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64x64 pixel-art shoot-em-up
Submitted by Ben James (@benjames171) — 11 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#124.8294.829

Ranked from 35 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice shooter! I included it in my LOWREZJAM compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


A very solid shoot-em up with many different weapons and even boss battles! I found once you get the triple green weapon, you can just chill at the bottom and dodge missiles.

I got to 2nd level, don't know how far it goes but looks pretty cool so far.


Wow... what a great game! 🤩
Been looking forward to playing this, after watching your dev progress on Twitter.
The graphics are SO good & the music is PERFECT! 👌
Could've kept playing for ages (but alas, I died - somewhere around the 171,000 mark)
Congrats and all the best in the Jam! 😉


Game had a great juice to it. Felt nice and tight. Excellent job!


I love the sound effects ! You did a great job with this game. I'm glad I could do more than 10 000 points :)


I hope this takes one of the first 10 places. Great game!


Wow!  This is amazing.  Really polished.  Very cool art,  sound, music and game play.  All in 64X64  nice achievement.


A very good game!

the graphics are very pretty and the gameplay is well used.
But the balls are pretty hard to see and the levels are pretty repetitive. But it gives an arcade side, old school. 

Very fun game !


ooh this is nice, I like the variety of enemy patterns and item effects and their distinct colors. the special had a cool animation. I love the title screen's text design and music! I think someone else was right that the sound could be rebalanced during gameplay, I'd like to hear the music emphasized over the bullet sfx.


I loved it. It fits the jam, the palette is great graphics are cool, music is what I expected. I have to rate this high in my list.

Very good sound effects and the little music is well. I love the aesthetics of the game :o The gameplay is dynamic and nervous. We have just little time to react when we see the enemy so it's a little difficult. Great job !

By the way, I made a little video that brings together some of the LOWREZJAM games to show a little glimpse of them and you're in it :)


Excellent work! Absolutely loved the graphics / style and the audio. Very polished, great example of a shoot-em-up! Nice powerups and nice variety of them. Good selection of different enemy types. It could do with more variety in the environment and shorter levels, but this could easily be turned into a great full game!


Excellent gameplay, sound effects, and music! Very solid overall - one minor suggestion, the firing rate seems to be capped no matter how fast I push X. Might feel just a tad more responsive if I was allowed to shoot faster. Nice work!


very cool shoot them up, i love the exposion ;).


That's as good as one can implement a shoot'em up game in 64x64 pixels! :-D

Very nice job!


Good game. I found it kind of hard but I like to die! :D


Amazing work, congrats! Great music  and graphics,  the whole package works nice. I love the procedural backgrounds also.   I beat the  first boss, my  high score was 32700

My feedback...

There are a few simple changes to the UI that would greatly increase screen space. Move the score, hearts, and special to the bottom of the screen to improve visibility of incoming enemies.  Instead of showing each heart just do like x3 to save space. Also, the score always ends in 0, it's kind of a waste. You could knock it down to 3 digits. 

The levels are a bit too long, maybe if there was a progress meter it would help?

The spread shot feels overpowered. 

The player's hit box could be much smaller, like almost a point.

The bullets are a  bit hard to see, they could be brighter to stand out.

The special should destroy enemy projectiles.

I hope that  helps!


I like everything about this game.


Nice game! Really fun to play and has nice graphics!


Quick and fun little shmup!  Good job!



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