at the last hours lol.

Going to play your entry today!


No worries! As said, a really great game and these are minor issues! I totally understand where you’re coming from! It’s tough getting something done in this time and resolution, and bug tracking takes so long! Well done, post jam updates will just elevate it further!


Really neat game with a cool theme, although so punishing (having to restart the entire level if you die), the movement controls feel quite unresponsive/sticky, it's hard to tell where the cameras will see you, and the game pausing when you enter hacking mode not being really explained all make it a bit too frustrating. I'm sure with a bit more polish it'd be awesome.


Thank you for the great feedback!

I realize extra tutorials could have helped, and a better difficulty curve. Unfortunately i consumed all the time i had and couldnt ask play testers.

Maybe it feels unresponsive because the collider of the player is smaller than the sprite and that (combined with the sprite shape) can get tricky. Really something i will keep in mind for.


Difficult, but soooooooooooooo coooooooool ;). Very creative. I'm so sorry the fox is dead ;( RIP.


Thanks a lot for playing!

Sorry to hear :( it was a deadly mission.

I realize it ended kind of hard and rough difficulty, it's my constant issue when solo jamming lol