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heck, this is very cool. nice work

its wonderful ;w; thank you for this game

I enjoyed this game a lot ;w;

its very good..!

Damn that's good.

Yep, there is not much content again (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

on top of everything, this itch page is stylish as heck

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Those pixels and visual effects are beautiful nice work!! A link to the ldjam page would be nice too.

Oh my god this is fantastic!! please also add a link back to the ldjam page! ( ̄▽ ̄)/

I like this game.

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Hey great work! The art lovely! If the player hitbox were about half the size of a wall tile, navigation could be a lot smoother - especially in narrow passages. :^)

Potions might be better off as instant pickups - when surrounded in tight spaces it can be difficult to fight your way out if your weapon will get swapped out with an empty bottle instead of attacking :P

Really appreciate the systems at work though; mobs, loot, progression, animated text - very satisfying.

Immensely cool, great mood. Some high scores would be really satisfying.
Nice work

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The hidden value of the game may be in all the unrepresented implications. What's the accumulated cost of not working? Not speaking to friends or making new ones? Not consuming creative works as a creator or developing individual? To say nothing of the secondary upkeeps and what else they could be standing in for..

The energy setup is brutally effective. The end-of-day review is crucial.

Love the color, art style, and compositions.