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The Darkest Days of Dungeon DuckView game page

Help Dungeon Duck escape the ever changing dungeon!
Submitted by We The Squeemish (@wethesqueemish) — 9 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Very tricky game. I included it in my LOWREZJAM compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks so much Jupiter!


whew this is almost perfect, I think the hitbox issue is a problem with perspective. I walked into the spikes and screencapped the positions I died at to see what was going on. (apologies in advance, this comment ran long but its not all about the hitbox!)

A and B is the same death, I am guessing that the player hitbox is placed on the body, around the size of the blue square in image B. However the player's feet haven't reached the spikes yet, they are at different depths on the Z axis, the player really appears to be standing some distance in front of the spikes at the time of death.

In image C, we can see that the hitbox does make sense when moving downward. The player's feet (small x) are clearly in the middle of the spikes.

Putting the hitbox on the whole body makes sense in 2d platformers because there is no depth, but in 2.5D / isometric games I think the hitbox should be sized and centered according to the shadow. (The 'height' of the shadow is approximately how deep or round the character is, so it doesn't need to be 1px high like the yellow box in the graphic above and could instead fill the shadow, the yellow was to emphasize the center of depth).

ok but with that out of the way, the rest of the game is actually amazing and full of great details. I love the color palette. The duck and especially the ghost animations are *super* good.

The very first time I got to the switch and expected the screen to fade to lead to the next level, but instead the music changed, and the dungeon tiles started flickering to the beat, and then the ghost pops up behind me in the same corner.. the moment the objective clicked I had a huuuuge grin (and then I immediately died on a floor spike).

Anyway I got to the switch again and then after a little time passed in the dark the tempo of the music changed and the ghost... stopped... AND STARTED DANCING? (it-it was dancing right?) I mean I think the mechanic was to allow the player to pass by the ghost, especially when the random spawn position turns out to be disadvantageous right, but it felt like it had a personality, and was almost perfectly in sync with the beat.

The handwritten letters and little flicker in the title animation, excellent. The gleam on all the spikes, slightly offset from each other, and used as a hint/reminder in the dark? awesome. particles on the thwomps, awesome. the unique music for the victory screen, A++. progression screen in between stages, feels good. Tiles flashing in the dark on tempo with the music, super awesome.

So I think the hitbox needs another fix, kinda badly, but the rest of the game is truly fun and well polished. I think this is an overwhelming positive jam outcome.

Also, I'd encourage you to use a gif in the first 2 screenshots, because the animations are really strong in this game and people will be able to see that when they mouse-hover your game in the jam gallery. Currently the victory screen and title screen as the cover/1st screenshot didn't give me a clear idea of what in-game looks and feels like. (I personally love GifCam for its convenience and small gif filesize, tho you may want to temporarily resize the game and record gifs at 256x256px to get the best length/filesize/framerate ratios).


Thanks so much for this great comment. I'll definitely take your advice on the hitbox when I get a moment to jump back into it. 

Also, I agree with gif thing. That'll help the games visibility for sure!

Thanks again.


i likes the concept of having to re-navigate the levels in the dark but the hit boxes on the spikes seemed a little unfair to be honest.  maybe i was just not used to them.

I assisted on a game for this jam.  would love to hear your ideas on our game :)



Thanks for the feedback! 

I'll definitely check out your game. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

With the update all the unfair bug is fix, it's soooooo fun very goood work. You have change the player jump animation i think it's very cool.


Oh yay! Thanks for replaying. I definitely feel like it feels better.

The jump is still the same, but thanks anyway :)


I really like the graphics, the sound is amazing and the art around this game is flawless for this jam. 

Still the difficulty is very high from the start because the jump window is so narrow. That added to the darkness makes it a real challenge. It can discourage most causal players.


Thanks for the feedback. I've been getting this a lot, and I've updated the hitboxes to be more forgiving. I think the game is much better for it. I'd love for you to redownload it and give it another go.


Muuuuuuch better and still super challenging towards the end. I think that makes it much better so the people feels closer to the end and the keep being determined. :D


Very nice game. Nice pixel art. This idea of gameplay is very interresting but they are little problem like : the collision is to big so they are lot of unfair dead. And it's to difficult to make the level in the night ;). But after that this a very good game. Good Work.


I've updated the game with your feedback in mind. Please redownload it and try again, I'd love to hear what you think


yes i will try it ;)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice entry! The palette you used caught my eye. It surprised me how punishing the game was (not a bad thing, just that it didn't match with the idea I had from the cute character). And I liked a lot the aesthetics.

Considering the game requires such a precise movement, I struggled a lot with movement and jumping because it was hard for me to tell how close I was to a hazard. And I think that the perspective didn't help either. Maybe collision boxes from hazard could be a little more  forgiving? Or maybe you could add some kind of shadow to show exactly how close I'm from the hazard? Or maybe I just need to git gud haha.

Overall, nice work!!


Hi, thanks for the feedback!

I agree with you about the difficulty, I got used to it, but when I've watched my friends play it it seems very unforgiving.

Might have a tweak down the line sometime and maybe add a few more traps too!

Thanks again.


I've updated the game after all the feedback. Would love it if you could try it again.


Much better! These kind of things require lots of calibration and when you're on a deadline so tight as a game jam,is hard to find time to tweak them. Glad to know you took the time to update it!