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PIXEL ISLANDSView game page

Can you explore them all ? Let's find the best ones !
Submitted by XRNZ — 23 minutes, 57 seconds before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#1053.6883.688

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit)

The game kinda reminds me a bit of Outcast or some old voxel-based 3D games, and I love it! :O Also, as people pointed out, reminds me of Proteus! Looks, plays and sounds beautiful! :O


Really nice! Got a touch of Proteus about it! I actually didn't want to stop exploring, I feel there's a story to uncover here, especially those big egg things, whaaaaat, I wanna know! Graphically, it was a bit noisey, but at no point did that seem to stop me understanding the environment. Only thing that really bugged me was some weird sharp tone sound on some of the worlds.


Hey JackOatley, thanks for the feedback ! Proteus was indeed an influence. Sound could use some polish and would need longer/more varied loops, i agree, you can get mad pretty fast on some worlds. It also seems like the webGL version adds glitches when the track loops. Glad you liked it !


Ah, that would explain it, I did play the web version. Running Chrome on Linux. It wasn't all the loops, some seemed fine, and tbh, I didn't notice them looping, they're good sounds.


Super cool !!


Very nice game. I really like the environments and the overall vibe. I actually want to play this game in a smaller form factor - like the size of the thumbnails that you have.


Not a game, per se; it's a procedurally-generated landscape you can walk around in. Technically impressive, although it suffers rather from being bounced down to 64px -- the resolution's just too small to properly express the design, and so the screen does occasionally feel like it's dissolving into random pixels. The audio is nicely done too. This would be an impressive base for an actual game to take place on, or done as a non-interactive art piece.


I know this is just a generation program and not really a game. The idea is nice but the 64x64 resolution makes it so hard to make out anything.


Well this is lovely.


This is one game I wish wasn't made during the LOWREZJAM... :)

I would love to explore these worlds in higher resolution and get lost in the audioscape. While this is interesting and lets your brain fill out the details, downsampling a 3D render is not what this jam is about for me.

Great use of colors and very nice procedural generation going on. Nice work!

If you get a chance, please check out my entry.


Wow, it's like walking through a dream. Nice.


The colours are gorgeous!


I really like the colors you chose.  All the areas feels unique and the game is kind of peaceful.  Nice job!


I'm conflicted about how to rate this for Authenticity, I really like what you've done here, using the same amount of pixels in 64x64 but shifting it to something like 70x52 for a nicer screen shape, but I was explicitly told I wasn't allowed to do this when I asked at the start of the jam.

That aside, I liked exploring the worlds even though they are mostly empty, they have a nice ethereal feel to them and the colours are interesting and varied between the different worlds. I'd love to be able to explore worlds like these with some simple puzzles or story mechanics that would be great. Nice work.

Developer (5 edits)

Hey Circa1998, thanks for your comment ! The game is actually 64*36, you can count the pixels if you feel like it ^^ but I guess i should make it clear on the page, I understand this can be misleading. I agree the game would need either more things to discover and/or more gameplay, I didnt have much time during the jam, but that would be a nice addition for the future :)

[edit] The jam creator also did a 64*36 resolution for his game :