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Jeremy Dufour

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Such a fun game! I know it's a beta so here's a quick impression:
- The sound levels could be fine tuned a bit more but the menu is really high quality so it doesn't bother the experience
- The length of a game is a bit quick which is nice to chill but sometimes we want to learn more about the reasons why it's valid and why it's not. The glossary you expect to release could become accessible with a hint button when the player fails

Overall it's pretty fun, educational and very engaging with such cool drawings and animations. I'm eager to have more debates now just to encounter one situation from your game xD.

Can't wait for the next versions!

Oh that's nice!

The Mac version doesn't work in my case. I have "Unable to find game" error. Do you miss some files in your executable ?

Cool game ! Just I think the side jump feature is a little bit hard to control. I think the game lack of HUD to display the life points you have or maybe it was intentional. Anyway, it was still nice to play it and good job for proposing it on many platforms !

Nice job here ! I really like the graphics and the controls you put. It's okay you didn't have time. I like the dialogs by the way ! Music is maybe too short but for the first two minutes it was good.

I love the tree gun ! The graphics are amazing, music is chill and the intro is nice. Can't wait to see the gameplay evolving in a future version.

Great graphics on your game ! It miss some sound effects and music but it's fine. Is it normal that the ball is still visible when it's under tunnels? It's just a detail but I enjoyed playing it.

I love the sound effects ! You did a great job with this game. I'm glad I could do more than 10 000 points :)

Nice little game ! I like the little puzzle you have to solve in order to survive in the game. Well done!

Thank you ! I might do an update after the jam ends

Thank you for reporting this issue! I will fix it later. I suppose this comes from the engine I'm using.

Anyone had trouble making an executable for Linux ? I use a mac version of Godot and I have trouble making the game work properly for Linux :/