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This is art.

Super fun game.

31?  Confirmed you are a robot.

I think you can export an html file right from tic80 itself.  Type export from the Tic80 console and it will export your current project as an html file.  Name it index if you want it to run on

Beautiful little game.  Very expressive and original style of play.  Excellent interpretation of the theme as well.  And a nice message.  

Luna was a good teacher.

I like the mysterious use  of 7 lives instead of 9.  

Super impressed with this game.  Programming, Art, Writing, Design all excellent.  This is a quality product.  Limitations Smimitations this is legitimately amazing.

Super impressed with this game.  Programming, Art, Writing, Design all excellent.  This is a quality product.  Limitations Smimitations this is legitimately amazing.

Great job on implementing the theme.  Very solid fun game.

Nicely done!  You've created a fun little world with story to boot.  I like the enemy variation.  

Wow!  This is amazing.  Really polished.  Very cool art,  sound, music and game play.  All in 64X64  nice achievement.

Solid game.  Simple and satisfying to play.  Very cohesive low rez package.  Nice.

Fun frantic game.  I love the setting and the back story.  The sound track is brilliant.

The ability to swap weapons is a nice dynamic as well.  Very strong entry.  Nice job.

You might be able to copy and paste your code into a Python browser implementation like Python Trinket

Then just link to your trinket.

Yes.  That makes sense.

PICOWARE community · Created a new topic cart template

Where do we find the jam cart template

Here's a link to my profile.

I love the sketch look and the particle effect off the whirlwind is fun to watch.  I wish there were more things to juggle and push around.  The physics are fun.  Cool concept.

Wow!  This is something special.  Reminiscent of a Williams Arcade game.  I'm thinking Defender and Robotron.  Well done.  

Ah hah.. I can do it with the reset() function.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Cover Image

Is there a command that will display the cover image?  Right now I can only see it when the game starts.  

Is there a way to bring it back after the screen has been cleared ?

Karateka!  Yay!

Thank you very much.  I'm glad you were able to play it.  

The energy mechanic is quite clumsy.  Ideally I'd like to implement an altitude speed indicator that displays how fast the player is rising or falling.  The current energy bar isn't very accurate or useful.

Nice interpretation on the theme.  Love the game boy character.

Very impressive.  This feels like a professional title.  Well done.

I'm going to use Tic-80 which is very similar to Pico8


Veeery cool.  I love the parallax star field. 

What the heck?  This is black magic.

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Here's my latest game.  Made with Stencyl.  I'm submitting it to the Greek Mythology Jam.  

It's an action game where you control a Greek peltast warrior that can throw an infinite amount of javelins.

Check it out if you get a chance.

Well this is lovely.

This game is COOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooool!  The art is great the game play is great the sound is great.  Nice.

Oops, my text is wrong.  It should say north end of the dock.  If you sit there for a bit with the hand line you can catch a fish.

Ah, Okay thanks.  It all is making sense.

I have no idea what bleeding tapes games are. ( love the bleeding tape logo)  Like cassette games from the 8 bit era? And also what is H.I.E.M.S?

Very cool.  I love the look of the game and the mechanics are very cool.  The star gravity is as much an enemy as the ships you are fighting.

Great game.  I love the back story about the octagon 5000.  The game is very fun and polished.  I love the CRT effect you created.  I want to find the secret enemy that may or may not exist.

Thanks for playing.  I guess I should mention in the directions that you have to land your shots on top of the whale to bring it down.

Here's my submission for Minimalist 2 Jam               

Little Space Hunter

I'm going for a vector look.  Though it's not a real vector game.  I have no idea how to do that.  I'm using Stencyl.

Very interesting game play.  Love the art direction.

Very satisfying using the psychic power to blow everything apart.  Cool game.